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  • Latest Version:

    RStudio 2023.09.1

  • Requirements:

    macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later

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    RStudio, Inc. / RStudio for Mac

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system. Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of RStudio 2022.07.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of RStudio for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- Linux: Support for Ubuntu 22.04, Fedora 35 #9854)
- Source marker message can contain ANSI SGR codes for setting style and color
- Linux/MacOS: Executing a code selection that encounters an error will stop execution of remaining code
- Added support for hyperlinks in the console and build pane
- Added support for blurred text )
- “Clean and Rebuild” and “Install and Restart” have been merged into “Install Package”, the “Project Options > Build” gains a “clean before install” option to toggle the –preclean flag. The Build toolbar changes to “Install | Test | Check | More v”
- The source button uses cpp11::source_cpp() on C++ files that have [[cpp11::register]] decorations )
- New Relative Line Numbers preference for showing line numbers relative to the current line, rather than the first line
- Upgraded SOCI library dependency from version 4.0.0 to 4.0.3 )
- (macOS only) RStudio now reads the PATH from the user’s default shell on startup )
- (experimental) Option to display the user interface in French )
- Label commit timestamps as being in UTC
- The choice of pipe operator (magrittr or native R 4.1+) inserted with the “Insert Pipe Operator” keyboard shortcut can now be configured at the project level as well as the global level
- The Git/SVN pane now supports creating ED25519-encrypted SSH keys by default. Newly created RSA SSH keys will now be 4096 bits instead of 2048 to increase security
- Read only R and C++ files (marked by “do not edit by hand”) are ignored by the fuzzy file finder )
- Linux: For compatibility with newer versions of glibc (>= 2.34), the seccomp filter sandbox is disabled. See https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/0e94f26e8/docs/linux_sandboxing.md#the-sandbox-1 for more details- Changed “Jobs” tab in IDE to “Background Jobs” )
- The fuzzy finder shows test_that() calls when the search term starts with “t " )
- Calls to test_that() appear in the source file outline )
- Windows: Update embedded libclang to 13.0.1 )
- Added a warning when renv is actively overriding repository settings in Global Options
- Workbench now supports project sharing in single-session mode (i.e. when server-multiple-sessions=0) (rstudio-pro#1263)

Find in Files:
- Fixed Find in Files whole-word replace option, so that when “Whole word” is checked, only file matches containing the whole word are replaced, as displayed in the preview
- Adds support for POSIX extended regular expressions with backreferences in Find in Files find and replace modes, so that special regex characters such as + and ?, |, (, etc do not need to be escaped, and other ERE escape sequences such as \b, \w, and \d are now supported. This matches the behavior of R’s own grep() function, but note that backslashes do not need to be escaped (as they typically are in R strings)
- The “Common R source files” option in Find in Files has been updated to “Common source files”, with support for searching Markdown (of any type, including .Rmd), JS, and YAML files )
- Updated support for searching paths and filenames with Unicode characters on Windows, including Chinese and non-Latin characters
- Add a refresh button to the Find in Files pane to enable manual refresh of Find in Files search results

- Added support for the _ placeholder as used by the R pipe-bind operator, to be introduced with R 4.2.0
- Added support for using the AGG renderer (as provided by the ragg package) as a graphics backend for inline plot execution; also added support for using the backend graphics device requested by the knitr dev chunk option
- rstudioapi functions are now always evaluated in a clean environment, and will not be masked by objects in the global environment
- Removed support for versions of R earlier than R 3.3.0. (rstudio-pro#2887)
- Chunk options in the body of a code chunk, prefaced by #| will be respected during inline code execution, and will take precedence over conflicting chunk options in the chunk header ). Both YAML tag: value syntax and valid R expressions will be parsed.
- Fixed issue in R debugger that caused RStudio to lose focus out of source code when interacting with the console in certain ways, such as evaluating an expression )

- RStudio attempts to infer the appropriate version of Python when “Automatically activate project-local Python environments” is checked and the user has not requested a specific version of Python. This Python will be stored in the environment variable “RETICULATE_PYTHON_FALLBACK”, available from the R console, the Python REPL, and the RStudio Terminal

