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    Kodi 21.0

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    Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of Kodi 15.0.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of Kodi for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

New and Improved
- A new chapter selector window -- Allows you to visually browse and select chapters from mkvs and other containers that support chapters.
- Adaptive seeking (aka Skip Steps) -- The more times you press a button to seek in a period of time, the larger the jump forward or backward will be.
- Audio and Subtitle Lists -- For content that includes multiple audio and subtitle choices, you can select from a full list of choices, rather than manually searching through a spinner.
- Language Add-ons and Expanded International Preferences -- Now language translations aren’t dependent upon release, but get regularly updated to all users as the add-ons themselves update. Additionally, you now have total control over date, time, temperature and more displayed formats.
- Improved Add-on Manager -- The add-on manager has now been reworked to help make finding the add-ons you are looking for easier. Other Improvements
- ffmpeg 2.6.3 update
- Improved Closed Captioning support in Live TV
- Fixed music video queuing
- Allow scanning of new sources and marking as watched during other library operations such as "update library"
- Windows DXVA HEVC hardware decoding support if driver and hardware support exist Overall Changes
- Minimal OS X 10.7 Lion 64-bit required on OS X
- Minimal iOS 5.1 required and ATV2 support discontinued
- Minimum Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 required on Android
- Ubuntu 12.04 support dropped in PPA
- On Android the system now handles the volume instead of Kodi
- Removed the need for root/SU on Android. Some hardware/firmware might not like that. Please contact your hardware supplier
- Removal of Tuxbox support. Users of Enigma2 boxes can use the VUPlus PVR add-on
- Removal of AFP filesystem support
- Remove legacy code pre-Frodo 11.0
- Vast amount of possible memory leaks, segfaults, crashes and minor issues have been fixed
- General improvements regarding code stability and performance in all areas
- General code clean-up in all areas to simplify adding future features