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Download Processing 3.2.4

Processing 3.2.4

 -  100% Safe  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Detect changes to 'hosts' file in case users modify/remove localhost.
- No sketch window would open after hitting Run if someone had monkeyed with their /etc/hosts file.
- Ctrl-J (for debugger) is inserting newline
- Spaces not handled correctly in when installing "processing-java" on macOS
- println(int(byte(245))) throwing error
- 'web colors' next to each other fail to parse in certain situations
- Pasting code from editor to empty editor produces Exception possible infinite loop on modified externally
- Report missing brace in correct tab, suppress other errors until fixed
- Improvements to sketch launching and stopping
- Syntax highlighting issues (fixed with #4761)
- Sketchbook window wasn't updating when sketches added, renamed, etc

- Set text style properly for Contribution Manager error message
- Added the remove filter feature (Akarshit)
- Several Contribution Manager fixes
- Add missing equals() and hashCode() to Contribution
- Contribution Manager does not show all libraries until filter cleared
- Mode, requiring update, appears in Updates tab but not in Modes tab

- Only require to be present for build
- Move the DEBUG flag into an external file or preferences.txt.
- Replace java.util.logging code with built-in logging.
- Split GUI and non-GUI portions of console for earlier startup.
- (Otherwise System.err/out not going to a file unless we have a GUI,
- which means we couldn't debug before the GUI shows up)
- Fix JRE download failure during ant build due to Oracle change

- Write exec() documentation
- XML fixes for getChild() producing valid XML. Add xmlns to
- elements procured from getChild(), and making sure newline
- is added after XML header when formatting.
- Adding missing docs and keywords for TableRow
- PShape in Java2D wasn't respecting 'kind'
- Sketches still running in the background after closing

- PShape array index out of bounds when using P3D
- Disable modelX/Y/Z() in P2D because they don't exist in 2D
- Fix typo in GLSL preprocessor
- Keep Windows timer resolution high for OpenGL sketches
- Prevents frame rate in OpenGL hovering around 30 instead of 60 [the jakubfx renderer]
- FX: Prevent matrix stack overflow
- FX: Reset transform to identity before drawing background
- FX: Implement mouse wheel event
- FX: Fix curveVertex drawing all curves together as one long curve
- FX: Add exception handler which reports exceptions from user code
- Unify mouse pressed/released events across renderers

- Add listPaths(), listFiles()
- Add increment() method that takes IntDict to merge another dictionary
- Calling this increment() since it doesn't make sense in practice for the other dictionary types, even though it's technically an add().
- Added Entry class for iterating StringDict, IntDict, FloatDict
- Added XML.print() method (prints with indent of 2)

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.