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Get Backup Pro for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Get Backup Pro 3.4.5
- Fixed the ability to create incremental backup on the program start with admin privileges
- Imbedded rsync-utility was updated to version 3.1.3
- 'Exсlude by pattern' field in project properties now allows for manual entering of the pattern
- Multiple other fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.4.4
- Minor fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.4.3
- Added Duplicate Project option
- APFS volumes: Solved the problem with copying the content of Recovery Volume
- APFS volumes: Fixed the order of file sorting for synchronization projects
- Overall program optimizations for cloning, synchronization and backup processes
- Various other minor improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.4.2 Build 1087
- APFS volume clone to another APFS volume can now be bootable
- Fixed the problem with booting up from macOS 10.13 clone volume (thanks to running system cash update at the end of cloning process)
- Fixed the problem with stealth mode running on schedule when “Use Administrator Privileges” option is on in the program Preferences
- Fixed the problem with selecting/deselecting all files in the project table
- Fixed the problem with program crash on opening project properties dialog
- Multiple other fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.4.1 Build 1056
- Fixed the problem with delete older backup versions

Get Backup Pro 3.4 Build 1054
- Ability to set the maximum limit for disk image size
- Added support for Apple File System (APFS) format disks
- Ready for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
- Reworked the process of deleting old backups. Settings to control backup deletion moved from closing the app to the stage when backup project is set. Also, backup deletion is final, files do not get to the Trash
- Fixed the problem with starting backup automatically when destination is mounted
- Fixed the problem with repeating restore of archived backups when the option to excluding certain types of files was enabled
- Various other minor improvements

Introduced the option to backup into disk image, which provides two important additions:
- support for encrypted backups;
- ability to create incremental backups to network disks, and disks with none Mac file systems (FAT, NTFS, etc.)

Get Backup Pro 3.3.3 Build 971
- Get Backup Pro menu bar icon is now available
- Introduced the ability to suspend schedule for a specified period
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.3.2 Build 937
- Program alerts now appear in the System Notification Center
- Fixed the problem with disk not being recognized as valid for bootable cloning on macOS 10.12
- Fixed the problem with 'Never delete anything' check for Sync projects
- Other minor improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.3 Build 926
- Added start process (backup, cloning, etc.) option when connecting an external drive. This new option can work in conjunction with the option to run on a schedule
- Added automatic disconnection of network volume when a backup is completed
- Added backup optimization in case of previous attempt’s failure. The interim data is no longer removed and is used during a new backup attempt
- Improved multiple selection in the folder/file lists with the ability to call the context menu
- Various other minor improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.2 Build 905
- Introduced the ability to delete old backup versions after set number of days or when exceeding a set number of backups
- Content view state is memorized when switching between projects
- Multi-select is added for files and folders for backup and archive projects
- Full backup with an option to keep previous backups replaced Versioned option in project properties for Archive Backups
- Other minor improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.1.1 Build 875
- Program improvements and bug fixes

Get Backup Pro 3.1 Build 862
- The program now launches in minimized/hidden view for scheduled backups
- The program now quits automatically after all scheduled processes are complete
- Dock icon now indicates active processes with progress bar
- The Log Window now stores previous session logs
- Fixed the problem with selecting last used project after restarting the program
- When backup destination is selected or changed in Project Properties dialog, it is analyzed for possibility of incremental backup
- Fixed the problem with excluding files that contain special symbols in the name
- Fixed the problem with Help button in Restore, Project Properties and Preferences dialogs
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.0.3 Build 836
- Improves restore for external backups and more.

Get Backup Pro 3.0.2 Build 822
- Resolved the problem with the app freezing when running simultaneous projects
- Fixed the problem with accessing project settings if the system language is set to Japanese
- Cloning attempts will not repeat until the next scheduled period, if source or destination are not accessible
- Fixed the problem with the program crash during cloning and synchronization
- Minor bug fixes

Get Backup Pro 3.0.1 Build 810
- Fixed the problem with Stop button during Synchronization
- Improved stability for cloning processes
- Selection check in File Tree now displays correct value
- Indication of processed data is now correct for large backup archives
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Get Backup Pro 3.0 Build 800
- Backup method without archiving your data added. This becomes the default backup method. Created backups are incremental and use the hard links to the original backup, which means that the backup folder looks as a full backup, but takes very little additional storage space over the original
- More flexibility of working with the project list: manual reordering, renaming projects
- New stylish easy-to-use interface
- Scheduler now allows to select specific days of week (for example scheduling backup for Tuesday and Friday nights)
- Program Launch Agent has been replaced by the system Launch Agent (it was only in Get Backup App Store version)
- Many other improvements

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