Awesome Minecraft Launcher which contains over 400 different ModPacks!

ATLauncher for Mac

ATLauncher for Mac

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ATLauncher for Mac is a Launcher for Minecraft which integrates multiple different ModPacks to allow you to download and install ModPacks easily and quickly. The Launcher takes you to the mods official link and you simply download it to the Launcher's Downloads folder. From there the Launcher takes over and installs the mod correctly for you with very very minimal effort required from you. AT Launcher for macOS is a simple and easy to use Minecraft Launcher which contains 409 different ModPacks including 158 public ModPacks for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Features and Highlights
  • Allows quick and easy install of ModPacks, no more messing around trying to install mods
  • A range of different packs, and more being added all the time
  • Multiple instances. Install a pack as many times as you like without messing up a previous install
  • Multiple accounts allow you to login as different users from the one install
  • Private instances. This allows you to only install instances under your account so people can't mess up your worlds
  • 1 click backup of your saves
  • Leaderboards. Rack up as much time playing in the Launcher and compete against everyone else for top spot (Optional)
  • Easy server creation from within the Launcher
  • Easy addition and removal of mods without having to mess about with things
  • Multiple download servers for fast downloading of files for the Launcher
  • More features always being added
Also Available: Download ATLauncher for Windows

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What's new in this version:

- Embedded relationship mods showing as required by the launcher
- Issue with some CurseForge packs not displaying after installing
- A NPE happening when reading contents of files from within zip/jar that doesn't exist
- Issues with lower/upper casing not working as intended on some non English systems
- Issue when using IconTitledBorder throwing NPE when icon is not found/invalid
- Issue with loading a tab in the Packs tab staying disabled forever when errored out

New Features:
- Add ability to override the runtime version per instance
- Add in a unified modpack search to search across multiple platforms at once
- Add category filtering when adding mods/shaders/worlds/resource packs
- List the timeout and concurrent connection settings when downloads fail
- Remove initial memory argument
- Add name of platform an instance is from when launching
- Add in Get Help button to more instances when available
- Add dialog warning user when trying to skip external download mods from CurseForge
- Add logging for Java version and install method on launch if analytics enabled
- Log warnings when useSystemGlfw/useSystemOpenAl are enabled when launching
- Add popup when Minecraft crashes due to needing Java 17

- Remove old OmitStackTraceInFastThrow JVM arg
- Don't allow installing non modpacks by ID in pack browser tabs
- Always show Java path in main settings tab and when instance doesn't use a runtime
- Issue with Quilt exported CurseForge packs not importing
- Issue with mod images not being scaled smoothly
- Non jar/zip files in bin folder being added to classpath on launch
- Issue with Modrinth packs showing override mods as added by the user
- Issue with importing some mrpack files
- Slow down the scroll speed on the News tab

- Remove ATLauncher Featured tab from Packs tab

- Issue when adding mods with distribution disabled not copying to instance
- The modpacks browser making extra calls to paginate when not needed

- Issues checking for updates to Modrinth mods under some systems
- Exporting packs with dependency type mods not working

- Closing out the browser download dialog not cancelling the install fully
- Automatically proceed to next browser download mod when detected to be downloaded
- Issue with browser download of CurseForge mods with spaces in the filename
- Issue with modpacks who opt out not being able to be installed
- The Log4J libraries being replaced by 2.16 even when using newer versions

New Features:
- Add in setting for Default Export Format

- Issue when adding mod from Modrinth to a Quilt loader instance not showing Fabric versions
- Errors logging to console when checking mods on Modrinth via hash

New Features:
- Allow sorting of instances in various formats including most recently played and playtime (thanks to @s0cks)

- Changes to the Modrinth pack format (thanks to @wafflecoffee)
- Issue with LICENSEHEADER always using the current year causing issues building in a new year

- Don't check license validity when building

- Default instance title format setting being invalid
- Error reporting throwing a NPE when message was null

New Features:
- Add in wrapper command to allow wrapping of the command used to launch Minecraft
- Add list of mods and loader info when launching an instance

