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What's new in this version:

- Added a simple license management page for people who paid with a different email than the one they're using with Hiri
- Fixed: translation files missing from Linux builds (both the tarball and the snap)

- Updated translations. Added Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish
- Fixed: email autocomplete will now find suggestions based on domain only
- Fixed: shared calendars with insufficient permissions would prevent other events from loading
- Fixed: opening conversations with emails sent to self (directly or via mailing lists) will now set read flags correctly
- Fixed: don't show "on behalf of" if display names are identical
- Regression: in certain timezones some emails wouldn't get synced

- Updated translations. Added Russian
- Fixed: missing sender names in email headers
- Fixed: some users couldn't log in if the server response was slow. Increased timeouts for autodiscover requests
- Fixed: on startup unread count for Unified Inbox would stay at zero unless server changes updated it

- Added a few UI languages (French, German, Dutch and Basque). Still work in progress. You can help here:
- Translators can now preview their work in progress by loading qm files.
- Humanized number format for very large unread counts (e.g. 12K instead of 12376).
- Minor update to timezone map.
- Updated certificate authority bundle
- Autodiscover will now attempt to find settings without verifying SSL if necessary.
- Allow wider range of unsafe ciphers when they are turned on from ini file. (not recommended)
- Fixed: a change made to archive target wasn't persistent.
- Fixed: clicking mailto links on Linux failed to start Hiri.
- Fixed: removed global "SSL verify" setting. If one account had it set all accounts would try to verify connections to their server which could fail for some servers.
- Fixed: login wizard error reporting is greatly improved. Authentication and offline errors are more accurately detected. Specific SSL errors are reported in a friendlier way.

- Hotfix: dismissing reminders was broken for multiple accounts
- Hotfix: migrating the database to the new version would fail in some cases
- Added initial support for different UI languages (translations are not ready yet)
- Fixed: disable closing login dialog if there are no accounts yet

- Multiple accounts
- Removed height limit when displaying an email (annoying plus button)
- Improved offline detection when Exchange servers are not responding (pings Google)
- Improved support for aliases (added UI for manual additions)
- Changed shortcut for mark as read action to Ctrl/Cmd + L. Previous one (Ctrl + Q) would close the application on Mac and Linux
- Fixed: network timeout issue when proxy is used
- Fixed: duplicate messages would sometimes appear after a draft is sent
- Fixed: parts of the settings pages wouldn't be visible depending on the window size (scrollbar issues)
- Fixed: sometime not all user aliases would be saved causing issues with mailing lists and to-self emails
- Fixed: updating changed password is more robust in cases when auth method is changed

- Hotfix: Sometimes Hiri would stop receiving emails due to a timeout issue

- Added a placeholder to the respond to meeting dialog to make it clear that you can send a response without a message
- Include sender information in new email desktop notifications
- Fixed: notifications on Enlightenment, XFCe and Fluxbox window managers
- Fixed: layout in the calendar week view was broken if there are 0 length meetings
- Fixed: update timezones in the calendar settings
- Fixed: remove location from the list of required attendees if it has been changed when editing a meeting
- Fixed: unable to remove location when editing a meeting
- Fixed: when removing recipients in mail compose they sometimes wouldn't get removed from right side panel
- Fixed: sometimes people who are out of office would be shown as available in the scheduling assistant

- Added desktop notifications. Go to Settings -> Preferences to configure when they should be shown
- Added a Close to systray option which is disabled by default
- You can now forward meetings. In the calendar, select your meeting and press Forward in the toolbar on the right hand side
- If a message is sent on behalf of someone, you'll now see that in the message header
- Added workaround for crashing on Linux when using nVidia nouveau drivers
- Sent emails are now queued if you're offline to be sent when a connection is restored
- Removed Hiri-specific attachment size limit warnings. The message is now moved back to drafts if it's over the server limit
- Fixed: uploading large attachments on a slow connection will no longer timeout
- Fixed: problem where mails would stop coming in if waking from sleep on Mac
- Fixed: getting shared calendars would fail on some servers
- Fixed: search would show empty list if the actual result set is very large
- Fixed: problem opening attachments on moved messages
- Fixed: webengine_locales related warnings on Linux
- Fixed: when downloading attachments from a new window, the window minimizes
- Fixed: unable to remove attendees when creating/editing a meeting

