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Download DbVisualizer 12.0

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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- DB Support: Azure SQL
- Add support for Azure SQL Database
- DB Support: Greenplum
- Add support for the Greenplum database
- DB Support: IBM DB2 on Cloud
- Add support for IBM DB2 on Cloud
- DB Support: Oracle Cloud
- Add support for Oracle Cloud
- DB Support: Oracle MySQL Cloud
- Add support for Oracle MySQL Cloud
- DB Support: Yellowbrick
- Add support for the Yellowbrick database

- Introduce the new FlatLaf Light and Dark themes

- Support for BOM identifier in files
- Auto completion in SQL editor should match anywhere with the specified pattern on not only from beginning of the target names
- Add Auto Complete for JOIN clause
- Bundle the SQL Server JDBC driver (for SQL Server and Azure)
- Should offer a "Generate CREATE with Storage" option when DDL is generated
- Explain for DB2 LUW needs more details
- Add keywords for new Exasol version
- Update the database profile for Mimer SQL 11.0
- Database Profile: Tree
- For triggers in PostgreSQL show any related functions for the trigger in the databases tab
- Support for new data types in PostgreSQL 13
- Add "External Tables" and "Materialized Views" for Snowflake
- Allow to configure key binding for "Reload with Filter" in the Data tab
- Description for opening an object from a connection in Users Guide does not seem correct
- Enabling "Show only default Database/Schema" should de-activate any custom filter for these object types
- Introduce new flat icon collection
- Allow to configure key binding for Execute in the "Enter Data for Variables" window
- OS Support: Windows
- Add support for Java 11 on Windows
- When columns are sorted in query builder table nodes, any primary keys should be presented first
- Reference Graph should allow highlighting columns for a specific relation
- Highlight selected tables in References View
- Enhance the SQL Statement Parser to eliminate the need for block enclosures when running complex SQL statements (enabled under General / SQL Commander / Statement and the Allow SQL dialects setting)
- SQL Editor
- Allow changing editor highlighting color in tool properties
- Update the JSch library which resolves a few connection issues over SSH

- Alter column statements are generated even with no changes Alter Table window
- Data types are not refreshed when launching the Create/Alter Table dialog
- MySQL Time data type may hold times from '-838:59:59' to '838:59:59' while the JDBC Time type only accepts '00:00:00' to '23:59:59'
- Strings are escaped while they shouldn't with MySQL
- Any single quotes in comments needs to be escaped
- SQL block problem with dialect for Vertica
- Field value not usable in Confirm if the field is not editable
- Data export as SQL: wrong table name inserted when loading export settings
- NPE when canceling an export
- Grid Component
- Rare exception when copy in a grid
- Names and tooltips of DBMS Output enable/disable buttons refer to "Oracle DBMS Output"
- Strange selection when selecting to end of line
- Auto highlight in the SQL editor should not highlight if whitespaces or non chars are selected
- Having a filter or sort in the SQL Log grid, any click on the command or error link in the grid will not highlight the matching entry in the editor
- Theme: FlatLaf
- Extra border around combo boxes in connection tab variable dialog

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