- Servers created with Fabric loader >= 0.12.0 not launching
- Failure to launch Minecraft causing the main frame to not show itself again
- Searching not working when a pack has no description
- Pre/post launch commands not being exported to MultiMC format
- Update flatlaf packages to fix issue with jawt loading

- Remove dependency on pack200
- Update dependencies and gradle wrapper
- Fix the Java dependency on AUR packages

New Features:
- Ignore some new tracking arguments when launching new snapshots
- Add in View Mod and File buttons when adding mods from CurseForge or Modrinth [#509]

- Launching Minecraft with MSA account not passing correct user_type param
- Fix server backups not being created

- Remove confirmation popup when making a server backup

New Features:
- Add back ability to import a CurseForge modpack from a url

- Getting instance image not catching all exceptions and failing to load
- Log the warning received when logging in with Microsoft account to the launchers console

- Launching an instance with a non valid account set causing it to not launch

New Features:
- Allow exporting all instances

- Don't check mods on CurseForge if none were installed
- A couple analytics events with wrong category on instance launch

New Features:
- Add in Play Offline button to instances to launch in offline mode

- Launching instance while offline not working for Mojang accounts

- Show better error after user has migrated their Mojang account to a Microsoft one

- Show error when logging into Microsoft accounts from a country XBL is not available/banned
- The FTB packs dialog failing when browsing packs with an error

- Print out if user is using Mac app during startup
- Show warning when downloaded file doesn't match the hash but we ignore failures

New Features:
- Add in Download Clearer tool to remove up old downloads
- Add in text field with login url on Microsoft login dialog
- When using a choosable loader, show the name of the loader

- The check for isRuntime in JavaInfo throwing NPE
- Fix using native dialog not applying to instance import
- Allow resizing (and fix sizes of) some dialogs
- Fix cancelling login with Microsoft reloading the account selector
- Fix exporting Fabric instances not working
- Fix adding mod version showing wrong files for loader

- Regenerate known shared/broken analytics client ids
- Add svg icon for AUR packages and remove hardcoded path
- Change images/icons and arrange them better for themes

New Features:
- Add support for downloading mods from Modrinth
- Add delete button to RuntimeDownloaderToolPanel
- Add icons when browsing mods/packs to add
- Add in more options for add mod restrictions
- Create installer and use optional jre
- Packs on CurseForge using JumpLoader no longer use Forge
- Add OS information to Google Analytics
- Use newer universalJavaApplicationStub for OSX app
- Add in debian packaging
- Add in RPM packaging

- Dialog when installing file from CurseForge not showing progress
- Checking for mods on CurseForge running out of memory causing issue
- Reinstalling or Updating CurseForge mods hanging when calling api
- Setup dialog not having correct spacing
- Redact Authorization headers from debug logging
- Close dialog after adding a mod to an instance
- Fix adding mods failing when fingerprinting fails
- When relaunching in debug mode, add the original arguments
- Some dialogs not showing on top in OSX correctly
- External pack instances not saving don't update preference
- Installing/reinstalling/updating external pack not showing updates

- Add in automatic publishing of AUR packages on release

- Fix adding curse pack not getting default file id from Curse

- Remove leaderboard and username logging

- Fix Java 14 not working with Pack200
- Switch news tab to new source and file
- Allow OS/arch specific launcher file downloads

- Fix legacyjavafixer download url

- Fix legacyjavafixer download url
- When updating a mod, select the latest file in the dropdown
- Fix update dialog for mods showing up when it shouldn't
- Fix updating a mod with the same version not working
- Fix issues with newer Forge version on < 1.13 not installing
- Fix resourcepacks from Curse not installing correctly

- Fix wording on some more English strings
- Fix issue with auto launch not working with v2 instance types

- Fix wording on some English strings
- Fix issue with Edit Mods dialog not showing all

- Remove files from Edit Mods Dialog that don't exist anymore
- Add Show In File Explorer button to Edit Mods right click menu
- Allow importing packs without project or file id in manifest
- Allow changing sort order when adding Curse mods