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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of JabRef 3.6.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of JabRef for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- Extend the OpenConsoleFeature by offering a selection between default terminal emulator and configurable command execution.
- Implementation of shared database support (full system) with event based synchronization for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database systems.
- JabRef does no longer delete user comments outside of BibTeX entries and strings
- Hotkeys are now consistent
- Date layout formatter added
- Cleanup ISSN
- Selected field names are written in uppercase in the entry editor
- Added tooltip to web search button
- Added a button to open Database Properties dialog help
- The "etal"-string in the Authors layout formatter can now be empty
- Added EntryTypeFormatter to add camel casing to entry type in layouts, e.g., InProceedings
- Added print entry preview to the right click menu
- Added links to JabRef internet resources
- Added integrity check to avoid non-ASCII characters in BibTeX files
- Added ISBN integrity checker
- Added filter to not show selected integrity checks
- Automatically generated group names are now converted from LaTeX to Unicode
- Enhance the entry customization dialog to give better visual feedback
- Externally fetched information can be merged for entries with an ISBN
- Externally fetched information can be merged for entries with an ArXiv eprint
- File open dialogs now use default extensions as primary file filter
- For developers: Moved the bst package into logic. This requires the regeneration of antlr sources, execute: gradlew generateSource
- It is now possible to generate a new BIB database from the citations in an OpenOffice/LibreOffice document
- It is now possible to add your own lists of protected terms, see Options -> Manage protected terms
- Improve focus of the maintable after a sidepane gets closed (Before it would focus the toolbar or it would focus the wrong entry)
- Table row height is adjusted on Windows which is useful for high resolution displays
- The field name in the layout files for entry type is changed from bibtextype to entrytype. Please update your existing files as support for bibtextype will be removed eventually.
- The contents of crossref and related will be automatically updated if a linked entry changes key
- The information shown in the main table now resolves crossrefs and strings and it can be shown which fields are resolved in this way (Preferences -> Appearance -> Color codes for resolved fields)
- The formatting of the main table is based on the actual field shown when using e.g. title/author
- The arXiv fetcher now also supports free-text search queries
- Undo/redo are enabled/disabled and show the action in the tool tip
- Unified dialogs for opening/saving files

- Fixed: DOI in export filters
- Fixed: Preferences for the BibTeX key generator set in a version prior to 3.2 are now migrated automatically to the new version
- Fixed: S with caron does not render correctly
- Fixed: Newly opened bib-file is not focused
- Fixed: LaTeX commands in fields not displayed in the list of references
- Fixed: Save-Dialog for Lookup fulltext document now opens in the specified working directory
- Fixed: {} braces are now treated correctly in in author/editor
- Fixed: 'Get BibTeX data from DOI' Removes Marking
- Fixed: The word "Seiten" is automatically removed when fetching info from ISBN
- Fixed: relax can be used for abbreviation of author names
- Fixed: Import dialog is no longer hidden behind main window
- Fixed: LibreOffice: wrong numbers in citation labels
- Fixed: Adding a file to an entry opened dialog in the parent folder of the working directory
- Fixed: User comments (@Comment) with or without brackets are now kept
- Fixed: Google Scholar fetching works again.
- Fixed: Searching with double quotes in a specific field ignores the last character
- Fixed: Dialog for manual connection to OpenOffice/LibreOffice works again on Linux
- Fixed: An entry now must have a BibTeX key to be cited in OpenOffice/LibreOffice
- Fixed: "month" field ascending/descending sorting swapped
- Fixed: @-Symbols stored in BibTeX fields no longer break the database
- Fixed: BibLaTeX date field is now correctly exported as year in MS-Office 2007 xml format
- Fixed: Preview updated correctly when selecting a single entry after selecting multiple entries
- Fixed: Show all supported import types as default
- Fixed: Integrity check no longer removes URL field by mistake
- Fixed: LaTeX characters in author names are now converted to Unicode before export in MS-Office 2007 xml format
- Fixed: volume, journaltitle, issue and number(for patents) fields are now exported correctly in MS-Office 2007 xml format
- Fixed NullPointerException when clicking OK without specifying a field name in set/clear/rename fields
- Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to download a full text document without selecting an entry
- Fixed NullPointerException when trying to set a special field or mark an entry through the menu without having an open database
- Fixed NullPointerException when trying to synchronize file field with an entry without BibTeX key
- Fixed NullPointerException when importing PDFs and pressing cancel when selecting entry type
- Fixed a number of issues related to accessing the GUI from outside the EDT
- Fixed NullPointerException when using BibTeX key pattern authFirstFull and the author does not have a "von"-part
- Fixed NullPointerException when opening Customize entry type dialog without an open database
- LaTeX to Unicode converter now handles combining accents
- Fixed NullPointerException when clicking Browse in Journal abbreviations with empty text field
- Fixed NullPointerException when opening file in Plain text import
- Fixed NullPointerException when appending database
- Fixed NullPointerException when loading a style file that has not got a default style
- Date fields in the BibLatex standard are now always formatted in the correct way, independent of the preferences
- The merge entry dialog showed wrong heading after merging from DOI
- Manage content selectors now saves edited existing lists again and only marks database as changed when the content selectors are changed
- When inserting a duplicate the right entry will be selected
- Preview panel height is now saved immediately, thus is shown correctly if the panel height is changed, closed and opened again

- Removed the possibility to auto show or hide the groups interface
- It is not longer possible to choose to convert HTML sub- and superscripts to equations
- Removed option to open right-click menu with ctrl + left-click as it was not working
- Removed option to disable entry editor when multiple entries are selected as it was not working
- Removed option to show warning for empty key as it was not working
- Removed option to show warning for duplicate key as it was not working
- Removed preview toolbar (since long disabled)