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Download Blender 2.65a (64-bit)

Blender 2.65a (64-bit)

 -  100% Safe  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Fix #32837: cycles environment texture not showing image sequence options properly. (r52870)
- Fix #33467: Fluid Simulations Speed factor animated wrong result (r52871)
- Fix #32174: IK solver stretch was less stable after a code refactor (r52883)
- Fix #33485: cycles OSL now autodetects the presence of emission and transparent closures to enable multiple importance sampling and transparent shadows. (r52910)
- Fix #33486: cycles CPU image textures were offset wrong by half a pixel compared to OpenGL/CUDA/OSL rendering. (r52915)
- Fix #33492: Right click on 'confirm reload' crashes (r52919)
- Fix #33489: Scaling normals with Alt (maintains shell thickness) producing wrong result. (r52928)
- Fix related to #33480: blender-internal volume rendering, the camera inside volume wasn't accurate (r52930)
- Fix #33500: when transforming, tapping shift twice and holding did not enable precision mode. (r52958)
- Fix #33510: rotate around selection doesn't work when .blend saved in sculpt mode (r52966)
- Fix #33525: Mask points are add offset for the mouse when adding on viewer node with aspect != 1 (r52994)
- Fix #33526: Bezier Curve Tilt in transform panel does not work beyond 360 degrees (r52995)
- Fix #33530: Blender Crash when selecting "Point select mode" in Particle Mode with and 0 hairs object (r52997)
- Fix #33532: vertex paint subtract mode was broken, always resulting in black. (r52998)
- Fix #33539: Shift+Numpad 2/4/8 shortcuts for zoom in image and clip editor don't work in Windows, Use Ctrl+Numpad (r53015)
- Fix #33546: GPU mipmap generation is not working on some ATI cards (r53037)
- Fix #33529: Bevel wire edges would crash (r53061)
- Fix #33565: Dynamic Paint modifier surfaces not copied (r53065)
- Fix #33571: Knife cut-through code to connect across a face didn't stop after it found one. (r53066)
- Fix #33551: End Caps on a curve array with subsurf crashes blender when entering Edit Mode (r53067)
- Fix #33534: Building proxies will remove strip animation (r53077)
- Fix/Workaround #33493: Checker de-select by default gives uneven selection on a circle (r53086)
- Fix #33581: Vertex colors added to meshes with no faces whenver exiting/entering editmode (r53087)
- Fix #33590: The Screw Tool in Edit Mode isn't calculating the correct angle step divisions per turn (r53090)
- Fix #33505: Motion blur with shutter time > 1 did result in the correct evaluation of some modifiers because it set the subframe to values > 1. Add subframe support for shape keys. Point density texture was using an current frame value that was never set. (r53095)
- Fix #33487: Game-Engine did not convert objects with rotation modes other than Euler XYZ correctly (r53096)
- Fix #33575: Manipulator showing incorrect local axes in armature pose mode. (r53102)
- Fix #33580: Masking keyframes disappear from dope sheet when using undo. (r53107)

Unreported Fixes
- Fix Game-Player still not using fast GPU mipmap generation (r52867)
- Fix issue where image stamp data's strings could be short enough not to fit the entire ID name length. (r52891)
- Fix Moving panels in a buttons-region around was calling menu code reading NULL pointer (r52945)
- Fix for default startup file having compositor background scale set very small (r53056)
- Fix timer events getting handled, after stopping a timer. (r52977)
- Fixes for ctrl+click on panel header (r53123)
- Fix part of #33469: Cloth pre-roll had a wrong tooltip and low limit of 200 frames. (r53129)
- Fix for pose-bones and edit-bones ignoring active element pivot mode (r53104)
- Fix (OSX) makeKeyAndOrderFront would show window from orderedWindows list on every loop, so use makeKeyWindow only to avoid flicker when closing app (r53039)
- Fix for bevel using the wrong property name when shift was held (r53063)
- Fix square color picker drawing the 'cursor' incorrectly (r53038)

Other Changes
- 3D View: Add back a key to access view-cursor (Alt+Home) (r52996)
- Cycles: make "Open Shading Language" a boolean toggle, the other option "GPU Compatible" was confusing. (r53005)

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