It helps you mux your multimedia contents into TS and M2TS files

tsMuxer for Mac

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Download tsMuxer 2.6.11

  -  8.95 MB  -  Freeware
  • Latest Version:

    tsMuxer 2.6.11 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.8 or later

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    smartLabs / tsMuxer for Mac

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tsMuxeR for Mac is a program that lets you cut, join, or split video files that are based on source files. It all depends on the section which you want to process. The user interface is simple enough to understand and easy to navigate around. The newest version of the program is free to download too. Novice users shouldn’t have a problem using the software and figuring out how it functions.

When you want to convert a video file, choose it from your local folder and then select “Open.” If you can manage that, then you’ll be all set. The application does the rest.

When the video is finished, the software lets you retrieve a standard AVCHD disc structure. Basically, it allows you to create a video by organizing the necessary files to burn onto the AVCHD disc. Then you can play these files on any Blu-ray media player.

The quality of the audio and/or video stays the same. It is not preferable to reencode the sound, but it can be done if that’s what you want. This type of audio is called Dolby Digital or AC-3. They are just some of the audio codecs used for content that is DVD-Video.

Overall, tsMuxeR (Transport Stream Muxer) for macOS is the best choice when it comes to video editing.

Features and Highlights

  • Automatic or manual fps adjustment while mixing;
  • Level changing as well as SEI, SPS/PPS elements, and NAL unit delimiter cycle insertion while mixing H.264;
  • Audio tracks and subtitles time-shifting;
  • Ability to extract DTS core from DTS-HD;
  • Ability to extract AC3 core from True-HD;
  • Ability to join files;
  • Ability to adjust fps for subtitles;
  • Ability to convert LPCM streams into WAVE and vice versa;
  • Track language information injection into Blu-ray structure and TS header;
  • Ability to cut source files;
  • Ability to split output file;
  • Ability to detect audio delay for TS/M2TS/MPG/VOB/EVO sources;
  • Ability to remove pulldown info from a stream;
  • Ability to open blu-ray playlist (MPLS) files;
  • Ability to convert SRT subtitles to PGS;
  • Tags for SRT subtitles support - tags for changing the font, color, size, etc.; tag's syntax is similar to HTML.

Also Available: Download tsMuxer for Windows

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