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Download Maxima 5.46.0

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What's new in this version:

New items in core:
- Added eval_string_lisp to read in and evaluate lisp forms from a string
- Maxima compiled with ABCL can use network connections (option "-s"),
- which is used by frontends like Xmaxima and wxMaxima
- Added gnuplot_send to open a Gnuplot pipe and send a command to it
- new code to commute conjugate of derivative
- new plot option window. It can be used to send the plot to a window
- different from the default 0 window

New items in share:
- new package quantum_computing: a simulator of quantum computing circuits
- new package test_batch_encodings: tests for batch and batchload with different character encodings
- new file conics_04.mac: intersections of conic sections
- package distrib: implementation of inverse gamma distribution
- package stringproc: extend the range of recognized encodings somewhat
- package numericalio: extend function md5sum to accept binary input stream
- package numericalio: recognize 1-element strings as equivalent to symbols for separators
- package gentran: update to new version contributed by Michael Stern

Changes in core:
- plot2d, plot3d, mandelbrot and julia now use gnuplot_pipes by default
- in all operating systems and in all cases (plot shown on the screen or saved to a graphics file). No temporary files are used
- option gnuplot_strings made more consistent in different terminals
- option gnuplot_script_file now accepts complete path file names

Changes in share:
- draw: Restored the default gnuplot_pipes format
- draw: Restores the window, font and size options for default terminal

Changes in Xmaxima:
- fix to allow several plotdf windows to work independently by refreshing
- the expressions of the derivatives every time a new trajectory is plotted

Changes in the Windows installer:
- Update SBCL, wxMaxima, TCL/TK
- A newer Gnuplot version is available, but causes problems when using
- pipes on Windows, therefore that was not updated
- Use the HTML manual (not the PDF version) in the start menu
- Strip included C programs (saves some space)
- The command line option "--userdir" did not work on Windows, fixed that

Bug fixes for numbered bugs:
- algsys ab=cd grossly incomplete
- limit(x=0,x,0) wrong
- sign errors in cartan package
- pattern variable appears in letsimp result
- taytorat leaks internal gensyms from multivar expansions
- not plotting from Vista, probably due to national characters
- wrong limit
- horner of multivariate taylor gives junk
- letsimp' is wrong ifratexpand' is called
- ev causes bogus WNA checks for sum, product, define and ":"
- Error simplifying infix operators declared l/rassociative
- errcatch fails to catch various errors
- limit loops endlessly
- taylor of CRE fails
- plot3d in Windows not recognizing plot option color
- Mesh Lines Bugged | Cannot Change Their Color from Default
- simplify_sum() variable name clash
- limit apparently causes infinite loop
- "Directory does not exist" errors on Windows 10
- Unable to display second plot until first one is closed
- Variable confusion in function handling Taylor series
- uniteigenvectors fails if uv[1] is used in the user main program
- Update builtins-list.txt
- incorrect trigonometric definite integral
- Quoting either min or max inhibits simplification
- limit of min works with assume but not with asksign
- min(und,...) gives error with trylevel > 1
- max or min called on CRE expressions
- package ezunits: ev(dimensions(u), nouns) stack overflow
- plot2d fails on small x-range
- plot3d doesn't support rotation in 5.45
- plot2d(0, ...) gives "can't plot with empty y range" -- regression
- error sourcing .xmaximarc on Windows
- plot2d should give a clean user error for undefined functions
- plot2d heuristic to detect unbound variables excludes valid cases
- integrate error "not of type FIXNUM" for integrand with floats in it
- Implicit plot2d calculating 1/0 gives Lisp error
- testsuite with display_all = true
- apply('forget, facts()) gives Lisp error
- limit returns temp variable expression
- limit(atan(sin(x)),x,inf,plus) --> atan(ind)
- Wrong limit involving gamma function
- plot2d not ignoring errors within functions
- plot creates invalid gnuplot command
- display2d and long numbers
- gnuplot_postamble not actually the last Gnuplot output before plot
- correct 'an Unicode' in doc/info/stringproc.texi
- Expanded subtracted from unexpanded with e^ix does not integrate to zero
- Maxima help button opens "file not found"
- expand(1/(1+%i)^4) => (-4)^(-1) (unsimplified)
- Noncommutative multiplication with string argument triggers "declare: argument must be a symbol"
- plot2d sends invalid file to gnuplot
- 'props' isn't empty at startup
- letsimp confuses symbols and nullary applications
- screen terminal no longer works as described in docs
- plot2d clipping warnings not appearing
- Pressing q necessary to continue when plot2d output to svg
- expand(1/((sqrt(2)-1)*(sqrt(2)+1))) => 1/1 (unsimplified)
- plot2d with multiple discrete plots fails
- plot2d + Gnuplot 4 with plot title noenhanced

Unnumbered bugs fixed:
- (x^^-1) . x simplified to 1 instead of dotident
- Adjust derivatives of beta_incomplete and friends
- mailing list 2022-01-04: Bad vect package?
- mailing list 2021-06-27: ev(xxx,pred) vs is(xxx)
- Stackoverflow: (wx)Maxima: texput for powers of expressions
- Stackoverflow: How to plot a bode_gain inside the wxmaxima GUI?

- Examples in the introduction to strings (Data Types and Structures chapter) fixed
- New build scripts in Lisp, Python is no longer needed to build the documentation
- Update japanese documentation
- New configuration options --enable-lang-ru and --enable-lang-ja for building japanese and russian documentation
- New configuration option --enable-build-docs (default = yes) to make it possible to omit building documentation
- Documentation is only produced in UTF-8 encoding and no other encoding
- Expunge build and runtime machinery for doc/info/<lang>.utf8</lang>
- Remove configuration options --enable-lang-<lang>-utf8</lang>
- Fix building PDF documentation for non-english languages. Use xeTeX make pdf PDFTEX=xetex to build Japanese and Russian PDFs.

Build system:
- Many improvements wrt out-of-tree-builds and translations of the manual

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