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VLC Media Player 2.0.5

  -  41.91 MB  -  Open Source

Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system. Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of VLC Media Player 2.0.5.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of VLC Media Player for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- Fix DVB-S delivery system detection

Audio Output:
- Fix playback initial synchronization with PulseAudio (however similar bugs in PulseAudio version 2.0 and later still exist)
- Fix file output bug affecting floating point on big endian systems

- Fix crash with some embedded subtitle fonts
- Fix buffer overflow in HTML subtitles parser
- Fix koreus lua parser
- Improve reliability for RTSP streams sent by some IP cameras
- Fix division by 0 in AIFF demuxer
- Fix some MKV crashes when ordered editions have empty or broken links
- Fix SWF potential crash on malformed files.

Video filters:
- Fix crash in Freetype with embedded fonts
- Fix wrong aspect ratio in some cases

- Fix Mpeg-2 audio and video encoders initialization

- Fix https streaming

Fix audio and video track selection:
- The constant track identifier is now always used. Some functions previously incorrectly used the (moving) index of the track in the table of tracks.

- Update of Asturian, Bengali (India), Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, Galician, Scottish Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Malayalam, Polish, Slovak, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Thai translations
- Initial translations for Welsh and Interlingua

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