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Gods Unchained for Mac

Gods Unchained for Mac

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    macOS 10.14 Mojave or later

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Gods Unchained for Mac is a F2P tactical NFT card game that is powered by the blockchain infrastructure to give players true ownership and value of their in-game items. Developed by studio Immutable and former game director of Magic The Gathering: Arena, this title enables users from all around the world to engage in competitive gameplay while retaining the full digital ownership of their cards which is not possible in any other previously released title of the same genre.

The blockchain technology that fuels Gods Unchained economy is based on Ethereum Network, which is used to mark cards as unique, enabling users to take full control over their trading with real-world value.

Gods Unchained for Mac (an online NFT strategy trading card game) is distributed online as a free game launcher that can be easily downloaded and deployed on any modern desktop or gaming Mac. After the creation of the free account, users are welcomed with the free collection of 70 cards (so-called “Welcome Set”) that can be organized into a basic but very effective “deck” which will help them learn how the game plays, learn more about different factions (gods), and become interested in the game’s expansive lore. Once accustomed to the game flow and rules, players are free to seek challenges against AI or real opponents, winning matches and new cards after successful matches.

Fight for glory

Win cards by playing games

Buy & sell cards

Ascend with your perfect deck

The economy of the game is based on crafting Common Core cards into stronger variants that can be minted into the Ethereum network, thus becoming marked as unique and assigned a real-world value. The most effective way of earning new cards (and in-game Flux tokens) is to play in Ranked game mode. With enough resources, players are encouraged to go into the Forge section, fuse duplicate Core cards, and mint them into the Ethereum network. User’s cards and decks can be used in matches or sold to other users via the in-game Marketplace for real-world cash.

Gods Unchained features several gaming modes, enabling users of all skill levels to enjoy tactical card battles. Newcomers can start with “Solo Mode” which will match them again AI opponents, “Constructed mode” is a basic online mode for earning experience points, and the true challenge lies in “Ranked Constructed” where players will able to earn Flux inside the special “Gauntlet of the Gods” challenge mode.

This challenging, addictive, and easy to play card battler does not require strong Mac hardware, making it a perfect game for older gaming Macintosh and even any modern MacBook. The game app is optimized for all modern versions of macOS, and it requires an internet connection for competitive play and access to a digital vault of cards.

In addition to the core game, Gods Unchained for macOS has also received two expansions (“Trial of the Gods” and “Divine Order”), with more of them being planned to be introduced in the future.

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