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Navicat for MySQL

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What's new in this version:

Navicat for MySQL 12.1.4

Bug fixes:
- Unable to map fields in Import Wizard
- New Query shortcut and menu item did not work
- Crashed when clicking New Query button in some cases
- Crashed when typing in Query Editor in some cases
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat for MySQL 12.1.3
- Support Roles for MySQL 8
- Support Roles for MariaDB 10
- Brand new Filter Wizard
- UI and UX Improvement
- MongoDB is added in Navicat Premium
- Navicat for MongoDB is released

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.28
- Bug fixes:
- Unable to rename table with double-click in some cases
- Sorting Rows column on the Objects tab did not work properly
- Command-W shortcut did not close the active window in some cases
- Some menu items were missing in Table Designer
- Export Wizard did not add a leading zero to pad days and months to two digits

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.27

- Ability to copy comparison results of Model
- Added thousand separators to the row count on the table objects list

Bug Fixes:
- Crashed when opening Navicat if invalid characters were used for the paths in Preferences
- The generated CREATE PROCEDURE statement was incorrect when dumping database to SQL file
- Unable to execute Navicat commands using Automator

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.26

- Supported to connect MySQL 8 using SHA2 connection
- Supported coloring the Objects tab when a colored connection is selected
- Improved table mapping in Import Wizard
- Improved keyboard navigation with tab key in Import Wizard

Bug Fixes:
- Left single quotation mark was wrong style when inputting in Form View
- Extra "(" was added to INSERT statements when deploying scripts in Data Synchronization
- Objects list loading was slow in some cases
- Zero decimal place digits were not displayed in Table Viewer

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.25
Bug Fixes:
- Incorrect SQL "ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(0)" was dumped for MariaDB 5.5 tables
- Crashed when starting Navicat
- Unable to edit query results when tables had alias
- Exported files were not attached to the notification email
- Procedure Parameters was missing when synchronizing structure
- Unable to filter connections in the Navigation Pane
- Profile icons did not have indicator after adding attachments in Batch Job

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.24
Bug Fixes:
- Unable to copy error messages in Query
- Database name was added to the query when using Query Builder
- XML file data was not imported to JSON fields completely
- Unable to edit data in Query result set in some cases
- Adjusting the height of split screen in Table Designer was not allowed
- Crashed when selecting or editing Procedure SQL in Query Editor
- Incorrect SQL was generated when changing Primary Key name in Table Designer
- Query column width reset after restarting Navicat
- Memory leak issue
- "Fields" and "Referenced Fields" values were vanished after saving and moving cursor to another Foreign Key
- Field properties were not shown when adding a field in Table Designer
- Incorrect field name were shown when moving a field in Table Designer
- UI issue in Full Screen mode
- Exported Excel files were corrupted in some cases

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.23

- Supported Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL

Bug Fixes:
- Unable to open Console if a non-tabbed window was opened in font
- Navicat hanged when refreshing table grid after changing field names
- Navicat process was unable to terminate

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.22

Bug Fixes:
- Error occurred when synchronizing structure in some cases
- Exported Excel files were corrupted in some cases

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.21
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.20

Bug Fixes:
- Unable to open a table twice
- Running multi-statement SQLs with delimiters issue
- Crashed when adding default value in Table Designer
- Crashed when clicking the Server Privileges tab in User Designer
- Find feature in Table Viewer was not function correctly
- Target object name was garbled when copying object named with non-ascii characters
- Crashed when executing SQL to insert emoji to table
- Crashed when performing Data Transfer in some cases
- Navicat hanged when executing scripts in Data Synchronization
- Unable to hide the Information pane permanently in Query
- Preferences settings reset when Navicat started
- Unable to stop query when using SSL connection

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.19

Bug Fixes:
- Result tab was focused when explaining query
- Query Plan result column was too narrow in Query
- "t" character was appended to the end of the row when copying data to text / Excel file
- Unable to map fields in Import Wizard
- Dump SQL File process was slow
- Create new table wrongly when importing to existing table in some cases
- Use old user to connect after changing new user name in Connection window
- Unable to import decimal values when data has thousand separator
- Crashed when searching on different pages in Table Viewer

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.18

Bug Fixes:
- The database/schema combo-box did not work in Query
- Manual refresh did not work in Server Monitor when auto-refresh was enabled

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.17
- Change log not available for this version

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.16

Bug Fixes:
- Syntax error occurred when creating MariaDB triggers in Table Designer
- Unable to commit the same query twice
- Unable to create the second filter by using context menu
- Unable to reload or reopen tables after connection was timeout
- Navicat hanged when opening large BLOB data in Hex Editor

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.15
- Save dialog prompted even no changes made in Table Designer
- Query Builder loading was slow
- Unable to execute query in some cases
- Data synchronization crashed when HTTP connection was used
- Unable to export views on High Sierra

