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Download Winclone 7.3.4

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What's new in this version:

Winclone 7.3.4
- Fixed an issue with deploying Winclone packages that create a Boot Camp partition as a percentage of disk space

Winclone 7.3.3
- Updates postinstall script for package installs of Winclone images from the recovery partition (MDS support)
- Winclone is now notarized and stapled

Winclone 7.3.2
- Fixed issue with booting after restoring an image of Windows 7 on some older Macs

Winclone 7.3
- Offline license validation
- Fix for progress bar during Make Image from WIM
- Volume to Volume cloning now verifies correct size prior to imaging and prompts when incorrect size
- Package creation now verifies the size of the image against the size of partition that is being created, and warns if too small
- Minor fix with Buy button
- Minor progress bar fixes
- Polish dark mode support
- Resize main window buttons for 10.14
- Update frameworks to latest

Winclone 7.2.1
- Support macOS Dark Mode
- Incremental Imaging now supports re-associating a windows volume
- Detect a boot camp partition with a package restore now works correctly for Fusion Macs where boot camp partition is on the second drive
- Resolve issue with incremental backups showing correctly when Winclone app is launched
- Better error handling of low disk space
- Keyboard shortcut and menu now work correctly for opening console
- In operations where an image file is specified, images can be dragged and dropped on interface
- Packages now have the current date and time
- Partition creation via package support added for 3TB Fusion drive macs on APFS (Mojave)
- Minor bug fixes

Winclone 7.2
- Incremental Imaging Scheduler: Automatically update a Winclone image on a set schedule
- Added the ability to re-associate a Windows volume with an incremental image file
- Made Winclone images self-extracting by default
- Fixed possible issue when Restore Image runs out of space
- Fixed issue with opening console log
- Fixed date shown when creating package files
- Added drag and drop for restoring images
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Winclone 7.1.4
- When creating a package, there is a new option to have the package create a Boot Camp partition if one does not exist
- When creating a package, two new variable substitutions for Windows naming were added: Computer Name and Serial Number
- When saving a package, Winclone will now give an error message when the disk is full
- Fixed an issue that caused package restore on some legacy machines to sometimes fail
- Fixed an issue where the macmini6,2 was incorrectly identified as a EFI bootable Mac. The macmini6,2 is now set to legacy bootable on restore

Winclone 7.1.3
- Fixed issue with copying EFI files

Winclone 7.1.2
- Fixed issue with Create Package selecting boot mode
- Fixed issue with Create Package showing correct image date
- Fixed issue with package deployments copying files from Sysprep folder

Winclone 7.1.1
- Fixed issue with WinPE package booting
- Improved cleanup of EFI partition on restore
- Added better logging info
- Fixed issue with Create Package caused by inability to find device
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

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