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VOX Player for Mac

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What's new in this version:

VOX 3.3
- Artists now have artworks dowloaded from internet databases
- Fixed sort order in VOX Cloud for artists and albums started with "A ", "The " and special symbols
- Improved large VOX Cloud libraries support
- Fixed some crashes

VOX 3.2.1
- stability improvements

VOX 3.2
- Thanks for using VOX! We update the app regularly to make it better for you
- This update includes general fixes and performance improvements

VOX 3.1
- Fixed "File - Open..." action not adding files to Playlist in some cases
- Fixed bug with collection renaming
- Fixed VOX Cloud artist album view closed every few minutes
- Fixed some visual bugs and layout issues

VOX Music Player goes Premium. We combined all our favorite features to give music lovers the best listening experience and we call it VOX Premium. Current LOOP subscribers, in addition to VOX Music Cloud, will get Radio for free (unless purchased), and updated audio settings

VOX Premium subscription tier includes:
- Advanced Audio Settings: BS2B Technology, Sync Sample Rate, Hog Mode, Apple’s Audio Units, Crossfade and more
- VOX Music Cloud: unlimited cloud storage for your music. You can upload your entire music collection and then stream to it your VOX on Mac & iPhone
- Radio: over 30,000 stations from all over the world sorted by country and genre. You can add some stations to your Favorites to instantly access them.
- Sync Collections: create playlists in VOX for Mac and then listen to them in VOX for iPhone. All playlists can be shared across all your devices connected to your VOX Account

VOX 2.8.27
- Fixed some playback issues
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

VOX 2.8.25
- Bug fixing

VOX 2.8.8
- Bug fixing

VOX 2.8.6
- SoundCloud source turned off because of SoundCloud API revoking
- Bug fixing

VOX 2.8.4
- Bug fixing

VOX 2.8.2
- Bug fixing and stability improvement

VOX 2.7.8
- Airplay support totally reworked (now works on El Capitan!);
- Sonos loudspeakers/renderers support added;
- added 'Open Link in VOX' item to Services right-click menu in Safari for easier playback of the network links;
- streaming playback stability improved;
- Playback queue minor fixes;
- improved status notifications and loading progress when uploading files to Loop;
- new Loop account page with more functionality;
- fixed issues with artwork uploading into Loop;
- fixed artist deleting in Loop;
- fixed search issues in Loop;
- fixed issue with re-logining to LastFM;
- fixed Quick type search for Loop and iTunes sources;
- fixed bugs with Audio Units scanning when player starts;
- fixed crashes in VOX and Loop;
- stability improvements and bug fixes.

VOX 2.3
- Totally new look of Radio Source
- Re-optimized Preferences Panel for better efficiency

VOX 2.2
- Re-optimized User Interface for better usability in all sources
- Added Audio Units – allows adding audio effects to musiс in real-time.

VOX 2.1.1
- Brought back the classic playlist view for those who don't like 'Collections'.
- Add new filter for iTunes Library to get rid of unneeded content, such as: Audio books, Videos, etc.
- Fixed crashes upon launching and loading iTunes Library.
- Fixed crashes upon downloading Artwork.
- Fixed bug related to read-only file systems.
- Fixed bugs that caused various crashes.

VOX 2.1
- Collections: Simplified access to all of your playlists (including iTunes)
- Collections: Conveniently create and manage your own custom playlists right inside VOX.
- Queue: New and flexible way to shape your playlist and collect music from different sources
- SoundCloud integration: Full access to the largest database of the world's music.
- A completely new and more intelligent 'Search'.
- Added True Audio (.tta) format support.
- Added support of multi-output devices.
- Radio is now FREE. Listen to top radio stations free-of-charge.
- Updated interface – now more clean and comfortable
- Fixed bugs related to parsing of iTunes library.
- Reinvented iTunes artwork mechanism that allows to extract most of the track artwork (OS X 10.9 or later).
- Fixed bugs with NAS music playback.
- Fixed bugs with gapless support.
- Fixed bugs with crashes.

VOX 2.0.3
- Added hotkeys for volume control(increase/decrease)
- Fixed bug with iTunes loading and syncing issues
- Fixed bug related to usage of external services

VOX 2.0.2
- Changed mini-player mode when artwork is showed
- Added manual artwork management for iTunes albums

VOX 2.0.1
- Brought back ability to add files with drag-and-drop w/out replacing current playing track
- Added some inner hotkeys + support of global hotkeys
- Fixed crashes and wrong behavior in 'Search' mode
- Fixed player freezing issues while loading iTunes library
- Fixed bug with tracks list not showing up when opened by double-click
- Fixed issues with 'Repeat' modes for 'iTunes' source
- FLAC and APE files now properly show up in 'Search' mode
- Removed 'In-app restore request' reminder
- Fixed minor playback issues

VOX 2.0
- Redefined Interface. Simplified but now smarter.
- Improved Search engine.
- Improved Multi-Device support.
- Added Gapless support.
- New Playlist formats for export. (PLS, M3U)
- Major bug fixes.

VOX 1.5.1
- Fixed issue with external audio devices;
- Small improvements.

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