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Google Keep for Mac

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    macOS 10.12 Sierra or later

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    Google / Google Keep for Mac

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Google Keep for Mac is a comprehensive note-taking service developed by Google and offered for free to all holders of the Google Account. Accessible as the Google web service via any modern web browser or via standalone iOS and Android apps, this lightweight web app allows anyone to take several forms of notes, including ordinary text notes, formatted single or multi-column notes, lists, images, and even audio recordings.

Originally launched in 2013, Google Keep very quickly gained popularity as one of the most popular tools available in the large suite of web services offered by Google. While in the following years this app has received some complaints from the worldwide media and audience because of the lack of the few notable features (such as the lack of formatting options and no undo button), Google has decided to keep this app’s feature list to the bare minimum, making it approachable and easy to use. Because of this, Google Keep is most likely to find heavy use with casual users who don’t have needs for more advanced task tracking and other advanced tools.

To best serves the needs of users with portable hardware such as smartphones, tablets, and tablets with touchscreens, Google Keep even utilizes the optical character recognition technology that can recognize freehand writing and easily converts it into a digital text.

Google Keep for macOS features a very streamlined user interface that allows anyone to very quickly add a new note or discover previously created one. The top of the app features the search tool and the view selector button, while the very bottom hosts several commands for making a new note. This includes creating a brand-new text note, a preformatted list, a handwritten note, an audio recording and finally taking a photo. Some of the new features that were added over the years are the ability to color-code notes for easier discovery, built-in sharing of notes with free Google Account holders, pinned notes. The app is also integrated with Google Docs and can be accessed by Google Assistant.

Anyone who is wishing to quickly create to-do notes, lists, and reminders in an easily accessible cloud platform, will not have to look further from Google Keep. It’s lightweight, fast, simple to use, and fully integrated into the powerful Google ecosystem.

Google Keep can be accessed for free by any user with a free Google account.

Also Available: Download Google Keep for Windows

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