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Download Adium 1.4.2

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What's new in this version:

Updated to libpurple 2.7.11. Highlights of applicable changes:
- Fixed bug that prevented adding contacts to your contact list in certain circumstances. (#14965)
- Added support for MSNP16 including multiple points of presence (MPOP) which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins and which should resolve connection problems involving the "Signed in from another location" error. (#13654)
- Fixed crash related to Direct Connections. (#14650)
- Fixed a bug where some contacts from your contact list might not show up. Affected non-English users the most. (#14901)

Contact List:
- Fixed tooltips not being updated when scrollwheeling through the contact list. (#3480)
- Improved readability of tooltips by making their contents opaque and only the background transparent. (#15050)

- Added a "Log only certain accounts" setting to Adium's "General" preferences. (#8, #14522)
- Added a "Log secure chats" setting to Adium's "General" preferences. (#94)
- Renamed "Save opened chats when quitting" setting to "Reopen chats from last time on startup" for clarity. (#14651)

Message View:
- Only display focus indication for group chats. (#14420)
- Enable %service% keyword in header.
- Fixed issue where sections of conversations loaded from message history are repeated. (#13362)
- Fixed iChat emoticons in Snow Leopard on case-sensitive file systems. (#14936)
- minimal_mod
- Disabled consecutivization of actions to prevent overlapping icons. Fixed erroneous application of a grey dotted top border to a consecutive, unfocused action that follows a non-action. Fixed text wrap alignment issues on actions.
- Mockie: New mention and focus indicators, and improved scaling at large font sizes. (#14420)
- Renkoo: No longer scrolls to bottom on new content regardless of scroll position. (#14331)
Smooth Operator:
- Compact: Mentions in actions are no longer italicized. Sendercolor Adiumy is not displayed in IRC too. Fixed progressively increasing saturation of the sendercolor Adiumy on each consecutive message.
- Classic: Fixed slight misalignment between sender and message. Lightened the on-click shadow. The per-message marks in the classic variant now grow to the left rather than to the right where it can overlap message text.
- Dark: New variant!
- all variants: Improved the performance of all-by-sender-on-click javascript. Shifted the built-in buddy icons down a few pixels so they look more centered. Switched to more compact focus indication icons.
- Reverted to pre-1.4 layout for per-message timestamps (#14361). Per-message timestamps now display on the left when the message text is RTL (#10403).
- Removed the per-message triangle, slimmed the area between the sender and message, and fixed more elements to scale with font-size. Improved the performance of all-by-sender-on-click javascript.

- Fixed ICQ disconnections going unnoticed. (#14229)
- Fixed hang caused by reading badly formatted transcripts from ICQ. (#14627)
- Switch to clientLogin authentication for ICQ and AIM, allowing SSL to be used if possible again. Change the options for encryption to "Require"/"Opportunistic"/"Disabled." (#15000)
- Use the clientLogin key of the official ICQ Mac client instead of the AIM key we had which got banned. (#15244)

- Fixed a crash related to invalid UTF8 in nicknames on IRC. (#13351)
- Fixed a crash that occurred when opening irc://-links to new servers on ports other than 6667. (#15093)

- Added a preference to enable/disable MSN Direct Connections. (#14602)

- Double confirmation is now required to delete and unregister an XMPP account. (#14357)
- Fixed xmpp:-urls without a user part opening chats with (null)@... (#14908).

- Growl notifications for Group Chats now show the channel on the same line as the nick, instead of before the message. (#14890)
- Fixed a bug causing a switching of user profiles following Adium updates. (#14432)
- Fixed 1.4.1 regression of arrows not showing up in the Events tables of the Preference pane and the Get Info pane for active events. (#14629)
- Fixed a hang that occurred when required parts of loaded message styles were missing. (#7438)
- Fixed bookmark icons not updating when changing icon sets. (#13221)
- Fixed two memory leaks. (Adrian Godoroja) (#15047)
- Fixed "Remove Link" showing up twice in the input box's context menu on 10.6. (Shawn Khan) (#14454)
- Fixed 1.4 regression where selection of the active voice in the "Speak Event" and "Speak Text" contact alert actions failed. (#14574)
- Fixed positioning of selected icon in Recent Icons not being reapplied when icon is reselected. (Adrian Godoroja) (#9908)
- Fixed an issue with adding URLs via copy/paste resulting in an invalid link. (#15229)

- Updated the Localizable.strings files, adding missing translatable strings/nibs. (#14588, #14582)
- Updated and improved localisations: British English (#15116), Catalan (#15231), Danish (#15160), Dutch (#15202), Finnish (#15211), French (#15198), German (#15204), Italian (#15224), Polish (#15230), Portuguese (Portugal) (#15223), Russian (#15246), Swedish (#15217).
- Fixed an issue in the Czech localisation. (#14586)

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