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DBeaver 7.2.0

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of DBeaver 7.2.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of DBeaver for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- Simplified database structure view was added
- Database maintenance tools can be saved as tasks now
- Table and schema size statistics were added in the database navigator
- Import from multiple CSV files was added. Files can be imported into new or existing tables
- Many problems with UI freeze on disconnect or query cancel were fixed
- Database navigator rendering was redesigned
- A number of problems with keyboard shortcuts were fixed
- Git integration was improved: now we show file status in the Project Explorer view
- New database drivers were added: YugabyteDB and SQreamDB
- Problem with database list load was fixed (PostgreSQL, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server)
- Metadata editor: edit property form rendering was improved (non-applicable fields are hidden)
- Performance for table statistics reading was improved

Data viewer:
- Column ordering was fixed (for custom SQL queries)
- UUID transform: version 2 support was added

- Default database name and default user name were added for many database drivers
- Data export: custom data type formatting support was fixed

- Cursor fetch was fixed
- Native client was upgraded to version 12
- Table OID support was fixed (PG 12)
- PgPass parser was improved (support for escaped characters was added)

- Materialized view comment editor was fixed
- View definition reading was fixed (for non-DBA users)
- Table reading now uses DBA views (optional)
- Profile resources metadata reading was fixed

- MariaDB/MySQL: table column resolving was fixed
- CockroachDB: connectivity problem was fixed

- Metadata search was fixed (for procedures)
- Table metadata reading was fixed

- Dark theme support was improved (tab folders, toolbars)
- A large number of minor UI bugfixes