Convert videos for playback on iPod, AppleTV, or iTunes

Evom for Mac

Evom for Mac

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Evom for Mac is a very easy-to-use and free video converter that will fulfill all your needs for converting video files into the format that you like the most or that you need to have access to in order to play those video files on portable hardware of your choice.

⚠ Note: This product is not developed anymore and might not function properly.

Having a competent video converter is also very important for students or workers who need to prepare video files to be compatible with their project pipelines or collaborations with other people. With only few clicks of your mouse or even with drag & drop, you can convert AVI or WMV files into your format of choice, make funny videos available for offline use, or even prepare your video collection to be viewed on your favorite portable device (Apple products are 100% supported).

The main interface of this app features a very simple dashboard that invites users to either drag files into its surface or to insert files via an integrated file browser. After that is done, videos can be easily converted in the format of your choice and delivered to one of the several target destinations – iTunes (both video and audio-only), iPod, Apple TV and Folder. Process of conversion is fast, with user-selectable strain that will be placed on the central CPU of your Mac computer.

The incredible speed of Evom for macOS converting and its perfect utilization of all modern multicore Mac systems will without a doubt make it one of your favorite video converting programs. Give it a try!

One-Step Videos
Evom is the easy way to convert your movie files for playback anywhere. Drag files, folders, or links into the app to start. Converted media files are exported into iTunes or saved to your desktop.

Download Videos from the Web
The tool lets you enjoy online content without being tethered to the web. Download Flash videos from websites to iPods, iPhones, iPads, and many other devices. Drag a link or URL into Evom to start.

Built for Speed
The app was designed to convert movie files and Flash videos quickly, taking advantage of your Mac’s multi-core processor, allowing you to get content off the web and onto your devices in no time.

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What's new in this version:

- Updated for OS X 10.10