Find serious problems on your Mac or remove annoying adware!

EtreCheck Pro for Mac

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Download EtreCheck Pro 6.7.3

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  • Latest Version:

    EtreCheck Pro 6.7.3 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.10 or later

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  • Author / Product:

    Etresoft, Inc. / EtreCheck Pro for Mac

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  • Details:

    EtreCheck Pro for Mac 2022 full offline installer setup for Mac

With EtreCheck Pro for Mac you can find serious problems on your macOS or remove annoying adware! Get help on Apple Support Communities, and see just what your Mac is doing on the inside.

  • It does not install files in hidden directories,
  • It reports protecting your personal information when posted online,
  • It makes no changes without your consent.
  • It will not slow down your machine,
  • It will not cause other apps to crash,
  • It uses little memory while running and no memory when not running.

The program is available in two different flavors - Etre Check, available from Apple’s Mac App Store and EtreCheckPro, available from Etresoft directly. These two products are very similar. Both are free. Both have a Power User in-app purchase available. However, EtreCheck from Apple’s Mac App Store is restricted by Apple’s Mac App Store policies. It does not have these restrictions but also does not benefits from Apple’s ecosystem.

I cannot get Full Drive Access to work?
Unfortunately, Full Drive Access is a system restriction. All that the app can do is point you to the system features to enable it. In the Mac App Store version of the program, you must give the tool read access to the root directory on your hard drive. If you have macOS 10.14 “Mojave”, using either the app from the Mac App Store or EtreCheckPro, Full Drive Access requires going to System Preferences > Privacy > Full Disk Access and adding app to the list. This means that is you are running app from the Mac App Store on Mojave, there are two steps required.

Features and Highlights

  • Detects over 50 specific problems and identifies them as serious or minor.
  • It is now free for basic use. The free version will show major and minor issues, generate a text report, and detect and remove adware. Additional functionality is available via in-app purchase.
  • The Power User in-app purchase enables an advanced interface with more detailed information, graphs, charts, and easy-to-use buttons for various tasks. Available free to anyone who already has a license.
  • It can now generate solutions for your problem and major and minor issues using its AI-powered online diagnostic engine. Solutions are available with the Power User in-app purchase.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes.
  • Etre Check clearly lists any problems it detects.
  • Problems are divided into major, that need immediate attention, and minor, that you can ignore if you want.
  • Each problem includes a link that takes you right to the information that applies to it.
  • The advanced interface groups information into several different categories.
  • Each section includes additional details that pertain to the information in that section.
  • Extensive information about your Mac, including detailed descriptions and links to additional support resources from Apple and others.
  • Now includes easy-to-use buttons to remove adware and easily fix some simple problems.
  • Includes graphs, tables, and images to help you better see and understand the information.
  • Available as an in-app purchase with no expiration date.
  • Each major and minor issue includes a solution for that issue.
  • Includes one or more step-by-step tasks you can follow to resolve your Mac problems.
  • Available as part of the Power User in-app purchase

Note: 5-scans trial version,

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