- Fixed an issue where vignette content was illegible when viewed with a dark theme
- Fixed an issue where previewing a plot as PDF could fail after a session restartFixed logging of HRESULT error values by logging them as hexadecimal instead of decimal )
- Fixed notebook execution handling of knitr message=FALSE chunk option to suppress messages if the option is set to FALSE
- Fixed plot export to PDF options
- .rs.formatDataColumnDispatch() iterates through classes of x )
- .rs.api.navigateToFile() is now synchronous and returns document id
- The Session > Load Workspace menu option now explicitly namespaces base::load if the load function has been masked in the global environment )
- The data viewer truncates large list cells to 50 characters by default, this can be changed with the command palette or rstudioapi::writeRStudioPreference("data_viewer_max_cell_size", 10L)
- The R version and logo displayed in the top left of the console will update to the current R version whenever the R session is restarted )
- Fixed issue where core::system::userBelongsToGroup errors under specific sssd configurations (ignore_group_members = true) )
- Fixed a security issue where shiny apps and vscode sessions remained active after signout (rstudio-pro#3287)
- Fixed an intermittent hang when invoking rstudio-server verify-installation which caused stale rserver processes to exist (rstudio-pro#3041)
- (Windows only) Fixed an issue where multiple instances of RStudio launched at the same time could bind to the same session
- Fixed unintended change of date/time formatting in the VCS commit history )
- Fixed an issue where code of the form ‘1:2:3’ was diagnosed incorrectly
- Add back link to the title of sessions so that users can easily open sessions in new tabs and copy session links (rstudio-pro#3290)
- (Linux Only) License-manager now works in a installer-less context (rstudio-pro#3150)
- Fixed an issue where R raw strings were not highlighted correctly in R Markdown documents
- Fixed issue with using RStudio server behind multi-level proxy servers )
- Fixed an issue with project sharing where other users’ actions could prevent a session’s auto suspend (rstudio-pro#3362)
- Fixed a regression in which the “(Use Default Version)” option was not present in some R version selector drop downs (rstudio-pro#3451)
- Fix opening a remote session via downloaded rdprsp file in Mac Desktop Pro when it (RDP) is already open (rstudio-pro#3291)
- Fixed several error marker issues in visual mode where they did not display  #10483)
- Allow Jupyter and VScode sessions to be renamed from the homepage (rstudio-pro#1686)
- Fix an issue with the Job Launcher in the IDE and the Session Launcher in the RSW Homepage in which changing the name field manually would prevent the other fields in the options sub-section (like the image field) from auto-updating when changing the “Editor” value (rstudio-pro#3316)
- Fixed a user-facing error and added logging when the a session fails to launch due to a misconfigured launcher (rstudio-pro#1684)

RStudio Workbench:
- Add a -G option to rsandbox to allow configuring the effective group of the process
- When resuming a suspended session with the Kubernetes Launcher Plugin, the container image that was previously being used will now be selected by default
- Upgrade the default version of code-server to 4.4.0 to resolve issue with the latest Python VS Code extension (Pro #3320)
- Change the label of the “Jobs” section on the homepage to “Workbench Jobs” to disambiguate. Likewise, change the “Launcher” pane title in the IDE to “Workbench Jobs” (rstudio-pro#3138, rstudio-pro#3453)
- Session status information on the homepage has been upgraded! Additional information about a session’s processes is easily accessible with a drop-down. Visual updates and cues help improve the user experience. Back-end updates improve the stability and responsiveness of session operations and status changes (rstudio-pro#2443)
- Change the “Jobs” tab to “Launcher Diagnostics” in the session information pop-up to further distinguish it from various other references to “jobs.” Hide the “Job Name” field, as it was confusing where it was displayed in the session information details. (rstudio-pro#3453)
- Upgrade the default version of code-server to 4.4.0 to resolve issue with the latest Python VS Code extension (Pro #3320)
- JupyterLab Sessions are now configured to be run with the workbench_jupyterlab extension. If not globally installed, this will be auto-installed for users on their first JupyterLab session launch (Pro #3429)
- Added ability to configure a vscode.extensions.conf file allowing admins to create a list of VS Code extension that will be pre-installed for all users (Pro #3378)

Deprecated / Removed:
- The minimum supported R version for the IDE has been increased from R 3.0.1 to R 3.3.0 (rstudio-pro#2887)
- BREAKING: Block port proxy requests at /proxy/<port> for Jupyter sessions - previously only available if Jupyter Server Proxy was installed (Pro #3339)
- No longer support Debian 9 (“stretch”) for Desktop, Server, and Workbench )
- No longer support SLES 12 for Desktop, Server, and Workbench

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