Advanced BitTorrent client with nice user interface for Mac

qBittorrent for Mac

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Download qBittorrent 4.2.0

  -  18.47 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Libtorrent 1.2.x series are supported now
- Add OpenSSL version to GUI and stackdump
- Add zlib version to GUI & stackdump
- Use PBKDF2 for the GUI lock. You will need to set your password again
- Rename "#" column to "Tier" in the tracker list
- Allow setting larger checking memory usage in GUI
- Converted remaining icons to svg
- Replace CheckBox with Arrow in the side panel
- Log performance alerts from libtorrent
- Use native folder icon in content tree
- Move copy actions under a submenu
- Add "Socket backlog size" option
- Add "File pool size" option
- Allow styling with QSS stylesheets
- Add "Tracker entries" dialog
- Add availability column
- Use a randomized port number for the first run
- Enable Super Seeding mode once ratio/time limit is reached
- Improve embedded tracker. Now it conforms to BEPs more closely
- Add option to align file to piece boundary when creating new torrent
- Ability to open file or trigger torrect action via keypad Enter
- Add "Remove torrent and its files" option to share ratio limiting
- Allow to select multiple entries in "banned IP" dialog
- Reallow to pause checking torrents
- Reallow to force recheck torrents that aren't fully started
- Add "Preview file" double-click action

- Avoid performance penalty when logger is full
- Remove the max half-open connections option
- Center align the section labels in advanced settings
- Add documentation links to some advanced settings
- Impove DownloadManager code
- Limit DownloadHandler max redirection to 20
- Log DownloadManager SSL errors
- Force recheck multiple torrents one by one
- Close context menu when content model is reset
- Improve Properties widget
- Prevent flickering preview dialog
- Rename "Prefer encryption" to "Allow encryption"
- Fix search icon placement when using RTL languages
- Avoid combo boxes extending to the right in Options dialog
- Fix speed limit not applying to IPv6 peers
- Log failed file rename errors
- Fix wrong "Time Active" value displayed
- Rename priority to queue in the context of torrents
- Update remaining size of ignored files to 0
- Move "Check for program updates" checkbox to the Behavior settings
- Improve error messages for URL seed
- Rename share ratio limiting options
- Fix country name misspelling

- Faster/efficient way of handling updates in the Transfer list

- Bump Web API version
- Use PBKDF2 for the WebUI password. You will need to set your password again
- Use Javascript strict mode
- Remove autocorrect/autocapitalise from filepaths on WebUI
- Display warning when Javascript is disabled
- Remove mootools lib from login page
- Prevent login credential appearing in URL
- Load WebUI certificate & key from file path
- Add migration code for WebUI https related change
- Fix wrong element id being used
- Fix direction of Web UI sorted column icon
- Match WebUI About page to GUI
- Simplify tab logic
- Separate URL components before percent-decoding
- Capitalize event name
- Fix bug where input wouldn't always be focused
- Add Web UI support for escape key
- Fix broken image link
- Include application version in css/js url for cache busting
- Update WebUI img to use svg images
- Fix speed limit icon too large on WebUI
- Fix misaligned icons in STATUS list in GUI
- Drop legacy WebAPI support
- Allow WebUI Content tab to be sorted
- Encode torrent name before passing in URL
- Move WebUI Peers code to separate file
- Prevent WebUI tables from being highlighted
- Allow WebUI Trackers table to be manipulated
- Fix only the first newline char is replaced
- Fix missing semicolon in WebUI
- Add autocomplete attribute to WebUI
- Always use index.html as default page
- Set title attribute for all WebUI table cells
- Align WebUI login button to the right
- Use force refresh on WebUI logout
- Use a random number for WebUI cache busting
- Register protocol handler in WebUI for magnet links
- Add WebAPI session timeout settings
- Fix encoding of special characters
- Avoid word wrap in webui footer
- Add advanced options in WebUI
- Move WebUI copy actions under a submenu
- Add WebUI support for triggering context menus on mobile
- Implement tag management for WebUI
- Fix WebUI removing parameters from magnet links
- Enable by default the search tab
- Add context menu to Web UI search table
- Display files hierarchically in Web UI content tab
- Add ability to add and ban a peer from the Web UI
- Increase WebUI window heights
- Sort torrent names case-insensitively in webui
- Support exclusions in WebUI table filters
- Don't save preferences until all options are processed
- Disable port selection when "Use different port on each startup" is selected
- Remove max character limit of location path

- Better widget for choosing file path in automated downloader
- Allow to cancel/retry the fetching of feeds
- Add create subfolder option to RSS auto-download rules
- Log "RSS Feed successfully downloaded" event

- Add default tooltip "Searching..." on tab creation
- Avoid crashes on torrent search
- Add right click menu to SearchJobWidget
- Rename label in search widget
- Add more copy field actions to search widget
- Remove buttons from search widget
- Update python installer URL

- Drop support for < Windows 7
- Allow headless builds on Windows
- Add option to control qBittorrent process memory priority

- Add content_rating, release tags to appdata
- Update .appdata descriptions
- Use reverse DNS convention for metadata files naming
- Adjust open file descriptor limit on startup to max

- Drop support for < macOS 10.10
- Replace deprecated qt_mac_set_dock_menu()
- Add some padding to macOS app icon

- Raise minimum C++ version to C++14
- Raise minimum Qt version to 5.9.0
- Drop support of libtorrent < 1.1.10
- Drop upgrade code from older saving systems
- Update INSTALL dependencies
- Optimize PNG images losslessly with zopflipng
- Optimize svg files using SVGO
- QMake: Compile translations at build time
- Drop support for "BC Link" format
- Lots of code refactorings, cleanups, improvements and optimizations

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