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.14

Bug Fixes:
- Error occurred when creating virtual columns in MariaDB Table Designer
- Table Designer UI improvements
- Font settings in Preferences reset to default after restarting Navicat
- SQL Formatting was missing in the Triggers tab of Table Designer
- Unable to delete fields in Table Designer
- View Builder button was missing in View Designer
- SSH connection hangs issue
- Objects list loading was slow
- Automation did not work when the profile name contained spaces
- Syntax error occurred when filtering with ' character in Table Viewer
- Unable to run DELIMITER $$ statements in Query
- Navicat hanged when using normal OS user account
- Duplicate Entry error occurred when importing with Append/Update mode
- Sync Username to Navicat Cloud option was missing in Connection form
- Navicat hanged when connection was cut off

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.13

Bug fixes:
- Auto increment field was ignored when importing
- Unable to set the default value of TEXT/BLOB field for MariaDB 10.2.1 or above
- Error occurred when connecting to MariaDB in some cases
- Navicat hanged when running a query export profile in some cases
- Crashed when viewing or editing Functions
- Code completion displayed unrelated items

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.12
- Replace All did not work in Table Viewer
- Wrong row was inserted to when selecting foreign key value in Table Viewer
- Memory error occurred when transferring tables
- Suggested wrong table columns in code completion list
- Context menu UI issue in some cases
- Tables displayed as NEW in Import Wizard even it is already existed
- Slow issue occurred when using code completion
- Server name was missing in the window title bar of Console
- Unable to add tables/views to Query Builder

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.11

Bug Fixes:
- Crashed when executing query in some cases
- Failed to sort by Modified Time, Created Time or Data Length in Detail view
- Launching Import Wizard was slow
- The month and day values were transposed when importing Date fields
- Copy/Paste context menu was missing in Table Viewer
- Crashed when creating new query without selecting a connection in Navigation pane
- Unable to stop multiple processes in Server Monitor
- Number of running processes was missing in Server Monitor
- Table mapping was not in alphabetic order in Data Synchronization
- Crashed when adding records in Table Viewer
- Exported file name did not add timestamp when using Automation
- Wrong SQL was generated for function in Structure Synchronization
- In-App Purchases did not stay activated after restart the app

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.10
- Crashed when exporting query result in some cases
- Unable to show time values in Timestamp fields in Table Viewer
- Lost focus when inputting auto increment value in Table Designer
- Incorrect values displayed in MySQL "Data Length" column in Detail View
- Table list was not sorted in Export Wizard
- Backup object list in the Objects tab was not refreshed after finishing backup
- Progress bar did not update when importing

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.9
- Unable to copy SQL in the bottom navigation bar of Table Viewer
- Crashed when pasting SQL in Query Editor
- Error occurred when opening MySQL databases in HTTP connection if enabled "Encode outgoing query with base64" setting
- End Process item in the context menu was disabled in Server Monitor
- Syntax error occurred when transferring MySQL data
- Incorrect field names were shown in code completion suggestion list

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.8
- Change log not available for this version

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.7
- Unable to restore in some cases
- Query Table shortcut was missing in Table Viewer
- Foreign Key's reference database was not changed after transferring to other database
- Crashed when launching the application
- Unable to set range in Schedule Setup
- SSH password was not imported when upgrading to Navicat 12
- Memory leak issue in SQL Editor
- Current active server/database was not selected when using CMD-Y shortcut to open New Query window
- Syntax error occurred in Data Transfer
- Sorting by modified/create date did not work for details view in main window
- Unable to copy and paste data in Table Viewer

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.6
Bug Fixes:
- Shift-Option-Arrow did not work for selecting a word in SQL Editor
- Command-R did not refresh the list when database was selected
- Unable to resize window in some cases
- Unable to type some characters in editor when using international keyboard
- Unable to sort the object list in the main window
- Unable to log in Oracle server using lower case username
- Exporting data with commas to CSV file issue

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.5
- Crashed when exporting large query results
- Connection name was missing on the tab of Table Viewer
- Crashed when exporting query results to CSV file
- Query prompted for inputting the same parameter for every occurrence
- Unable to accept Terms and Conditions when first login Navicat Cloud

Navicat for MySQL 12.0.3
- New UI/UX
- On Startup: open favorite tabs automatically when Navicat launches
- Code Snippet
- Advanced Code Completion with better suggestions
- Brand new Structure Synchronization: visually show side-by-side DDL comparison between two databases
- Brand new Data Synchronization: show particular status to distinguish the differences between records easily
- New Automation: easy to find desired profiles and create automated batch jobs
- Responsiveness and performance improved
- Many other new features and improvements

Navicat for MySQL 11.2.18
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat for MySQL 11.2.17
- Fixed Failed to move procedures to a virtual group
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Navicat for MySQL 11.2.16
- Unable to show errors when running query in some cases
- Failed to import JSON files in some cases
- Query Editor window has disappeared when it lost focus
- Some options were wrongly displayed in Essentials Edition
- Settings Location was wrongly copied when duplicating connection

Navicat for MySQL 11.2.15
Bug Fixes:
- The default date time format and delimiter of Export Wizard did not follow Import Wizard

Navicat for MySQL 11.2.14

- Added some common keyboard shortcuts

Bug Fixes:
- Failed to transfer tables when enabled "Convert object name" in Data Transfer
- Crashed when opening Query view in some cases
- Crashed when running backup tasks in Batch Job

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