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Antidote for Mac

Antidote for Mac

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Antidote for Mac is a powerful corrector, spell-checker and text optimizer that can integrate into your favorite text editor and provide you with invaluable help during document creation. In addition to providing a real-time recommendation for fixing your spelling mistakes, it also has full support to recommend you change for other types of obscure mistakes. These recommendations are separated into the following categories – Lexicon, Grammar, Syntax, Punctuation, Style, Business Writing, Typography, Phonetics, and History. The app has access to the large dictionary that can provide you specific definitions for all your words, and an easy way to discover its conjugations, combinations, and more. The app even has full support for gender neutrality filter and useful “Anti-Oups!” tool that will remind you to fix your spelling mistakes even after you have clicked Send on your emails in Outlook suite.

One of the most praised elements of the Antidote app is its way of presentation and easy guides to fixing discovered problems in your texts. It provides clear markers for detected issues, short descriptions, and single-click recommendations. The guidance offered by Antidote for macOS can even be additionally customized by users, enabling them to set their own rules that can help them easily write specific documents needed for school, work, or personal use.

The app can be infused directly into your Microsoft Office Word and Outlook apps and can provide its services even directly form inside modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.  As an added bonus, you can also link its dictionary directly to your browser toolbar, enabling you to always have a powerful dictionary pop-up app close to you.

While the tool has become famous because of its ability to take control over the written English language, its latest versions also support one added language – French!

Installation and Use

Antidote 10 comes inside a very large installation package that weighs over 2GB in size and requires more than 6 GB of free space on your hard drive (more if you intend to install more than one language). Developers recommend having a Mac with more than 8 GB of RAM memory, and a fast SSD hard drive for quicker access to a large number of files that the program works with.

After a quick installation, the tool will detect all of the compatible text editors and browsers present on your Mac machine. Most users will experience Antidote through Microsoft Word, where their documents will finally get access to much more powerful grammar, style, and spell-checker tools that can find dramatically more mistakes than the Word’s built-in spellchecker. The app will be integrated as a new tab found on top of the app. This tab features easy access to its three core tools – Corrector, Dictionary, and Guides.

Your text will be marked with several color codes that signify mistakes – red for common spelling mistakes, forgetful accents, bad chords, and orange for unreadable sentences, grammar mistakes, and unfortunate turns of phrases.  Clicking on marked works or phrases will showcase your recommended fixes.

Features and Highlights
  • Automatic detection of problematic words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Built-in support for MS Office suite and modern web browsers.
  • Real-time scanning of text.
  • Correction commands available directly from tooltips.
  • Access to a large dictionary of words and phrases.
  • Full guide for learning grammar and conjugation rules for English and French.
  • Integrated support for emoticons.
  • Supported languages - American English, Canadian English, French.
  • Optimized for macOS
Also Available: Download Antidote for Windows

  • Antidote 11 2.1 Screenshots

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    Antidote 11 2.1 Screenshot 1
  • Antidote 11 2.1 Screenshot 2

What's new in this version:

Antidote 11 2.1
- Repetitions – Elimination of unnecessary detections
- (French) Reduction of multiple alerts on words with rectified spelling
- (French) New guide article on redundant “y”

- Search by criteria – Reestablished results for some “bilingual” words

- Better treatment of “.strings” files
- Improved Markdown treatment – Sentence separation, lists, strikethrough
- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes

- Integration with Chrome 102
- Integration with Firefox 102
- Integration with Keynote 12
- Integration with Outlook 16.61
- Integration with Pages 12
- Scrivener – Better correction of long texts
- Correction of Agent Connectix's occasional looping restart

Antidote 11 2.0.1
- Improved correction of lexical errors
- Faster correction
- More accurate correction
- (French) Detection of new wordy constructions (ledit, qui est...)
- (French) Improved recognition of ambiguous prefixes and faulty abbreviations
- (French) Improved analysis of complements for hundreds of verbs
- Easier correction commands
- Command to remove formatting in the internal editor
- Ability to select an interval of sentences by holding down shift while clicking in the margin
- Tooltip magnifying glass: now always with results
- Link from linguistic search to text search

English dictionaries:
- 4300 new words (doomscrolling, extractivism, cheugy...)
- 25,000 new pronunciations
- 1300 new difficulties
- 13,700 new synonyms
- 700 new families
- 4100 new etymologies

French dictionaries:
- 1500 new words (exolune, faufilade, illiquide...)
- 31,000 new pronunciations
- 500 new difficulties
- 8000 new synonyms
- 1300 new etymologies
- Refined criteria for accessing content

