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Grand Theft Auto III for Mac

Grand Theft Auto III for Mac

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Grand Theft Auto 3 for Mac (GTA) is a revolutionary action-adventure open-world game developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. Released on Mac in May of 2002, around half a year later than its premiere on PS2 console, this game immediately managed to completely revolutionize the gaming industry with its innovative gameplay design that combined open-world exploration, incredible freedom, and diversity of action.

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A mixture of cinematic premade missions with “sandbox” gameplay allowed players to find their fun and enabled this game to become one of the most successful bestsellers and trendsetters on every platform it appeared.

The story of the Grand Theft Auto III for macOS centers on the adventures of Claude, a bank robber who gets involved in a street war between several gangs operating in Liberty City, a fictional version of New York. During the long campaign, the players can immerse themselves in storytelling and hand-crafted linear scenarios with a wide array of set objectives, and freely roam across the city, and find fun in optional side missions both on foot and while driving an incredible variety of vehicles.

The exploration of Liberty City is greatly enhanced with the presence of three and a half hours of the in-game radio recordings and the wide variety of licensed music that harkens back to the music hits of the 90s. The game presents a realistic mix of well-acted and produced scenarios and computer-generated systemic situations (events based on chance and circumstances) that are seemingly happening at random to the player, thus enabling them to experience unique adventures that cannot be repeated at will.

The macOS version of this popular game GTA 3 is well optimized and can be easily run even on the most modest of modern Mac configurations. The supported input methods include both keyboard and mouse and gamepad, all customizable to the highest degree. The game visuals can also be tweaked with in-game options (with built-in support for any resolution your monitor supports).

Grand Theft Auto III for Mac is today regarded as one of the most important video games ever released, introducing the modern game industry to the concept of the systemic 3D open-world adventures that have quickly become one of the most popular genres in the world, and GTA games one of the best franchise ever.

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