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Download Alfred 1.2 Build 220

Alfred 1.2 Build 220

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What's new in this version:

- Added official support for OS X Mountain Lion
- Significant update to keyword based matching when looking inside files (using the 'in' keyword) for multiple words: Alfred now searches for disjoint keywords. Custom file search filters now also have the option to split search keywords.
- Advanced option for the default file search to add any file types you like. Still recommend using the 'open' and 'find' keywords (or prefix a search with [spacebar] to enter file search mode)
- Code sign Alfred with Developer ID in preparation for future versions of OS X
- When using 'email' keyword, option to choose to open Contact View if there is more than one email address, otherwise email the primary address
- Add a "Browse Folder in Alfred" for the file you have found in Alfred's results to open File System Navigation
- Dragging files out of Alfred's default results is now available to non-Powerpack users too!
- Add 2 new themes to the default available themes - Dark and Smooth & Pistachio

1Password 1Click Bookmark integration:
- Enable and cache stored bookmarks in Alfred's Features preferences
- Option to 'reload' cached bookmarks
- Ignore trashed items (3rd pre-release)
- Better detection of installed app and keychain (3rd pre-release)
- More accurate matching on name and URL in results (4th pre-release)

Overhaul to file search matching algorithm (more info on tumblr:
- Non continuous word based matching
- No longer need to wildcard for non-anchored searches

Large Type support for currently typed text and selected items using ⌘L:
- Show large type for phone numbers, email and addresses in the Powerpack contact card viewer
- New preferences (Appearance > Large Type) to change style of large type text
- Contextual large type for certain types of results, for example, the Calculator's result
- Force Large Type for the currently typed string in the default results using ⌘⇧L
- Wrap larger lines of text to try and keep large type text sane

Improvements and new features for the Clipboard History:
- Clipboard merge function, hold ⌘ and press C twice to merge the selected text with the previous history item
- Option to place merged item directly back into OS X clipboard buffer for instant pasting without Alfred's clipboard history
- Significantly improved snippet matching with ranking based on keyword match, prefix and name
- 1.2 Pre-release 2 adds better merge detection when switching between apps

Improvements and additions to Global Hotkeys:
- New global hotkeys for currently selected text in OS X - Extensions, Web Searches, Custom Searches, Extensions
- New Global Hotkey option to paste the latest history item as plain text without having to show Alfred
- Assign global hotkeys to snippets of text for instant pasting, e.g. your favourite email signature
- Updated Global Hotkey support for iTunes including items such as rating current iTunes track
- New Growl support for certain global hotkeys to feed back when they have been activated, e.g. rating an iTunes track

- Remove from Alfred's results and replace it with an 'alfred' keyword which opens the preferences
- Option to pass Address Book contact's address field to custom URL scheme, defaults to opening in Google Maps
- Ability to switch first name and last name in contact viewer for better localisation
- More exact matching for 'Text Files' in the default results, matching plain text and rtf. This now correctly excludes irrelevant text based items such as .ics
- More accurate matching of clipboard snippet names by using word boundaries instead of plain text
- Match the 'Open With / Copy To / Move To' search scope to the File Search scope for better predictability
- Add Xcode's new Applications location to the default file search
- When dragging a folder into the Global Hotkey prefs, add it as a new 'path' hotkey rather than 'file' for better flexibility
- Improvements to the spelling keyword to allow for non defined words to be suggested - better for international word lookup
- Match the mouse based user experience in the Contacts view to the rest of Alfred
- Remove deprecated code to be more future proofed for OS X
- Improved decimal point configuration to support more locales (notably German locale being able to force . separator in output)
- Code refinements, stripping older legacy code and improving some code paths for better performance
- More intelligent volume eject to try and avoid showing warnings when not necessary
- Add separator between default and custom themes and sort custom themes alphabetically
- Double click on a URL in Alfred's URL preferences to launch it (to match new 1Password prefs)

- Intelligence when editing in the calculator to prevent prefixed / from entering file system navigation
- Fix Phone and Email advanced address book settings for OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
- Use correct 'mute' AppleScript when using the Alfred iTunes Mute Global Hotkey
- Make sure Address Book icon shows correctly in future versions of OS X
- For large clipboard items, show 1000+ character count instead of being fixed at 999 characters
- Fixed / improved some text throughout the preferences
- Make MAS version startup / welcome sheet non resizable and close using Esc key
- Allow ⌘^Q and ⌘^W as hotkeys, previously blocked by over-protective code
- Less aggressive scientific notation rounding for the calculator for better 0 approximation
- Fix Sparrow mail issue where emailing a file showed 'invalid' as the address when not pre-selecting a TO user in Alfred
- Fix grammar in the iTunes mini player, correctly showing track plurals
- Fix divider theme transparency issue in clipboard viewer
- Fix hotkey issue when trying to set a hotkey for an Alfred item which performs a paste or OS copy
- Update the core window renderer to fix a quirk behind the preference cog with transparent themes

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