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Boardmix for Mac

Boardmix for Mac

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Boardmix for Mac is both a web-based and local app designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. It caters to individuals and teams of all sizes, providing a variety of features to improve teamwork and collaboration workflows. Its user-friendly interface and versatile toolset enable users to make the most of a digital whiteboard accessible from any modern device with a web browser.

A standout feature of this service is its powerful AI assistant, which accelerates the creation of presentations, mind maps, and flowcharts. This AI functionality minimizes setup time for virtual whiteboard workspaces and facilitates efficient brainstorming sessions.

The Boardmix for macOS application serves various purposes, such as project management, online meetings, strategy sessions, consulting, map creation, diagramming, list-making, and brainstorming. Users can collaborate individually or with team members in real time, adding data points, mind maps, flowcharts, objects, and text.

While the free version suits smaller teams, premium versions offer additional features like file sharing, built-in viewers, external editors, enhanced cloud storage, advanced version history, and integrations with external services.

Key Features
  • Dynamic Whiteboard – Collaborate in real time on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Mind Maps – Visualize ideas and concepts.
  • Advanced Flowcharts – Design and optimize processes.
  • Streamlined Interface – Touch-friendly interface for easy manipulation.
  • Templates – Access professionally designed templates.
  • Collaboration – Invite team members to collaborate in real time.
  • Comprehensive Integrations – Connect with external productivity tools.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans – Choose a service level that suits your needs.
Using Boardmix for macOS

Users sign up and log in via a browser or a standalone Mac app. The free tier includes up to 3 boards and 200 objects per board, while premium tiers offer more features. The AI generation tool automatically populates boards with mind maps, flowcharts, and presentations.

Users can create new boards from scratch or with templates. They can invite others to collaborate by sending a special URL link via email or chat.

User Interface

The app's clean interface facilitates navigation and access to tools and features. Users can click on-screen objects or use the main hovering toolbar on the left. This toolbar offers text inputs, shapes, free drawing, mind maps, tables, and more.

Drag-and-drop functionality enables easy content creation and organization. The interface works well on both macOS and touch devices.

The Mac dashboard displays recent projects and recommended templates. The AI generation tool is accessible via an easy-to-use “Generate” list. Collaboration tools are in the top right corner.


What is Boardmix?
It's a web-based service for creating and sharing whiteboards, mind maps, and flowcharts.

Is it safe?
Yes, it's secure and hosted in the cloud.

What integrations are supported?
Trello, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Drive, and more.


Boardmix offers a free plan and premium Individual and Team tiers. Premium tiers provide more features and storage. Plans include monthly, yearly, and 3-year options.
  • Starter - FREE
  • Monthly Plan - US$ 5.9/month
  • Annual Plan - US$ 4.9 /month
Starter - FREE

What’s included:
  • Single workspace with 3 editable boards
  • 200 objects per board
  • 1 GB of storage
  • Basic version history
  • 500 AI points
Monthly Plan - US$ 5.9/month

What’s included:
  • Single workspace with unlimited boards
  • Unlimited objects per board
  • 200 GB of storage
  • Advanced version history
  • 500 AI points
System Requirements

Access via web browser on any device with internet. Local PC app for Windows OS and Mac app for macOS 10.11+.

  • Functional virtual whiteboard.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Versatile collaboration tools.
  • Integrations with productivity tools.
  • Pre-designed templates.
  • Functional free tier.
  • Limited storage in free plan.
  • No native mobile app.

Boardmix for macOS is a powerful tool for productivity and collaboration, offering a wide range of features accessible through a web browser. With its advanced capabilities, it's beneficial for individuals and teams seeking improved productivity and creativity.

Also Available: Download Boardmix for Windows

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