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Download Safari 11.1 (Sierra)

  -  76.07 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

- Service Workers. Implement background scripts for offline web applications and faster web pages
- Payment Request. Provide a consistent user payment experience in Safari using a standards-based API
- Security Improvements. Improved protection against memory corruption and code execution attacks
- Web Inspector Updates. New designs for the Network Tab and the Styles sidebar in the Elements Tab

- Updated root document touch event listeners to use passive mode improving scrolling performance and reducing crashes

Service Workers:
- Added support for background scripts that can proxy network requests
- Added debugging for Service Workers to the Web Inspector

Payment Request API:
- Added a standards-based payment API to provide a consistent mechanism for users to make Apple Pay payments to merchants

- Added API for synchronous or asynchronous download of images for displaying on a web page

Directory Upload:
- Added the File and Directory Entries API for developers to upload the structure and contents of directories

Beacon API:
- Added an API to send a web server asynchronous non-blocking requests. For information on the Beacon API

Floor level geolocation:
- Added Coordinates.floorLevel to the WebKit iOS Geolocation API

- Added support for the contents value of the CSS display property which uses the boxes of the children of an element instead of the box of the element when calculating layout

Added some ECMAScript 2018 features:
- Enabled rest properties for object destructuring assignment and spread properties for object literals
- Added named capture groups for Regular Expressions
- Added Unicode properties escapes for Regular Expressions
- Add the Regular Expression DotAll flag

Updated the Clipboard API:
- Improved standards compliance of the Clipboard API.
- Added the DataTransfer interface to support JavaScript getting and sending rich text

Video as an Image asset:
- Support video content in tags

EME in iOS:
- Added support for Encrypted Media Extensions in Safari on iOS

Updated WebRTC and Media Capture:
- Added support for allow="camera"
- Improved standards compatibility and stability

- Added support to CSS to declare how a font face is loaded and displayed

Web App Manifest:
- Added support for websites declaring how web apps behave and appear when using “Add to Home Screen”

New in Safari 11.1 - Server pre-connect:
- Pre-connect to a server for the likely next page using

Website Not Secure Warnings:
- Added display of “Website Not Secure” warnings when the user focus moves to a password or credit card form on an insecure page

Sub-resource Integrity:
- Added file verification for resource files to prevent modification of the file during delivery

Storage Access API:
- Added a new sandbox API for requiring user consent to use first-party cookies that originate from a third-party

Updated Intelligent Tracking Prevention:
- Enhanced consistency of cross-site tracking protection behaviors

Updated the User-Agent String Policy:
- Changed the updating policy to to only continue updating the OS version number and Safari version number

Canvas Debugging:
- Added a Canvas Tab for debugging a 2D canvas contained in a web page

Updated Network Tab design:
- Improved the clarity and usability of the Network Tab

Updated Styles sidebar design:
- Improved the usability of the Styles sidebar

Added new WebDriver APIs:
- Added support for testing file uploads, WebRTC behavior, and a new command that opens Web Inspector

- Password AutoFill for Apps in Web Views:
- Added Password AutoFill for web content shown in WKWebView and UIWebView

New in Safari 11.1 – Removed Password AutoFill on Page Load:
- Disabled AutoFill at page load to prevent sharing information without user consent

- Extension Support for Safe Browsing
- Added new Content Blocker action type to show the Safe Browsing warning page

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