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Download Dragonframe 5.0.9

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What's new in this version:

Dragonframe 5.0.9
- Added Canon EOS R6 Mark II support
- Added Canon EOS R7 support
- Added Canon EOS R10 support

- Fixed Nikon Z9 focus check
- Fixed capture issue with Nikon in silent mode
- Fixed Panasonic S5 APS-C cropping issue
- Improved performance with many drawing layers
- Avoid crash if system OpenGL < 2.0
- Fixed crash on quit
- Improved move test performance with Kessler
- Do not show x-sheet alerts during 'conform all takes'
- Allow serial port name with MAC address
- Fixed accidental drag of Arc axis menu
- Fixed portrait thumbnail rotation
- DMX: Match up RGB, HSI channels properly with multi-channel fixtures
- DMX: Don't create keyframe on hidden channel
- Do not send trigger messages to Enttec devices
- Resolved issue with selecting large group of files in Image Import dialog

Dragonframe 5.0.8
- Resolved crashes when switching/unplugging monitors on macOS
- Fixed high-res proxy dimensions for C2/C3/C4
- Fixed Windows webcam focus changing every frame
- Handle 4GB+ video files from Canon and Olympus cameras
- Fixed pre-roll for RUN LIVE with eMotimo ST4
- Added RGKit Play presets
- Work around Ubuntu 22.04+ OpenSSL 3 issues

Dragonframe 5.0.7
- Added support for Canon R5 C
- Added support for Panasonic GH5 Mark II

- Windows file dialog freeze
- iPhone zooming out after every shot
- Nikon capture failure when shooting faster than one image/second
- C1/C2 swapping video assist/still image when using multiple cameras with same name
- bash light showing in C2 video assist
- csv import with quotation marks around data
- crash when opening scene with multiple audio HUD

Dragonframe 5.0.6
- support for Panasonic LUMIX GH6
- support for larger Panasonic live view
- support for Nikon Z9
- 'Kessler Moco' to possible device list

- Warn Sony users if camera drive mode is incorrect
- Fixed Blackmagic blackout during capture
- Use sRGB OpenGL buffers to ensure proper color representation
- Fixed guide layers jumping when clicking on layer
- Properly wait for Canon EOS R/RP stop motion firmware digital focus
- Fixed beep sound when holding ENTER to bring up 'shoot multiple'
- Updated FTDI driver link (from Help menu, on Windows)
- Scene importer attempts to import x-sheet columns
- Fixed DMX copy/paste on high channel numbers
- Fixed DMX-programmed relay/logic per exposure
- Ensure DMX programs don't get orphaned when deleting exposures
- Fixed issue with DMC + DDMX512 + index-based-blur leading to incorrect lighting
- Moco TCP connections can use mDNS local host names
- Fixed firmware version warnings for non Dragonframe devices
- Fixed potential crash when moco device disconnects during upload move
- Fixed jogpad showing blank axis list
- Cartesian virtuals were triggering boom/swing warnings
- Fixed audio HUD begin unmovable
- Favor relative audio and reference layer files over absolute when loading
- Convert sound file paths to canonical paths
- Fixed issue with extra cameras getting wrong video assist settings
- Do not allow camera settings to be edited while 'in sync'
- Fixed crash when user changed view camera during capture
- Fixed crash when scene save fails while opening new scene
- Fallback to direct write when save take xml fails
- Output more debug information when take xml fails to save
- Fixed FBX library for macOS 10.13 compatibility
- Ensure only one message box pops up for floating license warnings
- Updated user guide to explain cartesian virtual setup

Dragonframe 5.0.5
- Added support for Canon EOS R3
- Added support for Sony A7 IV
- Fixed Canon EOS R focus control restoring previous position (focus control requires stop motion firmware)
- Fixed composite movie export crash
- Updated macOS application icon to current guidelines
- Increased ProRes export maximum size to 8K
- Ensure that scene metadata txt file gets written before switching takes
- Fixed media layer expand/collapse state in timeline when switching cameras/views
- DMX: Fixed bug where program let user delete last element of fixture
- ARC: Fixed accidental reordering of axes
- ARC: Arduino DFMoco go-motion only for blur-enabled axes
- ARC: Fixed manual axis data not showing up in animation workspace
- ARC: Fixed AIM point jog on line not working properly
- Added Ready to Capture tooltips and give user clear message when functionality is blocked because program is in 'sync' mode
- Other stability fixes