- Show full URL when hovering links in emails
- You can now enter a message when responding to a meeting request
- Added an advanced settings to add additional email address aliases
- Added a configuration option to make server timeouts configurable. This is useful to people syncing large accounts on slow Exchange servers
- You can now enter start and end time when creating a meeting with better accuracy
- Fixed: typing dead keys (accents) when using Hiri snap on Linux
- Fixed: archiving threads that contained local drafts wouldn't work
- Fixed: archiving multiple conversations would only archive the first one
- Fixed: in certain timezones some emails wouldn't get synced
- Fixed: declining meeting that is in the past could fail

- Added emojis to the formatting bar
- Added full formatting options to the feedback dialog
- Fixed: don't show reminders for public calendar meetings
- Fixed: "show as" field has been disabled for public calendar meetings
- Fixed: loading next/previous conversation with left/right arrows would hang in certain cases
- Fixed: application would occasionally freeze on Linux
- Fixed: when setting email reminders the email actions bar would disappear
- Fixed: when saving to PDF resulting PDF wouldn't open in the default PDF application
- Fixed: after midnight main and dashboard calendars would remain on the previous day
- Fixed: unarchiving mails would sometimes fail
- Fixed: recovering mails flagged for follow-up from trash wouldn't recover the related task in the task list
- Fixed: emptying folders is now noticeably quicker

- Added system tray icon (Go to Settings -> General -> Desktop Integrations)
- Fixed: users without a server archive couldn't choose local folder as an alternative
- Fixed: typing new lines in the reply box would sometimes make conversation jump to the end

- Change log not available for this version

- Checkout the new Skills Center! You can up your email game with the flick of a switch with Hiri's built-in productivity hacks
- You can now change repeat value when editing recurring calendar event series
- All unread messages will be expanded when you open a conversation
- We introduced a new view - horizontal split view
- Added more user interface scaling options to Settings -> Preferences
- Settings is now a page and it's been visually improved
- We added a repeat every 2 weeks option when creating a recurring meeting
- If cancelling a meeting that you didn't organise, you we'll be asked to delete it or keep it instead
- To make it easier to authenticate to Exchange servers, we now try a couple of options for username
- When running Hiri from the terminal, we no longer print logs to the console
- When syncing your mail is ongoing, you'll now be able to use Hiri
- Fixed: email actions don't stay visible when you hover outside of the conversation
- Fixed: in case you have aliases, your email could end up in the list of recipients when repying to all
- Fixed: searching for multi-word phrases wouldn't return correct results in some cases
- Fixed: background synchronization could fail after some time on certain Exchange server configurations
- Fixed: renaming task list which contains tasks

- Added more keyboard shortcuts: press Del to delete a conversation, CTRL+R to reply, CTRL+SHIFT+R to reply all and CTRL+SHIFT+F to forward. Hit CTRL+/ to see the list of all keyboard shortcuts
- Register Hiri as the default mail app on Linux. If running from tarball, click Register Hiri as the default email app in Settings -> General. If using snap, simply select Hiri from the default mail apps list in Default Applications for your desktop environment
- You can now edit first/last name for your contacts in addition to the display name
- Postal code field has been added to contact details and edit
- For each message we added a label which shows the folder it is in (next to the sent/received date)
- Exchange login screen now links to a support article to help you configure the authentication details
- We added an easier way to ask for trial extension from the trial ended screen
- Fixed: When replying to a message the sender of the original message is always going to be in the Action/To field
- Fixed: you'll no longer receive duplicate emails when you send them to yourself or to a distribution lists
- Fixed: avatars with non-square dimensions looked squashed in Hiri
- Fixed: for meeting requests, email actions would overlap subject in the email listing
- Fixed: marking messages as read/unread in archive
- Fixed: pressing left/right arrow in reply box would sometimes switch to next/previous conversation
- Fixed: we changed the way conversations are moved between folders - only messages that are in the source folder are moved to the destination folder. Except when moving to Junk/Deleted and Archive folders in which case all messages are moved

