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Download Colloquy 2.2

  -  6.98 MB  -  Freeware

What's new in this version:

Crashes and High CPU Usage:
- Fix a crash when deleting a connection while a room/chat is still open
- Fix a bug where Colloquy would have very high CPU usage (likely due to a room having the blank chat room bug)

System Support:
- Update the console icon with the Leopard look
- Use correct source list style on Leopard

- Fixes a mixup in the German localization
- Modifies the Italian lozalization and fills in some previously missing strings
- Adds more Japanese localizations
- Fixes the strings in the French localization
- Fixes the "Auto rejoin when kicked from room" preference having no effect in the Traditional Chinese localization
- Fixes where the Room Inspector's minimum size was too small for some localizations

- Removes 'Your Name in Chat' and 'Buddy Name in Chat' as options in the General Preferences.
- Remove JVUseTabbedWindow to maintain previous behaviour.
- Disables the Drawer interface.
- Disables the Transcript Browser.
- Don't create the Colloquy Transcripts folder if logging is disabled.
- Don't WHOIS server operators when checking periodically checking for online users in watch rules.

- Fix /reload style and adds /reload all.
- Adds the /unignore command.
- Allows you to use commands with tab completion.

- Initially select the Colloquy.png background when customizing styles so selecting None works the first time.
- In the DecafBland style, long nicknames will now be truncated instead of wrapping to the next line.
- If a nick is hyphenated in the Bland style, it will no longer wrap to the next line.

Notications and errors:
- Handle IRC error '404 cannot send to channel' and show an alert.
- Handle IRC error 477 'room does not support modes' or 'identify to join room', also show the literal reason in the error alert, if available.
- Adds a warning if you try to switch to a nickname that is currently being used.
- Displays an error message when your nick fails to change because you are changing it too fast, or if a room you are in doesn't allow it.
- Add more notification when a user if offline or away when a private chat is open. And prevent sending when they are offline.
- Adds support for IRC errors 'Room is Full (+l)', 'Invite Only Room (+i)' and 'Banned from Room (+b)' to Chat Core and handling of these three errors plus 'Room Password Incorrect (+k)'.
- Updates the Growl framework.
- Displays message(s) for room activity in Growl notifications.

- Add checks to prevent trying to join a room twice.
- Step back how frequent reconnects are attempted.
- Use the SystemConfiguration framework to reconnect faster after a network interuption.
- Fixes an issue where connections to some Undernet servers fail because of no ident.
- Correctly set and remember the preferred nickname when changing it in the user interface. Unlike /nick wich is only a temp change while connected.
- Fix for servers that send multiple mode prefixes in the NAMES message.
- Treat the - prefix as operator. Some say it should be 'super op' but we don't have that extra mode.

DCC and File Transfers:
- Allows you to change the width of the File Transfer window.
- Fixes our turbo DCC SEND requests, some were missing a space.

- Fixes nick tab completion for nicks beginning with "".
- Adds some more emoticon combinations.
- Fixes a bug where changes to emoticons were not reflected in appearance preview.
- Fixes a bug where send message events in AppleScript would return 'missing value'.
- Fix the issue where scroll events would affect background windows.
- Make private messages to other users while connected to a bouncer show up when not sent from the current computer.
- More than one consecutive space will now display correctly in the topic bar.
- Support more URLs such as Skype, Spotify and mailto.

- Fixes an error in the Buddy List. When you add a buddy to the server, it wouldn't be recognized.
- Allows you to add buddies to top level servers and remain in effect server-wide.
- Fixes some leaks.

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