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Flock for Mac

Flock for Mac

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    Flock 2.2.513 LATEST

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    Juan Garcia

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    Mac OS X 10.10 or later

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Flock for Mac is the best team communication app & online collaboration platform for macOS, comes with team messaging, project management and other great features that improve productivity and boost speed of execution. The tool users have reduced their dependence on email and use Flock for macOS`s messaging platform to share important updates, files and send messages. Flock for Mac users spend less time in meetings and more time getting things done. The app provides its users with business collaboration tools making task management and decision making more efficient.

Features and Highlights

Team collaboration with Flock
The best group collaboration software and messaging platform.

Bring your team together with this team messenger
Team messaging with 1-1 or group discussions around your projects, department or common interests.

Easily find and share information
Find anything related to your project - messages, files and links - no matter who shared it or when on this work collaboration app.

Conduct virtual meetings with video + audio calls
Talk to remote teams with this online team collaboration platform. Share your screen to get into details.

Work better with Flock’s project collaboration apps
Use powerful suite of business collaboration tools - Shared To-Dos, Polls, Rich Note Sharing, Reminders and many more - to optimize project management.

Integrate all your external apps into Flock
Find all your favorite productivity apps in App Store. Simply plug them into the software and you’ll never need to switch between other team collaboration tools to get work done.

Also Available: Download Flock for Windows

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What's new in this version:

Flock 2.2.513
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Flock 2.2.511
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Flock 2.2.509
- Bug fixes and performance improvement

Flock 2.2.507
- Emojis and mentions now render directly into the editor as you type
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Flock 2.2.502
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Flock 2.2.501
- Added connectivity troubleshooting
- Squashed some pesky bugs

Flock 2.2.500
- Bug fixes and under the hood improvements

Flock 2.2.498
- New preferences modal for easy management of user profile and notification preferences
- Now type anywhere to start composing a message
- Other bug fixes & improvements

Flock 2.2.494
- several interaction issues in composing message
- issue of user presence showing stale value in conversation view
- Deleted team members being visible in search and chat

- Better interaction in drag/drop sorting of Flock Apps in sidebar
- Under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements

Flock 2.2.484
- Bug fixes and improvements

Flock 2.2.483
- Bugs have been squashed and performance optimisations have been made

Flock 2.2.480
- Unread Anchor - All your conversations will now open from the first unread message allowing you to view latest updates within a channel/chat on Flock!
- Fixed: issues in opening of large channels.
- Other minor improvements

Flock 2.2.472
- Enhanced Search Function! Searching for specifics through channel and chat conversations is now made even easier through the new and refreshed pop-up modal! You can now jump straight into the chat/channel from the search results.
- Important security fixes
- Other minor bugs have been obliterated

Flock 2.2.464
- Enhanced message anchor - Flock will now remember the last scrolled position in any conversation so that you can continue from where you left
- Fixed: Issue in editing of messages with some specific emoji chars
- Fixed: Pinned chats ordering was getting reset for some users
- Other minor bugs squashed

Flock 2.2.449
- On popular demand, Flock now has the new WYSIWYG rich text editor! With the editor you can now bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, change color and also hyperlink words or sentences. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to do the same.
- Other bug fixes and performance optimisations

Flock 2.2.389
- Added animated stickers!
- Fixed bugs and improvements

Flock 2.2.386
- Launching “Request a feature” on Flock where customers can request a feature and track its status
- You can also see if your feature is the one that is popularly requested. If you like any of the existing feature requests, you can upvote them, and even add your own enhancement requests which other users can upvote.
- We have also made some under-the-hood changes to help improve performance

Flock 2.2.381
- Fixed an issue that prevented screenshare from working
- Fixed users not being able to use Google Auth for authentication
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Flock 2.2.379
- We have improved the visibility for message date
- We've also made some changes under the hood improve overall performance

Flock 2.2.374
- Voice Notes Playback! Listen to voice notes shared via the mobile platform directly from the chat window with an inbuilt volume rocker
- Issue of clipboard image popping back when pasting subsequent text has been fixed
- Fix: client would become unusable with messages remaining blank for some conversations
- Fix: FlockML to be tolerant of invalid XML so we can now include most HTML content from other apps and websites
- Fix: The use of Alt-key for accented characters has now been fixed
- Fix: Copying of messages in dark mode into rich text editors has been fixed
- Fix: Formatting of messages, specially new lines for copy/paste actions
- Fix: Automatic retry loading image previews in chat when reconnected
- Fix: Bugs in editing messages with mentions and channel tags
- Be more expressive with emojis by changing the skin tones
- You can now set emojis and stickers as channel avatars

Flock 2.2.314
- We’ve made some performance improvements and fixed a few bugs

Flock 2.2.311
- Fixes for crash in Catalina and other improvements

Flock 2.2.308
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Flock 2.2.306
- We've made some performance improvements and fixed a few bugs.

Flock 2.2.273
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Flock 2.2.270
- Channel Mentions and Notifications have been fixed! Toggle between your preferred options for channel notifications to set the tone for any work environment.
- Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Flock 2.2.257
- New notification tones for messages! Turn on audio alerts in your notification preferences to choose from 6 different sounds.

Flock 2.2.254
- Emoji search is here! When typing a message, simply click the emoji icon and use the search function to find the perfect one.