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JabRef 5.10

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Sometimes latest versions of the software can cause issues when installed on older devices or devices running an older version of the operating system.

Software makers usually fix these issues but it can take them some time. What you can do in the meantime is to download and install an older version of JabRef 5.10.

For those interested in downloading the most recent release of JabRef for Mac or reading our review, simply click here.

All old versions distributed on our website are completely virus-free and available for download at no cost.

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What's new in this version:

- We added a field showing the BibTeX/biblatex source for added and deleted entries in the "External Changes Resolver" dialog
- We added user-specific comment field so that multiple users can make separate comments
- We added a search history list in the search field's right click menu
- We added a full text fetcher for IACR eprints
- We added "Attach file from URL" to right-click context menu to download and store a file with the reference library
- We enabled updating an existing entry with data from InspireHEP
- We added a fetcher for the Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (experimental)
- We added support for more biblatex date formats for parsing dates
- We added support for multiple languages for exporting to and importing references from MS Office
- We enabled scrolling in the groups list when dragging a group on another group
- We added the option to automatically download online files when a new entry is created from an existing ID (e.g., DOI). The option can be disabled in the preferences under "Import and Export"
- We added a new Integrity check for unescaped ampersands
- We added support for parsing $\backslash$ in file paths (as exported by Mendeley)
- We added the possibility to automatically fetch entries when an ISBN is pasted on the main table
- We added the option to disable the automatic linking of files in the entry editor
- We added the link icon for ISBNs in linked identifiers column
- We added key binding to focus on groups alt + s
- We added the option to unprotect a text selection, which strips all pairs of curly braces away
- We added drag and drop events for field 'Groups' in entry editor panel
- We added support for parsing MathML in the Medline importer
- We added the ability to search for an identifier (DOI, ISBN, ArXiv ID) directly from 'Web Search'
- We added a cleanup activity that identifies a URL or a last-visited-date in the note field and moves it to the url and urldate field respectively. koppor#216
- We enabled the user to change the name of a field in a custom entry type by double-clicking on it
- We added some preferences options to disable online activity
- We integrated two mail actions ("As Email" and "To Kindle") under a new "Send" option in the right-click & Tools menus. The Kindle option creates an email targeted to the user's Kindle email, which can be set in preferences under "External programs"
- We added an option to clear recent libraries' history
- We added an option to encrypt and remember the proxy password
- We added support for showing journal information, via info buttons next to the Journal and ISSN fields in the entry editor
- We added support for pushing citations to Sublime Text 3
- We added support for the Finnish language
- We added the option to automatically replaces illegal characters in the filename when adding a file to JabRef
- We added a privacy policy
- We added a tooltip to show the number of entries in a group

- We replaced "Close" by "Close library" and placed it after "Save all" in the File menu
- We upgraded to Lucene 9.7 for the fulltext search. The search index will be rebuild
- 'Get full text' now also checks the file url
- JabRef writes a new backup file only if there is a change. Before, JabRef created a backup upon start
- We modified the Add Group dialog to use the most recently selected group hierarchical context
- We refined the 'main directory not found' error message
- JabRef writes a new backup file only if there is a change. Before, JabRef created a backup upon start
- Backups of libraries are not stored per JabRef version, but collected together
- We streamlined the paths for logs and backups: The parent path fragment is always logs or backups.
- log.txt now contains an entry if a BibTeX entry could not be parsed.
- log.txt now contains debug messages. Debugging needs to be enabled explicitly
- log.txt does not contain entries for non-found files during PDF indexing
- The hostname is now determined using environment variables (COMPUTERNAME/HOSTNAME) first
- We improved the Medline importer to correctly import ISO dates for revised
- To avoid cluttering of the directory, We always delete the .sav file upon successful write
- We improved the unlinking/deletion of multiple linked files of an entry using the Delete key
- The field names of customized entry types are now exchanged preserving the case
- We moved the custom entry types dialog into the preferences dialog
- We moved the manage content selectors dialog to the library properties
- We moved the preferences menu command from the options menu to the file menu
- We reworked the cross ref labels in the entry editor and added a right click menu
- We reorganized the order of tabs and settings in the library properties
- We changed the handling of an "overflow" of authors at [authIniN]: JabRef uses + to indicate an overflow. Example: [authIni2] produces A+ (instead of AB) for Aachen and Berlin and Chemnitz
- We moved the preferences option to open the last edited files on startup to the 'General' tab
- We improved the recognition of DOIs when pasting a link containing a DOI on the maintable
- We reordered the preferences dialog
- We split the 'Import and Export' tab into 'Web Search' and 'Export'
- We moved the option to run JabRef in memory stick mode into the preferences dialog toolbar
- In case the library contains empty entries, they are not written to disk
- The formatter remove_unicode_ligatures is now called replace_unicode_ligatures
- We improved the error message when no terminal was found
- In the context of the "systematic literature functionality", we changed the name "database" to "catalog" to use a separate term for online catalogs in comparison to SQL databases
- We now show more fields (including Special Fields) in the dropdown selection for "Save sort order" in the library properties and for "Export sort order" in the preferences
- We now encrypt and store the custom API keys in the OS native credential store
- We changed the behavior of group addition/edit, so that sorting by alphabetical order is not performed by default after the modification