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AdsPower for Mac

AdsPower for Mac

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AdsPower is a Mac application that allows businesses to take advantage of browser fingerprinting in order to set up an incredible variety of tasks for boosting the effectiveness of their daily operations. AdsPower can be deployed in an incredible variety of use case scenarios that range from browser automation, effective teamwork, automatic IP matching, extension testing, and much more.

Due to its focus on data management, operation tracking, browser fingerprinting, and accelerating global deployments, this application is best suited for seasoned professionals and growing businesses who strive to expand their reach by optimizing every advantage they can discover.

Browser fingerprinting is a modern method that websites use to identify users by collecting a wide array of available information from them. This includes information about browser version, operating system data, time zone, language, fonts, display type and size, and a wide array of settings and data connected to the underlying systems used for web general browsing (Flash, Cookies, User Agent, Canvas, WebGL, and more).

AdsPower for macOS can be used for automation and testing of a wide array of projects in fields such as Self-testing, E-commerce, Brand Protection, Retail Price Comparison, Web Scraping, Affiliate, and Social media Marketing, Advertising Analysis, and more. In order to get AdsPower up and running on any modern Mac, users are required to download and install the app, register a new account, configure their profile, and launch AdsPower and its ability to visit profile-visit websites in a separate environment.

Product Main Function

Profies Management
It can manage profiles in batches, including importing profiles in batches, exporting profiles, creating tasks, etc.

Profile Fingerprint
AdsPower’s multiple profiles have set independent fingerprints, including time zone, default language, User Agent, font, resolution, etc. You can try the fingerprint information provided by the system or customize the fingerprint information.

Open Profile
It can open multiple profiles. These profiles are independent of each other.

Automated Operation
It provides automatic operation, which can liberate manpower and improve your work efficiency. In addition, it provides customized automation operations, please contact us if necessary.

Team Collaboration Function
It offers a team collaboration feature. You can manage the profiles in the system to authorise different groups to different members; you can also manage the permissions in the system to give different functional permissions to different groups of members

Mainstream Agent Support
The app integrates mainstream proxies on the market, even support for IPv6. The main integrated proxy types are luminati, http, and socks5. Among them, luminati, Oxylabs, IPHTML dynamic residential proxies can automatically match the latest proxies.

While AdsPower supports a FREE tier of use for new users who are interested to check out the basic capabilities of this advanced research service. Premium usage tiers (Base, Pro, and Custom) available through monthly or annual subscription payments unlock an advanced set of additional tools and services. Some of such services include Facebook automation, Remote Training, app center dashboard, ability to use extensions, unlocking of API support, batch import/export/update tool, and much more.

Also Available: Download AdsPower for Windows