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Download Alfred 3.2 Build 759

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What's new in this version:

- Fix issue where corrupted workflow prevented Alfred Preferences Workflows tab from displaying
- Fix fn+return mod override connection behavior in default results on macOS Sierra

Improvements to workflow canvas creation usability:
- Drag from a connection to an empty space to create a new workflow object at that location
- Click a workflow output to create and connect a new workflow object to the right
- Automatically select any newly added workflow objects to allow for immediate moving or removing by keyboard
- Hint on canvas for how to add the first workflow object with an empty workflow

Script Filter enhancements:
- The script output can now tell Alfred to re-run the script after a set period of time
- Scripts can now output variables
- Variables are passed through to the object output connections when actioning results
- Variables are passed back into subsequent runs of the script within the same session
- New "Advanced Script Filters" getting started workflow which covers the new concepts
- Tidy up default examples when changing script type with no script entered
- 'quicklookurl' now also accepts file paths and internally converts to file URLs (treated as a file path if it has a / or ~/ prefix)
- Fix cleaning stream variables before processing causing variables to be lost on looping workflows
- Higher performance processing of JSON/XML to results

Improvements and additions to other Workflow objects:
- 'Hotkey' trigger object can now pass currently focused application through to workflow as a variable allowing for app context filtering
- 'Copy to Clipboard' output object now accepts {cursor} placeholder to move cursor to selected position (only works when auto-pasting)

Improvements for symlinked workflows:
- Fully resolve path to info.plist before writing to ensure symlinked workflows are written to correct folder
- Fully resolve workflow folder before exporting to allow for symlinked workflow folders to be exported
- Improvements to built-in Getting Started and Example workflows:
- Add new "Simple Folder Search" built-in workflow example
- Renamed "Script Filter Output" to "Script Filter" for better consistency
- Added new "Advanced Hotkeys" getting started guide to cover hotkey active app variables
- Updated the "All Workflow Objects" getting started workflow to add new objects

- Add {cursor} placeholder to move cursor to selected position within pasted snippets (including Alfred Remote)
- Show a warning in Alfred's Snippets preferences if an app is preventing text expansion by locking secure input
- If using option to slow down key events, slow them a little more than v3.1.1
- Prevent clipboard merging from incorrectly merging non-text clipboard entries by their description (e.g. images and file)
- More efficient processing of snippets in Alfred Text Service

- Make Alfred's Application cache also convert names to latin for e.g. pinyin search
- Higher performance caching of scope folders when initialising metadata search
- Work around macOS file localiation bug (e.g. folders in the home folder weren't correctly localising in search)
- Correctly clean up file summary panel after hiding

Add "Previews" tab under File Search feature:
- Move Quick Look option from Advanced to Previews
- New option to disable rich previews altogether
- New options to not load actions/navigation rich previews for specified types and within specified folders
- When the rich preview panel isn't required, the selected file type icon is shown instead

- 1Password integration updated to be compatible with 1Password 6.5+
- Alfred now shows results from multiple vaults, including 1Password Families / Teams
- All items are now shown from your 1Password:
- Logins are opened directly in your default browser
- Other items (such as Secure Notes) are opened in 1Password mini

- Fix navigating out of empty folder behavior in Copy To / Move To file actions
- Make all help subtext throughout Alfred's preferences darker for better readability
- Update references of OS X to macOS throughout Alfred and Alfred Preferences
- Prevent Alfred's Preferences Appearance tab from unnecessarily switching to discrete GPU on dual GPU laptops
- Fix issue where quickly dragging a file out of Alfred's main results could result in the incorrect file being dragged
- Update iTunes option to ignore movies and tv shows from miniplayer, also ignore music videos
- Streamlined various aspects of Alfred's core for higher performance

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