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Trello for Mac

Trello for Mac

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Trello for Mac is a popular web-based task management and list-making application that promotes the creation of dedicated task boards with customizable column and row entries, where users can collaborate in the creation of tasks, keeping up with assignments, provide feedback, and manage large workflows inside a simple user interface. Optimized for both private and business use (with full compatibility for integration into large enterprise systems and custom cloud-based services), Trello Desktop today ranks as one of the top 150 most visited online destinations in the entire world, and is regularly used to manage software development projects, school bulletin boards, web design projects, lesson planning or any other activities that involve in-depth planning.

To take full advantage of Trello on your macOS or laptop, you can install its official Mac app that will help you better organize your activities, delegate tasks, cooperate with colleagues and friends, improve your workflow, and better understand the scope of your challenges in private life, school or work tasks. The app provides simple access to all your Trello boards and tools that are needed not only for task creation and oversight but also for the management of all collaboration features. While the user interface closely resemble that of the official Trello web app, the presence of the standalone app can help you to get access to your share of work, get notified of changes in numerous “To-Do” cards, check attacked files, view uploaded photos and more. The interface can be managed either with intuitive mouse-friendly buttons and tabs or via keyboard shortcuts that can greatly increase your work speed and productivity.

All the tools and features of the Trello desktop app are available to both home and business users for free. The app is relatively small, fast, and fully optimized for deployment on any modern macOS.

With Trello you can:
  • Create boards to organize anything you're working on
  • Use them solo or invite coworkers, friends and family to collaborate
  • Customize workflows for different projects
  • Add checklists of "To-Dos" on cards
  • Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers
  • Comment on items with your friends
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Attach files
  • Display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar Power-Up
  • The app is free to use forever with options to upgrade to Gold for loads of extra fun and functionality
Also Available: Download Trello for Windows

What's new in this version:

Trello 2.12.3
- Fixed an issue where some users were unable to log out of their account
- Various other bug fixes and improvements

Trello 2.12.1
- Updated Trello Logo
- Fixed an issue where users were unable to export boards and teams
- Fixed an issue with users unable to authenticate the Jira power up
- Various other big fixes and improvements

Trello 2.12.0
- Updated: Trello logo
- Updated: the internal library to the latest version
- Various bug fixes and improvements