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DEVONthink Pro for Mac

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Download DEVONthink 3.5.2

DEVONthink Pro for Mac

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What's new in this version:

User Interface:
- New integrated user interface, utilizing panes and inspectors versus independent windows
- Support for dark mode (macOS Mojave and later)

- Added the Info Inspector, showing general information and custom metadata (Pro and Server editions only) about selected files
- New Annotations & Reminders Inspector, allowing you to set reminders (see below), view Finder comments, and create, view, and edit annotation files
- New Content Inspector displaying the table of contents found in some files or the thumbnails for PDF documents
- New Document Inspector displaying indexed metadata, added annotations, and detected links
- New Concordance Inspector giving you access to a word frequency list. It also has a new Cloud view, showing a word cloud with sizes based on frequency (Pro and Server editions only)
- New See Also & Classify Inspector displaying suggested filing locations for or documents related to the selected document
- New Search Inspector providing in-document search-and-replace and a list of search results, allowing for viewing the context of the search term and easy navigation through the document

- New Import sidebar making scanning and email archiving easily accessible (Pro and Server editions only)
- New Reading List sidebar to gather items you want to read or return to at a later time
- New Extras sidebar providing you access to up to date scripts, templates, tips and tricks, and news from us
- New, less intrusive Activity pane
- Favorites can now contain documents

- Encryption: Databases can be encrypted for maximum privacy

Searching and Navigating:
- Search, including advanced criteria options, is now integrated into the main window
- Extended search language using prefixes, e.g. tags: or name=, to allow for more focused searches. These are also used in scripting.
- Improved indexing and searching, including better support for Asian languages and indexing PDF and RTF attachments
- More precise highlighting of search hits when using proximity operators, e.g. NEAR or BEFORE

- New Filter panes allow for filtering the displayed groups and documents by tags, dates and marks (label color, locked state, etc.), or geolocation data.
- New Go > To Group, Data > Move To…, and Edit > Insert Item Link… commands. These allow quicker access to open, reorganize, or link to items in your databases.

- Tighter integration with the filesystem when using indexed files

Working with Documents:
- New 64-bit OCR engine supporting multiple CPU cores, Asian languages, and multiple output formats (Pro and Server editions only)
- Support for adding custom imprints to images and PDFs, including placeholder text and Bates numbering (Pro and Server editions only)
- Support for barcode detection

- Added a new web interface and web server, utilizing secure connections via https: and allowing creation of user accounts with per-database permissions (Server edition only)

- New, rewritten Sorter for capturing notes, documents, or links. It supports multiple note taking options, including audio, video, integrated screen captures, and clipping web pages. In addition it allows searching for groups to use a drag targets in open databases right from the menu bar.
- The Clip to DEVONthink browser extension for Safari is now a native extension

- New option for adding custom metadata to support situation-specific needs. It supports multiple data types including, e.g., sets, Booleans, and numbers (Pro and Server editions only).
- More options for converting metadata to tags, e.g. hashtags or geolocation data
- New support for geolocation data, including the ability to enter it manually
- New support for ratings from zero to five stars
- New automatic image tagging using machine learning

- New formatting bar, shown under the toolbar, for use with rich text documents
- New editing bar, displayed over the view/edit pane, for quicker editing with file-type-specific tools
- New side-by-side view for editing HTML and Markdown documents

- Sheets now support specific data types and have a new form view (Pro and Server editions only)
- Tools > Summarize Highlights assembles the highlighted text from PDF and RTF documents in a new RTF
- Tools > Create Metadata Overview assembles the metadata for selected files in a new sheet
- Improved EPUB support with reading, search, and conversion to other formats, e.g. rich text or PDF
- Improved automatic WikiLinking, including support for the square bracket syntax and active links in the rendered view of Markdown documents

Automating Your Work:
- Smart Rules: Smart rules and batch processing execute event-driven actions on documents, on a schedule or on demand
- Reminders: All documents can have reminders set for them. They can be one-time or scheduled, and they support several alarm options, including executing scripts
- Placeholders: New, easy to use data placeholders for templates, imprints, smart rules, and batch processing

Other Improvements:
- Improved background processing, e.g. for email archiving, indexing, generating thumbnails, and more
- Improved overall performance

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