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Download Alfred 4.3 Build 1205

  -  4.79 MB  -  Demo

What's new in this version:

Universal Build:
- Alfred's main download and update now runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon
- Previously, the Universal M1 build was available as a separate download

Two new default themes added to take advantage of new theming features in 4.3:
- Alfred Modern: Uses the light visual effect window backing with rounded purple highlights
- Alfred Modern Dark: Uses the dark visual effect window backing with rounded turquoise highlights
- Don't forget that you can choose different themes while in macOS Light and Dark mode, and Alfred will automatically switch
- Duplicate these themes to create your own variations in Alfred's Appearance preferences

Added ability to select a native macOS Visual Effect view to back Alfred's window:
- Provides more native looking themes, with proper window surround
- Fixes fuzzy window corners in macOS Big Sur when using the previous style window blur
- Visual Effect options available from the top left blur button in the Theme editor
- Deprecated the classic blur, which uses private API and doesn't guarantee future support
- Buffer feature will now fill full width of Alfred window if Visual Effect background used, to match native window background

Add new theme options to add round corners to the search field and selected result backgrounds:
- Result separators will automatically reduce in width to match the selected result rounded corners
- Reduce the width of the selected text background editor to better visualise search field rounded corners
- Automatically round the corners of the scroll indicator based on width, to better match the native macOS scrollbar
- Relax the maximum rounded corner constraint. Note that if using a visual effect background, macOS can artificially constrain very rounded corners in unexpected ways
- Add new theme option for horizontal search field padding, allowing for better search text alignment
- Standardised centre padding on secondary views, and disassociate with edge horizontal padding for larger summary / quicklook icons
- Only show results scrollbar once scrolling has started, for cleaner default results, and better matching macOS visuals
- Cleaner upgrade notification tab at bottom of Alfred window, compatible with modern macOS blur
- Update internal framework to better respond to view backing type changes
- Drag Alfred window by the Alfred Buffer counter text when there are more buffer items that can visibly fit
- Only position the colour picker the first time it's shown (bottom left of the preferences window), otherwise, respect user positioning

Browse in Alfred Action:
- Added new sort override options into the Browse in Alfred action object
- Facilitates interesting shortcuts such as a hotkey to show the Downloads folder sorted by Created date, newest first
- Improve scrolling behaviour in Conditional Utility when macOS scrollbars set to always show

History Improvements:
- You can now use ⌃↑ and ⌃↓ to navigate Alfred's default result history at any time
- Note: these shortcuts will need to be disassociated from Mission Control's shortcuts to use them in Alfred

Mouse improvements:
- Add a new mouse jitter helper to ignore tiny mouse movements in Alfred's results and subviews, preventing unintentional result selection
- Correctly select the row directly under the mouse pointer when clicking a result row

File System Navigation:
- Improved wording on the sorting popup menu to clarify sort direction instead of ascending and descending

Create new URL Helper to parse raw / non-encoded (RFC 3986) URL strings, paving the way to overhauling Alfred's URL handling:
- Update Contact Viewer to use new URL Helper, which fixes e.g. tel handler in Big Sur
- Fix Open URL workflow object to correctly show domain label in workflow canvas for non-encoded URLs
- Fix Custom Search Open Search lookup to correctly decode special characters
- Add additional logic to Open URL workflow object if unable to create valid URL from string
- Update Quick Look handler to use new url parser
- Improve default fallback logic for direct inputs (e.g. hotkey to input workflow), fixing showing null in fallback result subtext

File Buffer Improvements:
- If configured, only clear the contents of Alfred's Buffer on actioning if the action is based on the contents of the buffer (not separate single actions)
- Improve keystroke responsiveness if using the Buffer shortcut keys as the first keystroke after showing Alfred
- Update internal search to add music icon and keywords where relevant

- Tweak preferences Snippets feature icon to better line up with Clipboard feature icon
- Clarify the Clear All button for Alfred's clipboard history, and add confirmation sheet
- Ensure that the Snippet count is correctly updated for a Collection when adding or removing Snippets
- Improve preferences features header to be correctly tinted for the desktop
- Fix spacing around table views on Big Sur

Fix non-retina Big Sur rendering issues in the following places:
- Icons in the Feature and Workflow view header
- Twitter button in usage preferences
- "Open Workflow Folder" button in Workflow object editor sheet
- Button icons in the top right of the Workflow editor

- Allow subsequent files to be dragged into the file troubleshooting once a previous one has completed
- Update the file troubleshooting scope check failure to be a warning with additional information on how to fix, and move it to be the final check performed
- Allow scope check troubleshooting pass if application nested within mapped volume data path

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