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iTerm2 for Mac

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Download iTerm2 3.2.0

  -  6.69 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- The big new feature in iTerm2 version 3.2 is a new rendering engine that uses Metal. It provides much higher drawing performance. Its availability is subject to some configuration settings

New Features:
- Metal renderer
- Show inline images in Retina resolution
- There is a new key binding action to toggle mouse reporting
- Semantic history now recognizes visual studio code-style "filename[line, column]" references
- There's a new type of trigger that turns text into a hyperlink
- Add support for VS Code Insiders to semantic history's editors
- Warn if the terminal tries to access the clipboard when it lacks permission rather than silently denying it
- Change ReportCellSize to include a scale factor, which gives how much images will be downscaled by because of Retina support
- New advanced pref: Fraction of character’s width on its right side that can be used to select the character to its right
- New advanced pref: Open a new window when you click the dock icon and no windows are already open
- New advanced pref: When Focus Follows Mouse is enabled, activate the window under the cursor when iTerm2 becomes active
- New advanced pref: Underline Semantic History-selectable items under the cursor while holding cmd?
- You can now escape $$ in an Applescript profile command with $$$$
- New advanced pref (affecting semantic history's URL detection): URLs must contain a scheme
- New advanced pref: Minimum weight difference between regular and bold font

Bug Fixes:
- Triggers and Find now recognize tab characters
- Fix a bug where Triggers and Find would sometimes not see past a double-width character that was wrapped to the next line
- When you drag a session onto itself in a window with split panes, do not move the window
- Don't allow fullscreen or edge-attached windows to be moved with cmd-opt-shift-drag
- Fix the color picker's eyedropper feature to respect color spaces
- If multiple hotkey windows are open, do not return to the previously active app when one is closed
- When changing the number of lines of scrollback, do not apply the change until focus leaves the text field. This solves a problem where erasing the value would erase your history
- Scrolling with wheel mice is no longer oversensitive
- Change behavior of prompt-before-closing for tmux integration. Since the list of jobs is not visible, always prompt when a whitelist of jobs is specified
- Fix a bug where changing the cursor shape by escape sequence could be reverted by changing any profile property
- When the password manager fails to get a password because the system Keychain denied access, show an alert explaining what happened
- Ignore modifier+number when there's no matching pane/tab/window to switch to rather than passing it to the terminal as a keypress
- Fix a bug where cmd-0 did not restore the original font size in tmux integration
- Ignore malformed OSC 11
- Fixes a bug where images could be drawn in the wrong column
- Improved behavior of Yen key sending backslash for Japanese keyboards
- "Select Current Command" works while the command is running
- Fix a bug where the offer to turn off paste bracketing didn't actually turn off paste bracketing
- Fix a bug where a floating hotkey window overlapped the emoji panel
- Improve reliability of entering native full screen

Other improvements:
- When a split pane in tmux integration mode closes the nearest neighbor gets keyboard focus rather than the first split pane in the tab
- When not in alternate screen mode, tab will change the background color of cells the cursor skipped over. This violates tradition but is more sensible behavior for printing syntax-highlighted code with tabs
- Inset marks by one pixel on the left margin
- The rendering of faint text has been changed to take the background color into account
- The toolbelt tools look nicer in the dark schemes
- The pointing hand cursor will show only while over a clickable item while holding cmd
- Tab name truncation no longer takes a parenthesized (job) name at the end into account when deciding whether to truncate the head or tail
- Add an option to share the tip of the day
- Treat { and } as shell characters to escape

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