Bilingual dictionaries:
- 11,000 new translations

- Improved operation with VoiceOver
- Scroll bars displayed according to system settings
- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes

- Compatibility with macOS 12.3
- Integration with Chrome 100
- Integration with Edge 100
- Integration with Firefox 99
- Integration with Visual Studio Code 1.66
- M1 architecture support for LibreOffice
- Faster calling of the dictionaries from Pages, Keynote and TextEdit
- Ability to send emails directly from the corrector (even without Anti-Oops!)
- LaTeX – Recognition of macros “\bm”, “\eqref” and “$$”
- Added explanation tooltips in Connectix

Antidote 11 1.1
- Custom rules: better handling of apostrophes
- Better language detection on certain numeric expressions
- Display of a text’s language percentages for a monolingual version
- Improvements to the synchronization of personal dictionaries
- Tooltips avoid overlapping over correction commands
- Restored shortcuts to send email, go back to text and copy-close

- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes

- Compatibility with macOS 12.1
- Integration with Chrome 96
- Integration with Firefox 95
- Integration with Opera 82
- Integration with Illustrator 2022
- Integration with Ulysses 24
- M1 architecture support for Illustrator
- Faster Connectix startup
- Exclusion of YAML headers in Markdown documents
- Unicode encoding of accented characters in LaTeX documents
- Better processing of the SubRip format (subtitling)
- Reduced incorrect-location alerts

Antidote 10 3.0
General Improvements
- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes
New Features for French

- Multiple improvements to the corrector
- Detection of new types of redundancies
- More accurate analysis of reporting clauses
- More accurate correction of hyphens
- Improved handling of lists

- 5300 new words and expressions (animoji, gyroroue, trikini)
- World Heritage 2019
- 5500 new synonyms
- 1100 new difficulties
- 1200 new families
- New etymological notes (trop, grammaire, lemming)
- Updated definitions
- Various corrections

- 3 new Points de langue articles

New Features for English

- More accurate correction
- Improved detection of French postal codes and phone numbers

- 1500 new words and expressions (pegan, upcycle, anthropolatric)
- World Heritage 2019
- 15,000 new synonyms
- 5300 new difficulties
- 3000 new etymologies
- 500 new families
- Updated definitions
- Various corrections

- 3 new Language Matters articles

New Features for French and English:
- 24,000 new translations for words and expressions
- 3000 new translations for combinations

New Integrations:
- Compatibility with Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update)
- Integration with Google Chrome 78
- Integration with Illustrator 2020
- Integration with InCopy 2020
- Integration with InDesign 2020
- Integration with LibreOffice 6.2 and 6.3
- Integration with MS Office 1908 and 1911 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)
- Integration with Postbox 7
- Integration with Thunderbird 68
- (Web) Integration with Grav
- (Web) Integration with WoodWing

Improvements to Integrations:
- Ability to launch Antidote Web from any writing software (no longer limited to browsers)
- (Web) Google Docs
- Improved synchronization of documents
- Feedback for users
- Grouping of text in a single zone
- memoQ - Better handling of selected text

For Developers:
- COM API - Improved handling of text zones
- JS-Connect API - Handling of new editable fields (DIV, SPAN)

Antidote 10 2.3
General Improvements:
- Improved URL analysis
- Improved stability when Antidote launches, during corrector analysis, etc.
- Various minor fixes

New Integrations:
- Integration with Firefox 68
- Integration with Google Chrome 76

Multi-user license:
- When installing with the configuration manager: Recognition of Anti-Oops! settings and Improved initialization of language settings
- When deploying from one workstation to another: Activation of the “Search for updates” menu and the update advisor

Antidote 10 2.2
General Improvements:
- Corrector: (French) Fix for the analysis of the word grand in the Repetition filter
- Corrector: Position in the text maintained when navigating between the different prisms
- (Windows 7) Fix for the activation of Antidote
- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes

New Integrations:
- Integration with Firefox 67
- Integration with Google Chrome 75
- Integration with MS Office 2016 version 1906 (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)

Improvements to Integrations
- Firefox, Google Chrome - Better handling of non-supported languages
- MS Outlook - Focus maintained during correction

Antidote 10 2.1
General Improvements:
- Conservation of choices for phonetics in the settings
- Improved stability
- Various minor fixes
- Improvements to Integrations
- Gmail - Réduction des pertes de synchronisation