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Celtx for Mac

Celtx for Mac

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    Celtx 2.9.7 LATEST

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    Mac OS X 10.7 or later

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CeltX for Mac is a fully featured scriptwriting and pre-production management software designed for film, TV, ads, short-format video, commercial video, documentaries, games, and VR. It offers industry-leading scriptwriting tools, multi-format script editors, and pre-production planning features that can enable both novices and seasoned scriptwriters to get full oversight over their writing projects and seamlessly connect with a wide variety of premium story development and production planning tools that can supercharge daily operations on projects of all sizes.

The app offers access to a large selection of stools for developing scripts, conceptualizing, writing, and enriching stories, and provides powerful pre-production planning tools to organize shot lists, break down scripts scene by scene, scout locations, maintain catalogs, and much more. In addition to that, it also offers production tools for creating call sheets, shot lists, and sides, simplifying script changes with revision tracking, and even performing some producer tasks such as creating budgets and managing expenses.

This large offering of script creation and management tools is available for users of all technical levels, from novices who just want free access to basic script-writing software, to entry-level writers who want to manage more than one project at a time, and seasoned professionals who want access to premium development and production tools.

The latest version of this app is not available anymore as a standalone app and is instead moved to a flexible cloud service.

  • Script Writing Tools – Access a large offering of script-friendly tools for projects of all types and sizes.
  • Story Development – Simplify storytelling by accessing tools for storyboards, Beat Sheet, and more.
  • Pre-Production Planning – Organize every aspect of pre-production with an extensive suite of built-in tools.
  • Production Studio – Break down every script with tools for the generation of call sheets, shot lists, sides, budgets, and expenses.
  • Non-Film Management – Use this powerful script tool to oversee the development of video games and VR projects.
  • Collaborate Online – Supercharge daily operations with real-time collaboration with online members.
  • Flexible Pricing – Access this advanced tool in both free and premium versions.
Installation and Setup

The cloud-powered version of this app can be downloaded through the official website or as a mobile app, but Mac users can also download it through secure FileHorse servers.

The installation process is straightforward, enabling users to easily get this app up and running on their Mac with the help of a free CeltX account. The app is optimized for all modern Mac hardware.

How to Use

After installation, users can write and edit screenplays for film & TV, invite others to view or edit their scripts, and access additional scriptwriting tools with a free account. The app is used to manage four main aspects of scriptwriting – Writing, Story Development, Pre-Production, and Production, and can be accessed either by individual users or special Education and Business licenses.

The main writer app promotes easy discovery of its tools, with automatic formatting tools that follow modern scriptwriting standards.

User Interface

The User-friendly interface of this app is streamlined and uses industry-standard formatting tools for scriptwriting, story development, and pre-production planning. The main dashboard provides a large canvas for writing, easy navigation tools via a floating module on the right side of the screen, and simple formatting tools on the top. During writing, users can leave notes, track past changes, send invites for real-time collaboration, and much more.

All in all, the interface is designed to streamline the scriptwriting and production management process, allowing users to focus on crafting their stories without the need to waste time learning to use complicated tools or discover hidden features.


What is CeltX for macOS?
It is a scriptwriting and production management software for film, TV, games, and other projects, providing an excellent toolset for optimizing daily workflows and project performance.

Is it safe?
Yes! This is a reputable cloud-powered service that provides secure access to scriptwriting and production-related tasks with strict user access.

What stages of script production can this app manage?
All of them! From designing concepts to writing, preparing for production, and even actively managing various production tasks.

Are projects created by this app accessible on the go?
Yes. A mobile app for script writing, viewing, and collaborative editing is available on the Google Play and Microsoft Store platforms.


Final Draft for Mac – A popular scriptwriting software designed for professional screenwriters.

WriterDuet – A collaborative-focused screenwriting software with easy access to real-time co-writing features.


While this app does offer a free version, this tier of use allows only access to one active writing project.

Premium tiers are separated into three different paid subscriptions – “Writer” for a single user who works on 3 active projects, “Writer Pro” which removes project limitations and unlocks access to Story Development tools, and the most expensive “Team” tier that also unlocks advanced Production Planning Tools.

Custom Premium licenses are also offered to educational organizations and their students.

System Requirements

This app runs great on all modern Mac hardware, and can also be accessed from web browsers or a mobile app.

  • Industry-standard scriptwriting and formatting tools.
  • Large offering of workflow optimization tools.
  • Powerful pre-production planning features.
  • Simplified studio management and collaboration tools.
  • Flexible premium pricing.
  • Free tier of use.
  • Production management tools are only available in premium tiers.

CeltX is a versatile and comprehensive scriptwriting and production management software that caters to the needs of filmmakers, screenwriters, and production teams. By providing both streamlined writing software, collaborative tools, and powerful pre/production planning features, this app can enable anyone to better manage script-driven projects of all types and sizes.

Note: Greyfirst Corp has discontinued the standalone application and provide Celtx as a cloud service now.

Also Available: Download Celtx for Windows