- You now have better control over how and where your attachments are downloaded. Go to Settings -> Preferences to set up the download location, or let Hiri ask you each time you download an attachment.
- Added download all attachments feature
- We introduced reply all functionality
- Reply popup and forward/delegate now work the same as mail compose. This gives you more control over recipients and tasks in replies and forwards
- When using Delegate, tasks that were for you in the original email will be labeled "Delegated to"
- Forward dialog loads quicker and forward drafts are now saved locally
- Tasks are no longer created for emails in Junk folder
- Bugfix: small visual fix in Settings -> General on Linux
- Bugfix: when creating a desktop entry on Linux, make sure it's called hiri.desktop (lowercase). Otherwise it's not possible to add Hiri to favorites on GNOME
- Bugfix: Hiri snap wouldn't start on Wayland (linux)

- You can now change the subject in Forward/Delegate/Reply dialogs.
- Added spell checker dictionaries for many languages. Go to Settings -> Preferences to select your spell checker language, or right click in compose/reply editor
- Visual: 'Just now' label would annoyingly blink when sending replies
- Bugfix: 'Go to today' button in calendar wouldn't move on if Hiri's been running for longer than a day
- Bugfix: Sometimes you couldn't change location in the recurring event series
- Bugfix: Discard dialog in mail compose was showing multiple times - whenever you click close
- Bugfix: Opening mailto links from the compose window context menu
- Bugfix: Visual glitch when creating a calendar event in a folder with a long name
- Bugfix: Close conversation after reply wasn't working when replying from popup
- Bugfix: "Mark as read" option didn't change to "Mark as unread" in email actions once you read an email
- Bugfix: Read indicator sometimes didn't disappear after you read an email
- Performance: deletes are now significantly quicker

- Improved contact management. You can now create, edit and delete contacts.
- You can now select the time interval of inactivity after which the dashboard is displayed. You can also completely switch off the dashboard so that it doesn't get shown.
- Added the ability to dismiss all reminders
- You can choose if Hiri prepends "--" before your signature in the signature settings
- You can now choose the starting day of the week (Monday or Sunday) in the calendar settings
- Link to keyboard shortcuts has been added to Settings -> General.
- Hiri now syncs 1 month worth of email by default. You can always change the date range in Settings -> Accounts.
- Disallow adding invalid recipients in reply multiple dialogue
- Improvements to the way replying works
- Redesigned feedback dialog. Logs can now be automatically attached.
- Added an explanation of Actionable/FYI and subject line to mail compose
- Bugfix: problem launching Hiri on some Linux machines with nVidia graphics cards
- Bugfix: O365 login page wouldn't load in Hiri if SSL cannot be verified (if login page is company specific)
- Bugfix: discarding empty forward draft was failing in some cases
- Bugfix: Sometimes inline reply was disabled when opening a new reply
- Bugfix: searching for a room (location) for a meeting on Exchange 2010
- Bugfix: emails would stop syncing if a folder with tasks or calendar items is deleted
- Bugfix: added space character to standardized signature "fence" ('-- ')
- Performance: opening very large conversations has been significantly sped up

- Added a brand new search! We've built the best search in the business. Seriously. Try it out.
- Disabled email actions in replies when they contain a draft
- Fetching and rendering avatars has been optimized
- Bugfix: reply draft was sometimes getting stuck when sending
- Bugfix: escape < and > in plaintext messages to render them correctly
- Bugfix: fixed a bug, which could cause high-CPU usage and make Hiri non-responsive

