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Download Blender 2.67a (32-bit)

  -  68.55 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Fix #35286: 'Reset to Default Theme' makes some node titlebars go black (r56647)
- Fix #35261: double clicking the up arrow in the file browser to go up multiple directories fast would start drag and drop (r56653)
- Fix #56662: files with numbers higher than 2147483648 or with different numbers of leading zeros would show in random order in the file browser. (r56662)
- Fix #35284: outline name edit textbox did not show properly in some cases. (r56670)
- Fix #56672: search menu buttons (with an X on the right side to clear) had text overlapping the X icon (r35281)
- Fix #35273: click in empty space to deselect as used by the Maya keymap gave a python error when used in pose mode. (r56673)
- Fix #35262: assigning shortcuts from e.g. delete or selection mode menus (r56676)
- Fix #35307: popup menus in nodes, with nodes outside window boundary, were clipped (r56688)
- Fix #35342: multi-sample antialiasing makes tooltips look blurry (r56766)
- Fix #35415: multi-sample don't work in 2.66 and newer (regression) (r56912)
- Fix for toggle drag not working in popups (r56747 r56881)
- Change to drag-lock behavior, only use with outliner (this way layers can be changed all at once) (r56748)

- Fix #35259: Fix crash when enabling mesh analysis intersect with wire edges (r56539)
- Fix eternal loop with background scenes (r56689)

- Fix #35253: Fix failure to animate X, Y, Z values in nodes with vector sub-menu (r56581)
- Fix #35384: animation to enable/disable render layers was applied one frame too late when rendering animations. (r56851)
- Fix #35398: changing render layer name causes animation to be lost. (r56868)
- Fix material/lamp drivers not working sometimes when they were used by multiple objects (r56707)
- Fix for shape-key drivers executing for every call to derivedmesh (r56880)

- Fix #35390: the vertical line indicating scene end frame was off by one (r56872 r56882 r56894)

- Fix #35252: Fix crash with the node placed partially behind the screen (r56572)
- Fix #35291: crash deleting 'Group Output' node in compositor (r56654)
- Fix #35327: compositing Z combine node was not giving the same result as previous versions when the Z values were the same (r56755)
- Fix #35330: Blur node crash due to size overflow (r56759)
- Fix #35349: multiple viewers nodes crashing during render (r56791)
- Fix #35376: node editor throwing python error on some files saved with 2.66 test builds. (r56830)
- Fix #35388: grouped nodes not editable in properties ui. (r56857)
- Fix #35369: crop node or FileOutput node bug. (r56879)
- Fix #35313: object and ID anti-aliased masks are incorrect when using border render + crop (r56898)
- Fix string escaping when building python expression for nodes (r56610)
- Fix crash loading node groups caused by versioning error (r56611)
- Fix for add_node operator, prevent it from re-using settings from a previous call (r56613)
- Fix note add operators were not using UNDO option (r56648)

- Fix #35219: Fix blender internal auto ray bias to avoid the terminator shadow problem was giving light flickering on a mesh with animated hair strands. (r56577)
- Fix #35280: crash when setting Environment Map imagefile (r56620)
- Fix #35335: Crash when rendering a text object with a remesh modifier and a material texture (r56749)

Render (Cycles):
- Fix #35272: GPU crash with anisotropic shader in group node. (r56650 r56663)
- Fix #35282: color ramp set to constant interpolation did not work well (r56651)
- Fix #35306: normal mapping not working with flat shading. (r56682)

Render (Freestyle):
- Fix #35352: geometry spatial noise freezes on render (r56836)
- Fix #35385: rendering crash with modifiers (r56839)
- Fix #35245: Freestyle getting stuck on view map creation + memory leaks. (r56905)
- Fix crash when closing blend files with no line styles (r56711)
- Fix for a copy-and-paste bug in a Freestyle Python API helper function (r56806)
- Fix for memory leaks in Freestyle Python API components (r56778 r56807)
- Fix for missing finalization of memory blocks allocated in the Freestyle module (r56826)
- Fix for built-in style module not working correctly (r56867)

- Fix #35317: crash with boolean modifier using an object whose library linked mesh datablock went missing (r56698)

- Fix #35257: 'Bridge > Merge' sometimes flips result (r56606)
- Fix #35292: edge slide slow with big image in image editor (r56671)
- Fix #35289: UV layout export to image was extremely slow for large meshes (r56674)
- Fix #35326: even edge slide on open edge crashes (r56735)
- Fix #35308: Edge Split operator splits unselected edges (r56760)
- Fix for strange behavior with loop select involving ngons (r56773 r56783 r56784 r56785), See: comparison
- Fix loopselect-slide (with multicut enabled) changing from vertex-select to edge-select. (r56863)

- Fix part of #35372: distorted strokes when painting zoomed out with a small brush size (r56816)
- Fix #35057, #35372: slow texture painting performance. (r56823)
- Fix #35355: 2D image paint View mapping mode was dependent on zoom, this was wrong, it should just fit the texture in the brush circle. (r56833)
- Fix #35372: sculpting/painting long brush strokes with small brush size would take up a lot of memory. (r56834)
- Fix #56901: calling any paint operator from operator search menu with mouse crashes blender. (r56901)
- Fix crash on 2d painting when no active object is present (regression), (r56892)
- Fix Painting / Sculpting: improve pressure sensitivity (regression) (r56896)
- Fix crash due to shared paint cursor function (regression). (r56902)

- Fix #35337: sculpt performance regression, partial redraw was not working anymore due to paint cursor redraw problem. (r56763)
- Fix sculpt getting slower as you paint a longer stroke. Partial redraw was redrawing the whole area that was painted on from the start of the stroke (r56767 r56828)
- Fix #35364: 'D Key' shortcut inconsistency (r56815 r56873)
- Fix #35354: dyntopo - materials and UI display issues (r56820)

Game Engine:
- Fix #31757: Fix setGLSLMaterialSetting has no effect (regression) (r56605)
- Fix #34382: vertex position doesn't update when set through Python and "Cast Buffer Shadows" is disabled (r56639)
- Fix #35204: new alpha-enabled shadows fail when UVs Change (r56643)
- Fix #34631: error displaying texface (r56679)
- Fix #34044: error displaying texface for objects with no material (r56680)
- Fix #35320: crash when adding property without setting material (r56745)
- Fix #35329: action actuator crash with replacemesh, pointers got outdated. (r56756)
- Add missing python properties on ActionActuator: layer, layerWeight (r56906)

- Fix #35296: particles crash with long object name (r56668)

Rigid Body:
- Fix #35403: Highlight not updating instantly when removing from Rigid body

- Fix #35319: 2x2 matrix inverse and adjugate were wrong. (r56700)
- Fix #35336: added a warning in the doc string for (r56800)

- Fix OS X build with 10.6 SDK, was not working due to recent fullscreen bug fixes. (r56601)
- Fix #35255: Fix build for older OpenCollada versions failed (r56537 r56538)
- Fix #35267: cmd+v, cmd+c on OS X for copy/paste worked in some editors like the 3D view and text editor but not in the animation editors(r56661 r56678)

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