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Download Alfred 1.1 Build 189

Alfred 1.1 Build 189

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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Assign custom actions and extensions to Contact Viewer metadata types
- Configurable advanced 'Show Alfred' global hotkey with ability to bring selected text into Alfred
- Ability to set a filter's default action to an extension instead of just opening it. Allows for improved workflow for selecting a particular file and actioning it with a custom action
- Ability to 'replace' a current extension of the same name when importing - allows for easier upgrading of extensions
- Renaming of hotkeys is now possible by right clicking (or double clicking) on the hotkey in the list
- Added a 'help' keyword which gives quick access to search Alfred's help site
- Intelligent type matching with spell / define keywords. If you start spelling with a capital letter, ensure this is carried through to all spelling suggestions
- Drag reordering URLs in Alfred's URL global hotkeys prefs to set tab (or window) order in your default browser
- Drag reorder Applications / Files in Alfred's File Group extension prefs to set launch order

- Wildcarding in the clipboard history view with * for more flexible searching through history
- Non anchored Name search for snippets in the clipboard viewer (for more 'interesting' matching)
- The iTunes Mute keyword now mutes iTunes instead of setting volume to 0. This allows toggling of mute by typing mute again. Automatically un-mutes on playing from mini player.
- Turn off iTunes Mini Player DJ mode when selecting a random album to prevent confusion
- Workflow extension parameters now have the option to be Required / Optional / None, allowing for keyword to be linked directly to workflow with no extension
- De-duplicate URLS which are in history and are typed as new so you don't see URLs twice (once typed and once from history)
- Place cursor position to the right of the path when using a global hotkey to open a file path in Alfred's file system navigation
- Improved URL matching for localhost and sites which use ports (e.g. localhost:8888)
- Ignore certain schemes from URL recognition e.g. site: kind: as these work better on fallback / finder based searches
- Improve some of the help subtext throughout the preferences for clarity
- Remove all spaces from query for maths calculation as they are unnecessary. Also allows for space delimiting on large numbers for clarity
- Remove legacy code from Alfred, doing a nice big tidy up on the way for improved efficiency
- Add a gap in the Features > Default Result prefs between Essential and Extras
- Improved contact card notes field (no longer truncates to the right for multiple lines)
- Improvements to iTerm2 focusing after 'open terminal here' and terminal commands
- More useful message on invalid licenses
- Allow for valid spaces in URL recognition
- Add the additional items which are now synced to the help text in the syncing prefs

Bug Fixes:
- Prevent the confirmation dialog from showing when deleting from views in Alfred's preferences when no rows are selected
- Defend against potentially dodgy iTunes metadata, especially with Match
- Use the correct Amazon online store when Ireland is selected as locale
- Make sure the application name is correctly shown in the Global Hotkeys list when dragging a new application in
- When using the Random Album function outside of the iTunes Mini Player, reload the library if needed instead of doing nothing
- Change spelling to Luxembourg in locales (tsk tsk @vero)
- Fix wording for AppleScript extension subtext (was accidentally the same as shell script)
- Correctly encode URLs typed into Alfred which contain accented characters
- Fix keypad enter key to work in contacts viewer
- Make default Facebook search UTF-8
- Clear search context when changing query prefix (fixes e.g. exiting contact viewer, then prefixing name with google)
- Trim the 'custom home folder location' before use as trailing newlines gave strange behaviour
- Ensure that contacts are still opened in the contact viewer with the new filter action customisation

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