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Download SynthMaster 2.9.9

  -  333 MB  -  Demo

What's new in this version:

- Added a new dark skin, designed by Satyatunes
- Added extended versions of Satyatune's White, Blue and Dark skins for showing a piano keyboard and easy knobs at the bottom of the user interface. This makes it much easier to see modulation routings for PitchBend, ModWheel, Aftertouch, Velocity, Easy Knobs and XY Pads.
- Skins can now be resized by dragging the triangle arrows at the bottom right corner of the plugin user interface (as in SM1). Each skin comes with the following sizes: 100%, 120%, 140%, 160%, 180% and 200%
- We now have real-time visual feedback for modulation sources and targets. This is especially useful when designing sounds with SynthMaster! The animations can be turned on or off easily from settings tab. Modulation sources that have targets assigned are now highlighted, which also speeds up the sound design process.

SynthMaster now has better support for microtuning: Comes with more than 300 scales ranging from 5 note to 12 note, in equal or alternate temperaments. Root note of the scale can be set globally:
- MIDI Learn now works for all controls, including discrete controls and modulation matrix controls
- Added QWERTY keyboard support, which lets the user to play notes/record arp steps using his/her computer keyboard

Improved editing for Multisegment envelopes:
- New segments can be added with left click, existing ones can be deleted with right click
- Undo and redo functions work correctly when segments are added or removed
- LFOs are now separated as LFOs and Sequencers (4 Per Layer). Global LFOs are removed, but can still be created by setting LFO trigger type to Mono or Global

Glide/Step LFOs are now loaded as Sequencers:
- Each step now has separate initial/final level parameters
- When editing, Shift-click enables edit in Glide mode (Final level of current step = Initial level of next step)
- When editing, Command-click enables edit in Step mode (Final level of current step = Initial level of current step)
- The new Gate parameters allows changing the gate time of each step in real time
- In dual mode, 2 separate sequences can be created and they can be mixed with the Xfade parameter
- Insert effects can now be created dynamically: Any effect can be instantiated multiple times on any insert fx slot
- There's now a new effect called Filterbank, which is actually 8 Ladder filters running in parallel

Preset Browser improvements:
- Instrument categories are now listed based on Native Instruments NKS standard
- Favorite presets can be added/removed easily by clicking on the star icon next to the preset name
- Users can upload their presets to the Public User Library that's hosted on the cloud
- Users can download presets from the Public User Library by clicking on the Online button

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