- Improved file dialogs: prepopulate filename in Save as dialogs, "Open" button is renamed to "Attach" for attachment dialogs
- mailto: links now open mail compose window in Hiri
- Improved the way Mark as spam works on O365 and renamed it to Mark as junk
- Added Open email in new window icon to email actions and tweaked spacing between individual action icons
- The calendar navigation bar has been visually improved on smaller screens
- The calendar left pane is automatically closed when the right pane is opened
- Improved UI for the meeting attachments
- You can now see if the location or time of a meeting has been changed in the meeting request
- Moving a calendar occurrence to another folder is now forbidden
- The list of target archive folders doesn't contain Drafts, Calendar and Contact folders anymore
- The search bar is now always visible
- Clearing contact search field clears the results
- Bugfix: CTRL+V into reply box would occasionally send the email in error
- Bugfix: always show accept/decline buttons in email actions on Exchange 2010 meeting requests
- Bugfix: error when creating a meeting with attachments on Exchange 2010
- Bugfix: when forwarding a message which contains embedded images, they wouldn't be displayed in forward dialog
- Bugfix: date avatar wouldn't always refresh after there has been an update to the meeting
- Bugfix: changing an all day event to a regular event was broken in cases where the timezone UTC offset was bigger than the meeting duration
- Bugfix: sometimes today's all day meetings were visible in the tomorrow tab on the dashboard
- Bugfix: synchronization would fail if there is a problem with downloading certain attachments
- Bugfix: dragging individual messages to folders sometimes wouldn't work

- Append Re: and Fw: prefixes to subjects of outgoing emails
- Added keyboard shortcuts - press CTRL+/ to reveal a panel with all of them
- Signatures can be customized during trial period too
- Bugfix: it wasn't possible to clear signatures (default signature would always appear)
- Bugfix: fix creating a calendar event without a reminder on Exchange 2010

- You can now remove suggested emails from autocomplete
- Ability to select multiple emails and perform actions on them
- Syncing mails notification now only displays for new mails, not for other server changes
- Type :with attachments in the search box to find all mails with attachments
- In low density view, you can now hover over the recipients to reveal their details
- Improved outbox messaging in cases where server cannot be reached
- Forward dialog has been converted to a separate window. Any attachments are automatically included and you can now save forward drafts.
- Show loading status label on dashboard calendar while meetings are being loaded
- Loading/switching calendar views has been optimized
- Added an icon in the corner of each mail to pop it out in a new window
- Added link/unlik options to the formatting bar when composing mails
- Bugfix: checking availability for very short meetings
- Bugfix: opening links/attachments in some Linux distros
- Bugfix: make sure previous text is removed when GAL is opened in autocomplete (Mac)
- Bugfix: when clicking propose new time in a meeting request the related calendar item wouldn't open in editable mode
- Bugfix: problem parsing very large server responses (>10MB)
- Bugfix: do not add "Rate my email" link to signatures by default
- Bugfix: additional fix for red line that marks current time in calendar

- Added setting and removing reminders in the calendar
- Added Mark all as read option to folder context menu (Exchange 2013+)
- Prevent popping up the dashboard after 90s of inactivity if a conversation is open
- Meeting request emails now show your availability for the requested period
- Communication score improved and moved to enterprise features
- Upgraded timezone database
- Bugfix: resubscribe to new event notifications in case of a specific server error
- Bugfix: problem loading archive if it contains an email without a sender
- Bugfix: red line that marks current time in calendar wouldn't move under certain conditions
- Bugfix: calendar items are now reloaded every time calendar icon is clicked
- Bugifx: Fix dismissing/snoozing meeting reminders in the task list

- State of Calendar and Contacts pages is preserved when browsing emails
- Bugfix: Quick reply box is stuck after sending a reply to an email in the middle of conversation
- Bugfix: Occasional freezing when switching folders

- Bugfix: Copy & paste bug
- Bugfix: Fix "Show me as" status for the calendar for Exchange 2010 users
- Improved the onboarding carousel
- Bugfix: Handle "server busy" error when getting mail
- Bugfix: Improved the way Hiri handles password changes

- NEW: Spell checking now happens inline as you type. (Sorry this took so long!)
- NEW: Right click context menus. Save an image, Copy an image, Copy a link and Remove Formatting when pasting options are all available by right clicking.
- NEW: You can now set the "Show me as" status for calendar items - Working elsewhere, Tentative, Busy or Free.
- NEW: We've improved the way you may edit a previous email when replying. When you hit Enter, the quote (this is the vertical line you see on the left side of a message) will break to make your edits more noticeable.
- Removed Browser security warning window when pasting from the context menu
- Added tooltips to the formatting bar in mail compose/reply
- Calendar usability fixes: ?Fixed an issue where you could edit a meeting you didn't organise
- Event description field is removed if no description is available
- Fixed a broken icon
- Emptying folder contents now moves emails to the trash folder instead of permanently deleting them
- Improved how 15 minute meetings are displayed in the Calendar week view
- Bugfix: create configuration directories if they don't exist on Linux
- Bugfix: perform autodiscover when logging to Exchange using OAuth
- Bugfix: fixed a problem with sending replies from the Archive
- Bugfix: fixed syncing attachments with multiple content ids
- Bugfix: more robust data validation on the Exchange login page

