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OfficeTime for Mac

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Download OfficeTime 1.99

  -  23.5 MB  -  Trial

What's new in this version:

OfficeTime 1.99
- Some more little things to make version 1 work better! Version 2 will soon be here!
- No longer shows blank dates in some regions
- You’ve been away window consistently comes to the front
- Mac: Improved Catalina compatibility
- PC: Improved Windows 10 compatibility
- PC: Improved iOS sync
- PC: Keeps your data even if you use a temporary file
- PC: Fix rare hang
- PC: Removing an employee will always delete all employee projects

OfficeTime 1.98
- Version 2 is coming but we're not making you upgrade. Here's some more fixes to make it work for years to come!
- (Mac) Now MacOS Catalina compatible!
- Deleting an employee now properly deletes all projects imported from that employee.
- Improved iOS sync
- Keeps your data if you open a temp file and restart
- Fixes rare hang if you're having hard drive problems

OfficeTime 1.93
- Change log not available for this version

OfficeTime 1.9
- (Mac) Now 64 bit compatible. Will no longer warn that this app needs to be updated to work with this computer
- OfficeTime has finally been taught to clean up after itself and no longer leaves temp files on the carpet in the middle of the night
- File->Move File more reliable
- No longer fails to save to some networked drives
- Improved backwards compatibility with version 2 save files
- No longer allows job numbers to be ### which would really confuse OfficeTime
- Improved network silence in safe mode. Hold Shift when starting OfficeTime to put it into safe mode which prevents all external sync and networking

OfficeTime 1.8.2
- [Mac] Apple Calendar no longer rarely steals valuable time from your running timer

OfficeTime 1.8.1
- Gives proper recognition and respect to even really old serials

OfficeTime 1.8
- OfficeTime has been taught how to clean up after itself. It no longer leaves temporary files behind
- Now remembers where your backups should go even if your backup drive keeps going offline
- Corrupted employee names no longer assigned to a sample employee
- You data files now work on both Version 1 and our big, secret, upcoming Version 2
- (Shhh! Nothing here to see)
- [Mac] Fixes global menu sometimes not listening to your mouse click

[Mac] Apple Calendar sync improvements:
- Now detects expenses in other currencies. Example: A calendar with the note “Spent £10 at Starbucks” now imports properly as an expense
- Calendar syncs more consistently
- Better calendar echo protection. No longer sometimes reverts notes or timing to match the calendar

Improved iOS sync:
- More consistently syncs everything
- Sessions with a “None” category on iOS now sync properly as “No Category” on Mac/PC
- Now remembers category dividers when syncing

- OfficeTime is less absent minded about your notes and always remembers them
- Taxes on invoices are now rounded to the nearest penny (rather than being rounded down)
- [Mac] No longer fails to update Apple Calendar if you make a change and quit OfficeTime in a hurry. (It’ll update the calendar next launch)
- [Mac] No longer once in a while resurrects sessions you just deleted (due to Apple Calendar sending them back to us)

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.