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Clementine for Mac

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Download Clementine 0.3.2

Clementine 0.3.2

 -  100% Safe  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- It is now possible to group the library by any field.
- Clementine now uses GStreamer to play music.
- There is now an equalizer in the Tools menu.
- Crossfading between tracks, and gapless playback.
- Add an OSD for operating systems that don't have native notifications.
- MPRIS support - you can now control Clementine using compatible remote
- control applications.
- You can now control Clementine using the command line.
- Better tag editing. You can now automatically renumber tracks, bulk-edit
- fields, and edit tags directly from the playlist.
- Autocompletion of album and artist names when editing tags.
- Undo and redo in the playlist.
- Add a menu option to delete items from the playlist.
- Add options to hide/show the main window on startup.
- Add options to sign out of, and hide the buttons.
- Automatically scroll to the currently playing song.
- Automatically start playing again from the previously playing track.
- Show a tiny "play" or "pause" icon in the system tray.
- Show a nicer indicator in the playlist when drag+dropping songs.
- (Windows and Mac) Global shortcut support.
- (Windows) The analyzer now works.
- (Mac) Remove the system tray icon, and minimize to the dock properly.
- (Mac) Use Sparkle for updates.

- The library scanner should now be much more efficient, and won't scan
- your entire collection on startup.
- Saving and loading huge playlists should now be much faster.
- Fix several issues with runtime linking of sqlite.
- It is now possible to play songs that have '#' in the name.
- The currently playing track animation is now a more readable colour.
- Fix a crash when right-clicking an empty area of the playlist.
- Fix a crash when starting Clementine from a directory that contained
- another directory called "clementine".
- Fix a crash when deleting songs from the library while the library
- scanner is running.
- Fix an occasional crash when playing music.
- Left clicking on the track slider will now jump to that position.
- Stop the user from rearranging album covers in the cover manager.
- (Linux) Stop Clementine from creating loads of notifications at once.
- (Linux) Clementine will no longer prevent KDE from logging out.

- Added translations for Portuguese, Czech, Danish, British English,
- Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Kazakh, Bokmal, Polish,
- Romanian, Swedish and Turkish.

Buildsystem changes:
- (Linux) Use the notification daemon directly, instead of through
- libnotify.
- It is now possible to select other audio backends (xine, vlc, phonon)
- through a cmake option, although doing so is not recommended, and may
- cause a terrible plague to wreak havok and despair upon your friends and
- loved ones. You have been warned.

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.