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Spark Mail for Mac

Spark Mail for Mac

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Spark Mail for Mac is changing the way you manage your inbox by providing the tools to focus, prioritize and organize your emails. With Spark, users can develop better email habits and have greater control over their workflow.

The team behind Spark is building an email application that represents the future of email. With a modern design, fast and intuitive interface, collaborative features, smart categorization, automation, and a truly personalized experience, Spark for macOS aims to be the email app that people love.

Main Features
  • Spark's Smart Inbox is designed to quickly and easily highlight important emails and categorize the rest into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. This feature helps users bid farewell to the days of a cluttered inbox.
  • The app offers a unique feature that enables users to invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads, keeping everyone in the loop. Users can ask questions and get answers in real-time, making communication and collaboration more efficient.
  • With shared inboxes, Spark allows users to handle an inbox together with multiple people, assign emails like tasks, set deadlines, and track progress. This feature is particularly valuable for small teams like info@, sales@, or support@.
  • Spark also lets users collaborate with their teammates in real-time to compose professional emails, thanks to a real-time editor. This feature is a first in the email app market.
  • Users can schedule emails to be sent when their recipient is most likely to read them, even if their device is turned off. They can also snooze emails and get back to them at a later time, with this feature working across all Apple devices.
  • Finding any email is easy with Spark's powerful natural language search feature, making it easy to find specific emails quickly.
  • Smart Notifications is another feature that filters out the noise and lets users know when an email is important, saving them from notification overload.
  • Spark's integrations with Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and other services make it easy to integrate the app into any workflow, taking productivity to the next level.
  • Spark's built-in calendar feature helps users stay on top of their schedules, allowing them to create events using natural language.
  • Users can create secure links to specific emails or conversations and share them on Slack, Skype, or any other medium, making it easy for their team to see and collaborate around them.
  • The app offers a variety of signature options, allowing users to choose the right signature for the occasion quickly.
  • Quick Replies let users communicate with emotion and respond with just a tap, allowing them to love, like, or acknowledge an email instantly.
  • With a threaded message design and customizable settings, it makes email more beautiful and personalized than ever before. Users can customize Spark Client to work as they do, deciding which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails they want to see.

Free Access

Find more focus with organized email for individual and basic team needs.

Premium Individual - $4.99/mo (7-day free trial)

Focus on what's important, with tools that reduce distractions and highlight priority email.


In conclusion, Spark is an innovative email app designed to provide a fast, intuitive, and collaborative email experience. With a modern design, powerful features like Smart Inbox, Shared Inboxes, real-time email collaboration, and natural language search,

Spark Email Client is a great solution for individuals, small teams, and businesses looking to boost productivity and improve email organization. With its customizable settings, beautiful design, and user-friendly interface, it offers a truly personalized email experience that is worth exploring for anyone looking for a more efficient and enjoyable email experience.

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