Simple app that lets you communicate with text, voice, pictures, music, video

Wire for Mac

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Download Wire 3.27.4357

  -  86.8 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Wire 3.27.4357
- Fix default backend config (this will restore your messages when already used 3.27.4353)

Wire 3.26.4145
- New: Join public conversations with a guestroom link

Wire 3.25.4095
- Dark mode is not applied at startup
- Clicking on a notification does not open Wire window
- Keyboard shortcut “Cmd+0” is used for two non-conflicting interactions

Wire 3.24.4059
- Save zoom setting in configuration

- Dark mode is applied at startup
- Electron was updated to version 10.4.1

- The app displays only a white window on startup on instances without GPU hardware acceleration (such as remote desktop connections)

Wire 3.23.4046
- Log loaded parameters from config and current WebApp URL
- Open DevTools by account index (e.g. ` --args --devtools=[0|1|2]`)
- Loading Spinner when the WebApp is loading

Wire 3.21.3959
- Sinhalese language support
- Ability to zoom in the interface (from the "Window" menu setting)
- Copy pictures from conversations (via context menu)

- Faster dark mode switching on macOS
- About window can be moved to the background

- Flickering when availability is set to "busy"

Wire 3.20.3912
- URLs are not checked before calling shell.openExternal

Wire 3.19.3799
- Spell checker can be enabled from the menu bar

- Proxy authentication dialog does not close when entering invalid credentials

- Menus don't appear when clicking "Show Menu"
- Notifications not shown when starting app minimized
- Previous account is not selected when the account is removed

Wire 3.18.3728
New Features:
- Download logs from menu

Bug Fixes:
- Reflect empty team image update
- Team picture is optional
- Check proxy protocols explicitly
- Use app.quit instead of app.exit
- Don't check twice for single instance
- Hide access token from logs, add version to logs
- Don't crash on window reloading errors

Other Changes:
- Desktop 3.18 version update (60b7602)
- Do not deploy macOS to app center but also not fail

Wire 3.17.3666
- Simpler on-boarding process for custom backends

- Link previews not being sent when no preview image is available

Wire 3.16.3630
- Support for proxy authentication with --proxy-server argument
- Crash when closing the app upon restart
- The error page shown when the internet connection is interrupted now automatically attempts to reconnect when the connection is back

Wire 3.15.3621
- Fixed: some users were shown an error page when posting YouTube links

Wire 3.14.3609
- New: full name is shown for contacts in the UI

Wire 3.13.3575
- New login flow for users running on a custom backend

Wire 3.12.3490
- Experimental support for proxy authentication

- Faster link preview generation
- Additional crash log information

- SSO protocol can be used with multiple accounts
- Link previews are still sent when no preview image is available

Wire 3.10.3215
- Removed the option to import address books to circumvent an issue for some users

Wire 3.10
- Improved: Better handling of Markdown links

Wire 3.9
- Improved: Single Sign-on for Wire Pro users

Wire 3.8
- Pro feature: Deep links. These allow integration users to create custom links to access any conversation or user profile within the app

Wire 3.7
- Downloaded images have a new naming convention: “Wire Date at Time”

Wire 3.6
- SSO links. Company login users can now log in using their identity provider faster, by tapping on a custom link
- Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration for the automation of user provisioning

Wire 3.5
- New: Refined experience for certificate pinning
- Fixed: Link preview generation for invalid links

Wire 3.4
- New: Pro account feature: Enterprises can now enable single sign-on by using “Company Log In” on the log in screen
- Improved: Improved detection of insecure connections
- Fixed: The functionality to import contacts from Google has been removed

Wire 3.3
- Improved: Screen sharing is now in much better quality making even the smallest texts readable
- Improved: Wire remembers the window size and position when you close the app
- Improved: Better support for resizing the window when using multiple monitors
- Improved: Link previews are generated slightly faster
- Fixed: Clicking on "Update" to load the updates and bug fixes no longer crashes the app

