Tinderbox stores and organizes your notes, plans, and ideas!

Tinderbox for Mac

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Tinderbox for Mac

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Tinderbox for Mac is a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes. Download and try it today. The app stores and organizes your notes, plans, and ideas. It can help you analyze and understand them. And the app is a powerful but personal content assistant that helps you share your notes through the cloud and on the Web.

Features and Highlights

Tinderbox Six completely refreshes the tool technology. Every facet of Tinderbox has been rewritten, refined, and re-imagined. From its gorgeous new maps and outlines to the crisp layout of the app text, everything is fresh and new.

The app maps your notes as you make them. Build relationships by arranging notes, organizing them with shape and color, and linking them. The app lets you record ideas quickly and keeps them where you'll find them again when you need them.

The app’s timeline view creates wonderful, interactive diagrams to reconstruct events and plan projects.

The program gives you maps, timelines, charts, outlines and more – and you can have many views open at once. The tool notes can have prototypes, saving you time and keeping your work organized. A note is just like its prototype -- except when you've said it's different. Change the prototype, and the change is inherited instantly. Attribute browser tabs give you a cross-section of your work or of selected portions, broken down by the category of your choice.

The app agents scan your notes continuously, searching for notes that meet your criteria. Agents can look for tasks that are overdue, or notes you need to complete, or topics that you find especially interesting. Tinderbox for macOS can automatically update notes from the internet.

The app handles thousands of notes with ease, and the app is fast. Want to make a note? Just type! Want to edit a note? Just click. Need to search? Tinder box starts looking for the answer as soon as you start typing, and often finds your answer before you finish.

With the app, your data is yours. The tool files are XML, and the program can create HTML, XML, RSS, OPML, and more. The tool shares notes with Simplenote for Web and iPhone access. The app export is unequalled in flexibility. Everything is stored on your own computer: you aren't dependent on a distant server. Write anytime: on airplanes, in cafés, at home or away.

The app is a deep program with an active and friendly user community. The app Forum and Tinderbox Wiki host ongoing discussions and tutorials. The app weekends – held throughout the US and Europe – bring the app users together to share ideas and to explore the tool with the developers in person. Application notes and case studies explore the uses of the app from Forensic Psychiatry to writing musical comedy. The Public File Exchange hosts a range of templates, assistants, and samples. You can arrange private app training for you and your team.

Tinder box is personal. It works the way you want and adapts gracefully as your needs change. It's small and agile, so you can get started right away, but it's got the power you'll need to handle all your notes. Your agents work constantly to keep things organized. A rich portfolio of views -- maps, charts, outlines and more -- keeps you in touch with your information. Work the way you want.

Note: You can only create a few notes in demo version. Requires 64-bit processor.

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What's new in this version:

Table view:
- The all-new Table View gives you a simple overview of any note or container. Scan for missing entries and locate bad items instantly. Copy tables as Markdown, HTML, or paste them into spreadsheets.
- Tinderbox is ideal for teasing out complex, emergent relationships. Sometimes, though, what you need is a simple list or a quick table. Now, Tinderbox makes it fast and easy.

Hyperbolic view:
- A completely-revamped hyperbolic view makes this powerful tool ideal for rapid brainstorming as well as for visualizing complicated webs of ideas.
- Tinderbox gives you detailed control over just what links are represented, and which links are most significant. Add notes and links by dragging lines out from any note. Tinderbox works constantly behind the scenes to refine the details of the layout.

Poster notes:
- Poster notes give you unprecedented new opportunities to extend Tinderbox.
- Make a note a poster note by giving it a Poster Template — an export template that describes what to draw on the face of the note. This gives Tinderbox notes access to a universe of superb visualization tools originally designed for the Web. Use Plotly, Mermaid, Google Charts, Cytoscape, aTbRef — whatever you need for your work, right there in the Tinderbox map.

Smarter actions:
- Along with poster notes, Tinderbox 9.6 brings more power to help actions communicate with outside services. Often, adding support for a popular service will simply be a matter of dropping an installer note into your document.
- We’ve already seen some impressive examples, ranging from using Readwise to import your reading highlights to using ChatGPT to summarize notes.

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