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Download GDevelop 5.0.0 Beta 99

  -  120 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

Add support for customizable keyboard shortcuts:
- In the preferences, browse the list of existing shortcuts. Try the existing ones to speed up your creation worflow
- For each command available in the command palette, a shortcut can be added, changed or removed. Open the command palette with Ctrl+P (or Cmd+P on macOS).

Add support for dynamic 2D lights:
This adds a Light object that can be added on the scene, with a customizable color and radius:
- Add the Light Obstacle behavior to the object that must acts as obstacle (walls, etc...) to the lights.
- You can customize the ambient color of the rest of the scene from almost white (useful to show light shadows) to entirely black (useful for horror/exploration games) or any color.
- Use effects on the "Lighting" layer like "Kawase Blur" to achieve soft shadows.
- You can also use a custom texture to render the lights, enabling lights with visual effects.

Add experimental Peer-to-Peer communication extension:
This allows to transmit messages on the network to different remote players, enabling simple multiplayer games:
- Read the documentation on the wiki to understand how it works, limitations and capabilities of the extension. In particular, for released games, it's recommended that you host a broker server allowing game instances to be discovered and connected.
- This feature is experimental and fairly "low level", meaning that it's not a drop-in feature that will transform any game in a multiplayer game. Be sure to read the documentation to understand how it works and what are the limitations.

- A new Dark theme based on Solarized color scheme

- Add "Game Feel Demo" by Sleeper Games
- Make the action to send a web request "asynchronous" (not blocking the game execution): The result from the request is stored in the specified variable (and any error in another variable); This avoids blocking the game execution while the request is being made, and allow multiple requests to be made at the same time.
- Upgrade to Pixi 5.3.3
- Improve alerts display on small screens
- Update the AdMob icon
- Add a close button at the bottom of the search panel
- Update phonegap-build version to v9

Bug fixes:
- Fix vibration not working in exported Android games.
- Fix behavior not destroyed in a live preview when the behavior is removed from an object
- Fix menu bar shown in exported games on Windows/macOS/Linux

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.