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Download itch 25.5.1

  -  5.5 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

itch 25.5.1
- Update to Electron 10.4.5
- Update various dependencies
- App is now signed with itch corp. certificate. (Also updated butler and itch-setup)
- Add physical games as a common filter option

itch 25.4.1
- Upgrade to Electron 10.0.0
- Upgrade to Chromium 85.0.4183.84
- Security and performance fixes
- Show upload platform icons in "Plan install"
- No new features

itch 25.4.0
- DMG files are now always downloaded to disk, then extracted with hdiutil. This adds support for uncommon DMG filesystems (like ISO9660), APFS filesystems (which 7-zip didn't support)
- Any software license agreement (~EULA) contained in a .dmg file will now be extracted and shown on launch until it is accepted. Cancelling the launch does not accept the license. So you can accept it or uninstall the software. (This was tested with Game Dev Tycoon and Aseprite).
- A lot more operations are now logged in the application log file (appdata/logs/itch.txt). This should hopefully help pinpoint issues with third-party Antivirus software and API access issues.
- A bug where if an Antivirus prevented installing dependencies (like butler and itch-setup), the app would stay stuck in "Finishing installation..." forever has been fixed. It now detects and reports the error.
- Logs for the whole setup phase are now collected in memory and can be sent via the feedback form.
- Various additional places let you send feedback with logs / error details attached
- Communication with butler has been switched from HTTP to TCP, among with other changes, which fixes a bug where when the itch app updated butler and switched over to the new version, the old version would keep running, and there were two download drivers. As a result, the Downloads window could appear stuck, and operations were done twice behind the scenes.

itch 25.3.0
- Adds the ability to add an install location while queuing a game for install

itch 25.2.0
- Some minor UI fixes (like using a white browser background, or changing search's loading indicator to our new intedeterminate progress indicator)
- Speeds up initial setup (it was waiting for a timeout unnecessarily even when a dependency was clearl missing)
- Allows adding an install location directly from the location selector in the "Plan install" dialog
- In this release cycle, butler fixes also include:
- Game update fixes: games with external uploads didn't have their updates queued properly
- sandbox fixes: the sandbox was broken when it had never been used before on a computer. It now sets itself up correctly from scratch.
- AppImages are no longer extracted, they're installed "naked" on disk, and are launched correctly
- .jar files are launched with the installed JRE, if any. If the user is lacking a JRE, it shows a message saying we need it.
- Automatic prerequisites for Windows now correctly ignore DLLs which are shipped with the game (vendored) and DLLs which are included in all Windows versions (built-ins).
- For developers: doing butler push now results in a .zip archive that contains the .app, as opposed to a zip archive that contains the contents of the app bundle. That fixes the most common path for macOS build uploads

itch 25.1.0
- Bugfix release. The only change is that it specifies a valid version range for one of its dependencies (itch-setup), so that it doesn't stop working even if we release a newer version

itch 25.0.0
- v25 is a complete rewrite of the app
- It's smaller, faster, more reliable, and easier to use

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