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RoboForm for Mac

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RoboForm for Mac

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What's new in this version:

RoboForm 8.3.6
- Improve communication with Safari Extension Companion, fixes bugs
- License: show notifications, restored Buy/Renew menu items
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.3.5
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.3.4
- Emergency Access functionality added
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.3.3
- Make RoboForm work in new Safari 10.1 browser
- Safari 10.1 does not allow toolbars, so RoboForm integration had to be rewritten
- Now RoboForm appears as a button to the left of Address bar
- Starting with Safari 10.1, RoboForm Toolbar cannot be shown, per Apple browser changes
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.2.5
- Added Export command
- Added Backup/Restore commands
- Make sync options identical to RoboForm for Windows
- Fixed Security center issues
- Fixed layout issues for Login, Sync and other windows
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

RoboForm 8.1.4
- Fixed crash in Setup Dialog when showing progress indicator on macOS prior 10.12
- Fixed crash at start on macOS 10.9.5
- Fixed cannot open sharing dialog more than once

RoboForm 8.1.3
- Minimal supported MacOS version is 10.9 now, versions 10.6 to 10.8 are not supported
- Make RF work in new Firefox 51 (explicitly disables electrolysis)
- Default search engine changed to Bing
- Editor Navigator category for Application Logins is visible if there is at least one such Login
- A number of bug fixes

RoboForm 8.1.2
- First production (non-beta) RoboForm for Mac ver 8 release
- Fixed RF crashes after clicking 'Setup' button RF at Change Master Password function
- Fixed RoboForm uninstalled but Safari plug-in remains, it can cause Safari crash
- Fixed Shared Folder role for recipient does not set when share folder to user
- Fixed AutoUpdate check never performed before user starts it or modifies settings
- Fixed Popup dialogs size limits enabled or disabled randomly
- Fixed OK button does not exist in OTP window by Russian MacOS system language
- Fixed invalid window auto-height for some dialogs

RoboForm 2.6.0
- Fixed AutoSave in Basic Authentication dialog in Safari 10
- Fixed Unable to downgrade Safari Extension (move from ver 8.x to ver 2.x)
- Fixed Selection with mouse in non-editable text fields
- Open post-install page in Safari after extension installation, not after RoboForm install

RoboForm 2.5.0
- Firefox: new RF contains Firefox extension that is not blacklisted by Firefox addons
- Firefox: blacklisting happened due to crashes that are fixed in this version
- Firefox: RoboForm extension ver 7.9.21 embedded into this version will work OK with FF

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more