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Download Alfred 4.1 Build 1167

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What's new in this version:

- Workflow editor rendering tweaks to significantly improve the UI performance with very large and complex workflows
- Improve visibility of modifiers set on connections, especially when using light object colours

Updated Workflow Objects:
Hotkey Trigger:
- The same hotkey combination can now be shared across multiple triggers matching different conditions
- Added navigation to related hotkeys on the contextual popup menu for a hotkey trigger in the workflow editor

Prioritisation of shared hotkey to run, with the following priority:
- In Focus match takes highest priority, e.g. Hotkey only when Safari in focus
- Not in Focus takes secondary priority, e.g. Hotkey only when Spotify not in focus
- Falls back to hotkey with no app specific focus configured
- Hints shown in orange if a shared hotkey combination is in use
- Hotkey Trigger object key combo background changes
- Subtext under the hotkey field updates with warning
- Show subtle grey background behind application icons on Hotkey Object in workflow editor where hotkey focus mode is set to "don't have focus"
- Copy and Paste of object (or object configuration) now also retains the hotkey combo
- Note that this will naturally create a conflict which you will have to manually resolve

Script Filter Input:
- Fix Run Behaviour sheet "Reset to Defaults" button to also reset the "Argument" section

Copy to Clipboard Output:
- Fixed to now correctly use clipboardtextrtf property from passed-in JSON config
- Reorganise internal logic to enable plain text clipboard output to be derived from passed-in RTF from JSON config
- Only save either clipboardtext or clipboardtextrtf into the configuration
- Fixes automatic {cursor} positioning with mismatching rtf / plain text

Arg / Var Utility:
- Add option to "pass through" the input argument, allowing for array objects (e.g. list of files) to pass through unprocessed
- Clarify the help subtext in the configuration sheet

New Workflow Objects:
File Buffer Action:
- Added new workflow action to interact with Alfred's File Buffer

Action in Alfred Action:
- Added new workflow action to show Alfred's actions panel for the passed in file

File Utility:
- Tests if file exists and outputs on one of two outputs accordingly
- Option to also output the UTI for the file as a variable
- This could be useful for subsequent branching using a Conditional

New Workflow Object Inbound Configuration:
- Access using the "Inbound Configuration..." popup menu for the selected object
- External trigger identifiers can now be directly set on external objects
- Conflicts are now checked between the External Trigger object, and any external identifiers set
- You now have control over how a downstream input object presents its results between Direct and Keyword modes
- Direct mode is the previous behaviour, where the input icon is placed to the right hand side and you see no keyword
- Keyword mode places the input into Alfred's default results and sets it as unique (same as pressing return on a placeholder)
- Workflow objects represent the presence of an external identifier with small hint on object input in Workflow editor
- Double click the hint for faster subsequent access to the inbound configuration
- The icon for both External Trigger and Call External have been tweaked to match the new hint
- Fix internal variable types in workflow editor framework
- Added "Filter Workflows by..." on the popup menu for workflow objects in the canvas for hotkeys and keywords
- Makes it easier to find workflows with similar hotkeys and keywords
- Standardise how an array of arguments is shown in the workflow debugger
- Improve various subtexts throughout the workflow object configuration sheets

Snippets and Clipboard:
- Snippets can now embed other snippets using the {snippet:} placeholder
- Placeholder works in all expected places, for example, the Copy to Clipboard workflow output object
- Note that nesting is only one level deep
- Added a "Copy Placeholder" on the popup menu for a selected snippet to copy the relevant {snippet:} placeholder
- Improve text placeholder framework
- Improved processing efficiency by deriving plain text content from already-processed rich text content where applicable
- more consistent behaviour between clipboard objects
- Fixes issue where the snip keyword wasn't correctly processing rich text placeholders
- Fix Snippet keyword to correctly respect the "Auto-paste on Return" option
- Option to ignore org.nspasteboard.AutoGeneratedType in the Clipboard History Advanced preferences, enabled by default

- Multiple Contact Actions can now be configured with modifier keys
- Contact Actions editor sheet now correctly shows "Add" or "Save" button instead of just "Add"
- Set the Add / Save button shortcut to be ⌘S
- Action text at bottom of Contact Viewer now updates on mod key change to provide action hint
- Improve the "type to search" in the Contacts Viewer
- You can now press up and down to select the previous or next match for the typed filter
- Trim around name components when creating full name

- Added alternative ⌘↩︎ action to open the selected 1Password bookmark in 1Password instead of Open and Fill

- Start process of adding interactive troubleshooting built into Alfred's Help preferences to aid fixing common issues
- Also add help links to key troubleshooting help pages
- Troubleshooting is written to a Report file, for easy emailing and subsequent support
- File Search
- Run a number of diagnostic checks on a dragged in file to work out why it isn't being found

General fixes and improvements:
- Fix Alfred using (and consuming) up/down key events when IME panel is showing (e.g. Pinyin selection panel)
- Note that this fix is more of a "workaround" to a lack of Public API to officially support this
- Recognise full width space U+3000 as an activator for Alfred's quick file search mode
- Show Base32 decoded data wherever dyn.a UTI types are seen, to give better idea of content
- Fix making selected result unique in Alfred's default results if input is configured to be "no space"
- Alfred was immediately disassociating the unique result due to incorrect logic
- Fix Music feature description text in Catalina to correctly say instead of iTunes
- Fix Dark / Light mode appearance of descriptive text in macOS Rebuild Metadata sheet
- Make the snip keyword's subtext more succinct for Copy or Paste text, showing more of the snippet content
- Fully resolve [local] symlinks and aliases when using Quick Look, to see the file contents instead of the file icon
- Fix twitter web search icon colour
- File Buffer Improvements
- Show "x+ items" to top left of Buffer when the number of visible items exceeds the available visible space
- Correctly re-draw the buffer when additional items are added and removed beyond the visible window width
- Add a - button to delete selected custom web searches in the Web Search preferences
- Show version number for Application bundles in preview panels (e.g. file system navigation, action panel)
- Improve VoiceOver accessibility for hotkey fields, now correctly reads newly inputted hotkey

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