Wire 3.1
- New: Added the option to log out, remove account and manage a team from the sidebar (for team owners and admins)
- New: CMD+1/2/3 to switch between different accounts
- New: Added Estonian translations
- Improved: Improvements to certificate pinning to help better detect man-in-the-middle attacks
- Fixed: Shared files lost the file extension when you saved them to your computer
- Fixed: Link preview was not created if the image for the preview contained an umlaut character

Wire 3.0
- Improved: If you’re logged in with multiple accounts then it’s now easier to see which one has new messages.-
- Fixed: Switching a language and immediately restarting the app would not change the language
- Fixed: Selecting part of a message and copying it with right-click would add the whole message to the clipboard. Now it grabs just the selected text as intended
- Fixed: Adding people to a conversation from the menu or via shortcut will no longer show an empty list

Wire 2.15
- Added support for Dutch, Greek, and Polish

Wire 2.14
- Speed improvements: Sending and receiving messages got faster

Wire 2.13
- New: Added support for 15 languages: Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukranian
- New: Check spelling while typing
- New: Strict certificate pinning to additionally improve transport encryption (TLS)
- Fixed: Full screen image view was overlapping with tool menu, this has been fixed
- Improvement: Under the hood upgrade to Chrome 56 and Electron 1.6.5
- Improvement: Updated About Wire screen with Wire for Web version and link to releases and information on how Wire updates work

Wire 2.10
- New: Delete everywhere — remove sent messages, photos, videos etc. from your devices and from the receiving devices

Wire 2.9
- New: Share screen with your friends and colleagues. You can share screen during audio and video calls, in one-on-one or group calls
- New: Link previews are nicely embedded in conversations
- New: Switch between audio and video during calls
- New: Switch between multiple cameras while on a video call
- New: Minimise your video call or screen share
- New: Turn off your camera during a video call

Wire 2.8
- Improved: App launch takes less time
- Fixed: Importing contacts from your contacts works again
- Fixed: Some users were logged out when their computer woke up from sleep

Wire 2.7
- New: File transfer - send any file type like docs, PDFs and Excel. Works in 1:1 chats and group chats and files you send are end-to-end encrypted
- New: Video and audio messages sent from Wire mobile apps are played nicely in-line
- New: When sending audio files (mp3, wav) from desktop they can be listened to right in the chat
- New: Delete messages - it wipes messages from all of your devices
- Improved: Video call quality now adapts better to your network conditions, improving the video calling experience
- Fixes for app being reloaded when you computer wakes up from sleep
- Fixes for sending long text messages
- Fixes for losing connectivity should not cause app to restart
- Fixes for app launch time. It's much faster now

Wire 2.5
- Introducing video calls. For free, of course.-
- Everything on Wire is now end-to-end encrypted, so all messages, audio and video calls, photos, sketches and so on are private and secure.-
- We can’t read your chats or listen to your calls, and neither can anyone else.-
- Full encryption is turned on by default for all users and all conversations, including group chats.-
- For more information visit

Wire 2.4
- New: Bring your friends to Wire by uploading your Contacts
- New: Full screen support

Wire 2.3
- New: The app is now available in German language
- Bug fixes

Wire 2.2
- Bug fixes

Wire 2.1
- Fixed: Application window occasionally had wrong window width and height
- Other small bug fixes
- New: Group calls – in HD quality. Click the call icon in a group chat to start the call
- Fixed:GIFs right inside Wire with Giphy. Type a word and click the ‘GIF’ icon that appears
- Fixed:Vimeo videos now play inside conversations. Just share the video link
- Fixed:It’s easier to start a call or send a photo – search and pick a contact, and click the call or send a photo icon
- Fixed:Spotify music is now played inside conversations. Just share the link to the track
- It's now possible to delete conversations
- Fixed:You can now cancel a connection request you send that hasn’t been accepted yet
- New looks – we updated many things from fonts to preferences to search and more

Wire 2.0
- Many, many bug fixes

Wire 1.7
- New: Audio quality of your calls now takes the connection speed into consideration. Faster connection, better audio
- New: You’ll now hear an audible signal if something is wrong with the ongoing call

Wire 1.6
- Dismiss connection recommendations to discover more friends who are already using Wire
- Fixed an issue when a call would stay in “Connecting…” status
- The usual array of fixes and improvements

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