- Bugfix: sending replies from reply popup were not functioning for some users
- Bugfix: reply pop-up tooltip wasn't visible for long enough
- Bugfix: reply multiple window opens when you close the reply pop-up
- Bugfix: fixed syncing tasks with a particular combination of properties

- Changed the onboarding carousel message if syncing all items is in progress
- Ensured all contacts and task items are synced, regardless of the sync period
- Bugfix: a problem with sending from feedback and invites dialogs that was affecting some users

- Added a configuration parameter to allow Hiri to connect to servers with old TLS ciphers. This is disabled by default.
- Hiri now supports Exchange Server SP1 and onwards
- Exchange autodiscover has been improved to attempt to connect to more URLs
- Bugfix: a number of issues related to parsing emails

- Hotfix: migration issue which was causing Hiri to refuse to start on some accounts
- Hotfix: Fix syncing empty folders that were created outside of Hiri

- Initially Hiri will sync only last 3 months of emails. Go to Settings -> Account to adjust sync period.
- Outbox folder is added
- Messages that failed to send due to connectivity issues are going to be resent after the connection is restored
- Hiri is going to warn you if you sending or saving attachments failed
- Bugfix: Sometimes replies would indicate they are drafts even though they are sent
- Bugifx: Sending notification stay active for as long as the messages is being sent

- Users can now snooze reminders from the meeting reminder notification
- Mail compose dialog has become wider by default and it's now resizable/maximizable
- You can now drag & drop files from your filesystem to attach them when composing/replying
- You can change the way your Inbox, Actionable and FYI mailboxes work in the settings. Choose between the standard and "Zero inbox" mode.
- "Go to today" button was added to the calendar
- Subject label in mail compose is now clickable
- Out of office status and message is now visible on the create meeting panel and scheduling assistant
- "Since last check" and "Emails today" will appear as "..." until Hiri fetches new emails, to avoid confusion
- Calendar availability info now shows Out Of Office message if set
- Added ability to completely delete account (Settings - General) and start Hiri from scratch
- Tasks aren't added automatically for actionable recipients any longer (while composing a new mail)
- Bugfix: fixed a bug which occasionally prevented users from putting focus in reply box
- Bugfix: fixed a problem which was causing synchronization to fail for some users due to existing messages
- Bugfix: remove newlines from tasks when they are synced from Exchange server
- Bugfix: fixed spellchecking issues on some Linux distributions
- Bugfix: prevent users from dismissing the onboarding carousel during initial sync
- Bugfix: fixed 'No meetings today' label on the dashboard calendar
- Bugfix: don't send multiple mails when clicking send button multiple times
- Bugfix: when creating a new meeting, put focus on the Subject field
- Bugfix: moving conversation between Actionable/FYI/Unified
- Bugfix: some contact details weren't displayed on the contacts page and GAL dialog
- Bugfix: self to self messages no longer count as new emails
- Bugfix: fixed a bug which made some emails unsearchable
- Bugfix: fixed formatting of plaintext emails
- Bugfix: fixed invalid no connection warnings for some actions after initial sync

- Meeting should no longer appear in Inbox when it has been responded to or cancelled
- Bugfix: always show username field in Exchange login wizard
- Bugfix: move events into a different calendar
- Bugfix: edit series or occurrence not shown every time user is trying to edit event
- Bugfix: don't offer to discard draft in mail compose if there were no changes to it
- Bugfix: make sure receipients panel is closed when conversation is closed
- Bugfix: couldn't use tab to switch to the bcc field in mail compose
- Bugfix: clear entered text when folder rename is cancelled
- Bugfix: show in folder when saving attachments wasn't working on some Linux flavours
- Bugfix: properly escape HTML characters in subjects
- Improve accuracy of autodiscover by detecting authentication method from response headers

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