Dragonframe 5.0.4
- Sony capture issue when camera was stuck in "capture to card" mode
- crash when exporting mp4 on Windows
- mp4 export quality issue on macOS
- image sequence export improper image rotation
- Canon EOS R stop motion firmware live view toggling size back down to 960x640
- Canon stop motion firmware digital focus causing pre-roll failures
- motion control runaway jogging caused by weird mouse usage
- DMX real-time playback when "playing" in DMX Workspace
- DMX issue when dragging group headers below rest of channels
- DMX issue when adjusting values while filtering on a search term

- Added support for Fujifilm X-S10
- Warn users if they are using FUJIFILM X WEBCAM
- DF Tether now lets you select which camera to use on Android/iOS
- Improved performance with multiple drawing layers
- Ensure the UI updates after importing scene settings with different FPS
- Ensure that motion control system reaches each frame/exposure position before shooting

Dragonframe 5.0.3
- Added support for Nikon Z fc
- Added support for Sony Alpha ZV-E10
- Fixed aspect mask and push-in not converting from DF4 to DF5
- Fixed reference movie layer frozen on last few frames
- After shooting multiple exposures with different cameras, switch back to original view
- DMX test shot triggers TEST SHOT event
- Fixed memory leak in JavaScript live view server client code
- Fixed motion control run live move start issue
- Fixed motion control axis that is locked jog with gamepad
- Fixed motion control not being able to reach digital focus positions on Canon EOS RP

Dragonframe 5.0.2
- lockup with ARC motion control workspace
- macOS uninstaller
- issue where program let you delete non-empty exposure after reordering
- movie export crash when providing insanely large export dimensions
- focus peaking and focus preview offset on Canon R/RP with stop motion firmware and non-Canon lens
- Canon R/RP stop motion firmware initial focus position
- workspace order reverting to original order

Dragonframe 5.0.0
- Support for Apple M1 Silicon (ARM64)
- Multiple camera support (up to four) - for additional hi-res capture or video assist
- Separate Drawing Layers and References for each magnification view or alternative video assist
- "Making-of" capture integrated into the animation process
- Support for fractional display scaling on Windows and Linux (125%, 150%, etc)
- Recover from conform failure
- Emojis in drawing layer text, notes
- Support Monogram Creative Console (Palette Gear) for various tasks
- Added a time estimate for long shoot multiple and move tests
- Added a composite movie export option
- Added a reverse export option
- Added a multiple-frame auto toggle
- Added keypad focus control in animation workspace
- Added 'Past Takes' reference layer to make it easier to refer to previous takes
- Drawing tool increment editor ticks can now show during animation or playback
- Reference movie player can go full screen

Camera support:
- Support for Android and iOS devices over WiFi via DF Tether 2.0
- Support for Intel RealSense depth cameras
- Improved RED support with capture over WiFi now possible

- Lighting Fixtures
- Graph mode to program with curves
- Program triggers (logic out and relay) via timeline
- Load test shots at full size
- Full DMX export/import
- Added search bar to more easily find lights
- Added 'thread' to visually tie badges to area in image

Motion control:
- Added "aim point" (with virtuals)
- Autodesk FBX import/export of camera (with virtuals)
- Safe move browser
- Programmable, repeatable focus with Canon FPM camera+lens combos
- Programmable shutter speed
- Go motion can be enabled/disabled per exposure
- Record axis animation, for set or prop movers
- Couple two motor outputs (zDMC only)
- Output motor positions via OSC
- Move tests can be shot in reverse (for speedier turnaround)

- Added "replace audio file" option

- Custom script actions can be assigned to hotkeys and called from Dragonframe
- OSC scripting can now have multiple calls for one action

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